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  1. There are a couple eastern FCs that I've seen that are not crime related. Here is the info from the Crystal RP discord; FC Name: Tales from Hingashi <HinRP> Server: Mateus Leader: Hatsumomo Sohma (Chi-Sprout#2348) Officers: Yoshiaki Honda (Alex6thJuly#8584) Alignment: - Lawful Good Type of RP: Hingan-focused, Eastern-focused, Social, Adventurous, Relaxed, Casual. FC Carrd: https://talesfromhingashi.carrd.co/ ❰ TACHIMARU-KAI IS RECRUITING! ❱ <MARU> is a LAWFUL GOOD, lore-abiding, Doman themed company focused on the restoratio
  2. IC Information On the surface… Adorning the vibrant, sun-splashed coast of Vylbrand’s Mists lies an Ochaya of renowned reputation for it’s welcoming hospitality where a patron’s desires are met beyond expectations. It’s gleaming white exterior and resplendent pale gold trim lend credence to the golden sandy shores and dazzling turquoise waters. The Ochaya is aptly named Hanakotoba which means ‘the secret language of flowers”. The beautiful Geisha and Maiko who grace the halls wear fragrant flowers in their hair and dress in lavish silk garments in an array
  3. The Hot Pot is taking a break this week as we get our new FC house in order! New ad to come!
  4. White Crane Haven welcomes you to their weekly charity dinner. Come hungry! Enjoy the house special of the evening or order off of our menu. https://whitecranefc.carrd.co/#hotpot There is no charge for your dinner. All we ask is that you make a donation. Proceeds from the Hot Pot night are all donated to a worthy cause. This month's benefits The Peg Leg Pirate's Orphanage of Limsa Lominsa. White Crane Haven - Shirogane - Ward 14, Plot 59 Need a teleport friend? Feel free to contact Kokona Kumokiri.
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    Hot Pot for Charity benefiting the Peg Leg Pirate's Orphanage of Limsa Lominsa. Come on down and enjoy a delicious meal just for the cost of a donation.
  7. There are several great FCs located on the various servers. Off the top of my head I recall seeing a B&B on Marlboro and there's several on Coeurl. I see posts on the various Crystal discords weekly. In case you don't have those resources, here's few of them. Crystal RP - FFXIV https://discord.gg/VEKUAbj Crystal RP Resources - https://discord.gg/nFAxTfd There's even a spreadsheet of FCs that's been started! https://tinyurl.com/FFXIVRP But if you decide you want to try to get on Mateus or even Balmung, try making a character in the earl
  8. Hello there, If you're looking for a neutral sort of FC, I may be able to help. I've recently started up a FC so we're very small but friendly bunch. Here is the FC's website - https://whitecranefc.carrd.co/# Tons of info there. Even if you don't join, you're welcomed to come RP with us.
  9. Hi there! I'm on the hunt for a few of these house furnishings. If you have a few you'd like to get rid of, I'd be happy to buy them for a reasonable price. I'm on the Mateus server - Crystal Data center. Shoot me a PM if you can help.
  10. There's still time to sign up. Registration ends on the 28th!
  11. There's still time to sign up. Registration ends on the 28th!
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