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  1. *Note from the publisher* It has come to our attention that the contributor of these pages is looser of tongue than is acceptable. There will be no more precursory notes from them. We have also started to transcribe the written letters to a more uniformed print for easier reading. Thank you, and enjoy. Journal, I am at a loss. My mind has been racing lately and I cannot seem to focus on anything. Work grows mundane. Hunting has become unchallenging and repetitive. Sleep eludes me like ashes in the wind. It is as if my only passion in life suddenly walked out, leaving me alone
  2. Hey @Ihsan997! I had seen hooks on other Carrds before, but had not yet integrated any into Crises' persona. At this point, I'm confident in where she comes from and what she stands for, but I'm still trying to figure out which direction to take her. Character hooks should really open up the door to possibilities I didn't think of. Thank you very much for the suggestion!
  3. Crises

    Fun Pictures!

    Just a place to drop photos I like of Crises
  4. *Note from the contributor* Word has it that these little snippets don’t contain any useful information about the Flames at all! But, if I get paid, I don’t care what they have to say. I think I’m being followed, Journal. While attending a special event at the Shroudrose Teahouse, I felt eyes on me. While the drinks made me feel warm on the inside, the feeling of an icy gaze upon me sent shivers down my spine. I can’t shake this feeling. I’ve felt this before. While fighting in the coliseum, during my training under the Sultansworn, at various times on the battlefield, and eve
  5. Welcome to a new photo album capturing the visual "tail" of M'crises Rahz! I hope you enjoy!
  6. *Note from the contributor* That last entry was pretty juicy, containing lots of details about Immortal Flames stuff, right? That’s a serious question. Look, I can’t read that good, okay? I can only assume its content was enough to make even the Empire quake in its boots! Anyway, I got some more pages and more gil! Lucky me! Journal, today was a good day. I took some me time and went shopping for my apartment! I found a nice, big bath, some fancy cushions for my Eastern-themed room… I know what you’re thinking, Journal. I have come to terms with that time in my life; reflected
  7. Hello Efleion! You sound as eager as I am to get into FFXIV RP! I have to say, I envy the fact that you've found a raiding FC; I'm not finding any FCs on Balmung that focus on raiding and RP. I'm still looking, but I think this combination is few and far between. In any case, welcome! I hope you enjoy it here!
  8. Hello! I have started a journal series for Crises here: As I'm OOC here, I'll note: "Publisher" is me, the creator, though the entire series is IC, NPC/ PC. Thanks!
  9. Thank you! It was a really fun time! I think I see an appointment for the next tea time in her tomestone!
  10. *Note from the publisher* This publication is not responsible for lost time or hurt feelings. Should you have any concerns, please direct them to the publisher. We usually respond within one to two fortnights. Thank you. *Note from the contributor* Who am I? My name’s none of your concern. The way I come by these journal entries is also of no concern to you. Just count yourself fortunate that you’ve got a glimpse into the mind of not only Ul’dah’s most noted officer but the Sword of the Stones herself! There’s sure to be a trove of secrets in these pages; Immortal Flame t
  11. Hello! I'm brand new to RP and last night I had my first experience. It was awesome! Crises attended the Shroudrose Teahouse tea party where she enjoyed delicious tea, wonderful atmosphere, and made some great friends! I don't really know when I went to sleep, but I do know it was a blast and I can't wait to do it again! Today I worked primarily on fleshing out her back story. The hardest part was working her military history together and making it feel cohesive and sensical, not only to her and her being, but Final Fantasy XIV lore as well. I'm wondering if anyone wou
  12. Sounds great! Will do! Thank you~
  13. Thanks! I've just transferred to Balmung
  14. Hello all! I found the RPC through a Reddit post describing how to get started role-playing in Final Fantasy XIV. I'm excited to have found this community as I've been interested in RPing for some time now. I have not RP'd anywhere before. I've been researching how to get into it, how to conduct myself, and how to get the best out of the experience. And, even though I'm shy with strangers at first (OOC, specifically), I know I have to jump right in to get started. First, a not-so-brief history of my MMO journey, starting with Final Fantasy XI. My primary job(s) were WH
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