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  1. Thank you for the warm welcome, and for both of your inputs as well! I'll be sure to do so - don't want the firsthand in-character experiences to be spoiled x3 Appreciate the heads up and tips!
  2. Salutations, I thought I'd say hello to the world now that I finally feel ready to. I'm a relatively experienced RPer, back from Google+ days and both playing and being a dungeon master for D&D games the last couple of years. After a few months, I'd like to believe I've gotten to know my character on a more personal level... but I've yet to know Eorzea in such a way. FFXIV is my first dip in the bucket of Final Fantasy lore, and I've done many things far and wide save for actually going through the MSQ like a bullet train just because I feel like it's a more natural pace for Slylence. I wa
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