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  1. If you are tired of typical bar talk/slice of life nonsense, look no further. A Xaela with deep rooted mental trauma who is not always a nice person. Antagonistic, eccentric, and often times unnerving. Though, she occasionally displays some semblance of affection towards certain individuals... Name: Saran Amakh Race: Au Ra, Xaela Job: Dark mage (main), gunbreaker Server: Brynhildr (Though I'm almost exclusively on Mateus) Active late night usually, 8:30 PM and onwards, EST I'm looking for those who also wish for something more than typical bar talks. As fascinating as your life story is, we don't always want to just listen about why you came to a city. Let's go out and have some fun, shall we? Violence is fine. Injuries are fine. Activities of dubious nature and possible illegality? Well, if it's fun and there's a half decent reason to do it. Don't be afraid to propose something grand in nature, either. Don't be afraid to propose something grand in nature, either. Let's weave some interesting tales with lasting effects. Feel free to add me on discord - Saran#8888
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