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  1. Edit (06/06/2020): Added a picture and some other information.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm relatively new to FFXIV RP and would like to expand my circle, so to speak. My newly unemployed, wandering mage is looking to make some new contacts. For a complete and in depth character background, please read his carrd; https://hasorinaurelion.carrd.co/ Short Bio: Hasorin is a Sharlayan born mage/scholar specializing in thaumaturgy. He's an avid historian with a focus on battlefield tactics and ancient civilizations. Hasorin has recently retired from the Immortal Flames after serving for 7 years, attaining the rank of Lieutenant and participating in the Ala Mhigan liberation campaign. Currently, he resides in Shirogane but regularly travels to Eorzea. Possible RP Hooks: -Hasorin is newly "unemployed" and is somewhat searching for a new life's calling (Maybe your FC fits with his personality? Need an extra set of hands for a dangerous mission? I'm open to ideas!) -Hasorin has a deep fundamental and practical understanding of Thaumaturgy. He enjoys teaching despite his seemingly anti-social nature. Ever wanted to learn the destructive magic arts? He just might be your man! (Mentor RP) -Conversely, Hasorin also enjoys learning new skills. If you think your character has something to teach him, let me know! (Apprentice RP) -Friends...The "Sharlayan Tactician" has plenty of acquaintances but lacks anything resembling a platonic friendship. The man can be difficult but deep down he would be ecstatic to make some new contacts. (Slice of life RP) -Romance. This is predicated on the understanding that Hasorin can be quite cold and expressionless at times. His lack of outward emotional expression and icy demeanor are a challenge for many to break through. Regardless, if you think your character is up to the task, romance is definitely on the table granted it's organic and develops through RP. (Details can be discussed if this is a hook we end up exploring. Female characters only please, Hasorin is heterosexual.) OOC Info: Ok, I promise this is the last bit.... -I'm in my early 20s so all prospective RP partners must be 18+ (NO EXCEPTIONS) -I'm in the PST region and usually play in the afternoons after 5pm. Due to my sort of fixed schedule for now, Monday-Thursday I'll likely be more flexible with my day time hours -I've been RPing for several years now and very much enjoy writing stories as well. I can be very detail oriented but I also don't mind short form RP aswell, just talk to me and we can work something out! -Contact Info! Discord: Sev#3655 In-Game: Hasorin Aurelion
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