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  1. The Hot Pot is taking a break this week as we get our new FC house in order! New ad to come!
  2. Hello there and welcome to my Looking for More RP post! Here's some of the basics: Looking for more contacts, LT-RP-partner and more! DM please. I don't bite. Name: Kokona Kumokiri Gender: Female Race: Au Ra - Raen Server: Mateus - willing to visit others. Carrd: https://whitecrane.carrd.co/# Tumblr: https://white-crane.tumblr.com/ Apothecarist / Herbalist / Holistic Healer / Part-time Psychologist: Koko has been studying the effects of herbal remedies for a long time and can brew you up a soothing potion for whatever ails you. Want to t
  3. Last night the public dining hall was busy. The Haven was filled with boisterous chatter along with the constant clatter of utensils hitting plates. There was a lot of slurping and satisfied groans as Zenko-san cooked up a storm, keeping the food flowing! We're looking forward to the next one and a new organization to donate the proceeds to.
  4. White Crane Haven welcomes you to their weekly charity dinner. Come hungry! Enjoy the house special of the evening or order off of our menu. https://whitecranefc.carrd.co/#hotpot There is no charge for your dinner. All we ask is that you make a donation. Proceeds from the Hot Pot night are all donated to a worthy cause. This month's benefits The Peg Leg Pirate's Orphanage of Limsa Lominsa. White Crane Haven - Shirogane - Ward 14, Plot 59 Need a teleport friend? Feel free to contact Kokona Kumokiri.
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  6. A couple of events coming up. Stop by and check it out. 9/22 & 9/23
  7. until
    Hot Pot for Charity benefiting the Peg Leg Pirate's Orphanage of Limsa Lominsa. Come on down and enjoy a delicious meal just for the cost of a donation.
  8. There are several great FCs located on the various servers. Off the top of my head I recall seeing a B&B on Marlboro and there's several on Coeurl. I see posts on the various Crystal discords weekly. In case you don't have those resources, here's few of them. Crystal RP - FFXIV https://discord.gg/VEKUAbj Crystal RP Resources - https://discord.gg/nFAxTfd There's even a spreadsheet of FCs that's been started! https://tinyurl.com/FFXIVRP But if you decide you want to try to get on Mateus or even Balmung, try making a character in the earl
  9. Recruitment is still open. If interested and you see any of us out and about RPing, feel free to join in!
  10. Hello there, If you're looking for a neutral sort of FC, I may be able to help. I've recently started up a FC so we're very small but friendly bunch. Here is the FC's website - https://whitecranefc.carrd.co/# Tons of info there. Even if you don't join, you're welcomed to come RP with us.
  11. White Crane Haven FC Tag: Haven Leader: Kokona Kumokiri FC House: OOCly located in Shirogane: Ward 14, Plot 59 World: Mateus Time Zone: EST Type of FC: Roleplay - PvE Alignment: The FC itself is Neutral but welcomes all alignments. Age: 18+ Tags: Slice of Life - Charity - Academic - Private Militia - Storytelling - Casual About the FC: While the FC aesthetics are Doman/Hingan inspired, the FC is not solely Far Eastern. We welcome all of Hydaelyn's children. Website: https://whitecranefc.carrd.co/ The FC is made up of working adults who value their time and w
  12. Hi there! I'm on the hunt for a few of these house furnishings. If you have a few you'd like to get rid of, I'd be happy to buy them for a reasonable price. I'm on the Mateus server - Crystal Data center. Shoot me a PM if you can help.
  13. There's still time to sign up. Registration ends on the 28th!
  14. There's still time to sign up. Registration ends on the 28th!
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