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  1. Woo, two more that almost Beat the Meat!
  2. The Bear's Den want's to thank Lolah Bajhiri and Ezenzakhialgo Khotgor for stepping up and trying to Beat the Meat! Lolah almost finished her behemoth slab of grilled perfection. While her partner took a dive early. Almost, Lolah, ALMOST!
  3. Time for another update! In addition to the wonderful Storytelling to be heard by Wyra'to Couerlkin, we welcome; Chikai Summermoon & Atoli Polaali Who will be performing musical numbers to inspire us all to the cause! The Raffle is a go! We've got some wonderful prizes for the lucky winner to choose from! Baby Bombfish Morbol Seedling Bite-sized Pudding Kidragora Slime Puddle Wind-up Shiva Pudgy Puk Dress-up Alisaie Bom Boko Wind-up Edda Odder Otter Minute Mindflayer Wind-up Ramuh Tickets will be on sale starting at 7pm until 7:30pm. The drawing will be at 9:05pm sharp! You must be present to win. Tickets are 250 gil a piece with a limit of 5 tickets. Any questions? Want to join in and be a participant? Want to be a guest? Feel free to message me!
  4. We welcome Wyra'to back as a storyteller and the Wyrmguard Coalition, the Condor Tribe along with Dr. Claremont Girardeau as sponsors. They will be at the effort lending a helping hand. Their contributions and donations are what makes this effort special and help restore our brothers and sisters faith in the realm. We look forward to seeing others there. If you too would like to help, please contact Evie Chalahko with Steel Bear Enterprises. --------------- Discord - Rhen#5872 In-game- Evie Chalahko
  5. The Big Effort will be located as marked on the map by the rectangle. Stop by and have some RP fun.
  6. A Big Effort for Stonesthrow Saturday , September 15th Start Time: 7pm EST The Big Effort moves onward, extending their hand in friendship and care. Onward to Stonesthrow where many of our Ala Mhigan brethren have forged a new life for themselves. Onward where we bring news of the reclaimed lands and offer them a helping hand if they wish to return home or for those that stay, a bit of peace. Join us as we come together to support family and friends by providing good meals, warm blankets and friendship around the Great Stone. _________________________________________________________________ IC purpose : Support and foster our Ala Mhigan brothers and sisters along with the residents of Stonesthrow. OOC purpose: Foster RP between FCs and RP out in the world. ________________________________________________________________ Steel Bear Enterprises is hosting the next step in their Big Effort - a relief drive for the people of Stonesthrow. In conjunction with other FCs, we invite you to come join us for a night of RP. We have spots open for: FC sponsors - FC representatives can come and take up a designated spot in the encampment where they can serve food, hand out items, provide basic medical care, etc. Storytellers - Come share your stories around the campfire as people mingle and take a moment to the meals provided. Greeters - Direct the flow of traffic from the Aetheryte or lost individuals. Healers - Provide basic medical care and/or check ups. Dispensary - man the stalls and hand out goods - clothing, blankets, dry goods. Individual Dontators - Want to help out a good cause? Come set up a booth for yourself. ____________________________________________________________ Interested in helping out? Contact me here or on Discord at Rhen#5872 or in game on Evie Chalahko. Please contact me prior to the event if you wish to help out. This will save confusion and time the night of the event. Thanks!
  7. We're open! Come have some RP!
  8. Come join us Saturday, August 25th! Visit the Market, come down to the Tavern. We'd love to have you.
  9. Steel Bear is taking a break this weekend for our company picnic! Looking for some RP? We'll be in Costa del Sol indulging in fun, sun and food. Lots of food and ale. 8/18
  10. A big thank you to everyone who attended last night!
  11. This is tonight! We still have spots open if your FC or you want to be involved. Just DM me or get in touch through discord - Rhen#5872. Or just come on by for some RP.
  12. Steel Bear's Tavern and Market are open right now. 8/11 Shop - Eat - Drink
  13. Dweek