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  1. All these Yakuza fans, I see I have arrived in the right place! Thanks for the warm welcome
  2. I'm Gideon (xe/xem) and I've been lurking for a while before finally making an account so I could post! Following the little template provided, here's some info about me: MMORPG background: I've played FFXIV for around 2 years, and prior to that I played WoW off and on for about 6-7 years. Tried GW2 for a bit but it didn't really stick. RP experience: RP has been a major part of my life since about 2009! I started on MSN and Tumblr (before it got really graphics-heavy with funky fonts in the posts and wacky blog layouts and stuff), and had a couple of brief stints on Dreamwidt
  3. Hello! Long-time RPer here, but brand new to FFXIV RP. I'm looking for contacts for my dumb catboy-- read on for the basic details, and I'll include his Tumblr LFRP post and carrd at the bottom for more complete information. Character Name: A'rhaqa Tia Age: 25 Gender: Cisgender male. Sexual Orientation: Gay. Profession: Varies by 'verse, but for most RP purposes, he's an on-again-off-again adventurer, weaver, and leatherworker by trade. Brief Personality Overview: A'rhaqa Tia is a friendly, extroverted young miqo'te born within his tribe's territory in Than
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