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  1. Still looking for something interesting, hoping to get a FC or LS whenever I can find some interesting RP.
  2. I'm looking for some new interesting situations and possibly a Free Company/LS environment to find a bit of RP surrounding my new character. Her name is Opo Khife, an ex-scientist-in-training for the Garlean Empire. She escaped during the civil war and made a rather non-linear journey towards Eorzea. Most of the things I'm looking for surround her history as a Garlean scientist, and what that might entail. She's slightly enhanced, though in rather subtle ways that are difficult to discern unless you directly encounter her in a fight, or if she chooses to show her hand. She's a bit off her rocker, and tends to taunt simply to gauge reactions rather than speak to people more normally. She has an almost creepily gleeful attitude, and can often put people off simply by being nearby while talking. Or by giggling incessantly at something she's noticed and can't let go of. She's a bit obsessive-compulsive, but not in ways most people would be. EDIT: There is a -reason- behind why she is the way she is, and why she laughs almost compulsively, but I generally try to leave that as something to unfold based on asking the right sorts of questions or forcing her into situations that would compel her to divulge them. I intend her as a rather quirky, strange character, but in a slightly more off-putting than 'delightful' kind of way. I'm looking for all kinds of RP, and wouldn't mind speaking of whatever might be relevant! I'm usually around throughout the day, central time.
  3. Bumping, still looking, edited a bit and updated their carrds considerably! Very much looking for an RP linkshell or free company, but I prefer IC invites, when possible.
  4. Hi! I am mainly looking for some regular story-driven RP. I'm a mid-to-heavy RPer (though usually in public I keep it pretty light-hearted and lazy) that is looking for some more interesting interaction and framing for good roleplay. I tend to shy away from events, but I can be convinced... I'd probably have to be semi-cajoled into them, though... But I suppose getting to know people well enough that they'd -want- to cajole me is part of the aim! I tend towards short-to-paragraph style RP, of just about any kind of theme, light to dark. Each of my characters are a bit different in what I'd like for them, but I could see them coexisting in the same space (though obviously not at the same time!): My main character is Bibigojo Yuyugojo. She's a generally crass and crude, loud and obnoxious hyur with lalafellin blood (and name, obviously) who runs a spa out of her home. She'd probably be most interested in gaining a codependent interaction for supply and demand of her alchemy work, as well as a means to learn how to fight, as currently she is framed quite solely as a civilian character. She puts on a very strong exterior, but has little strength or training to actually back any amount of her bluster up. My secondary is Momoqe Kha. A hybrid Au'ra, she's an outcast from the steppes who is generally deadpan and seems uninterested in the world around her. Often socially inept in an uncaring, lazy fashion, she frequently speaks her mind in a rather straightforward way, even when it's not at all appropriate to do so. She's a relatively strong fighter, preferring blades with aether manipulation to enhance her technique, often using gusts of wind to push her during a charge, or fire magic to heat a blade, leading her to often only use sturdy equipment that won't wear out due to her magical nature of fighting. I look forward to possible RP in the future! EDIT: Bibi got a rework, she's a hyur now.
  5. Decided to add some tags... Maybe it'll help?
  6. Sent a tell, didn't get a response, so I guess I'm still looking for a group to join.
  7. I'd love to see what Teatime's about, if you'd like to get with me next time I'm online?
  8. Been a long time since I last RPed in a relatively structured group or setting. Hell, it's been a while since I last RPed alongside anyone else on the regular. Looking for something consistent, without feeling like I'm being 'penciled in' to RP. What I mean by that is... I'd like a community or a group to join, but I don't want it to be a situation where everyone's so busy or so set to certain times that I'd have to schedule things. Shigi is generally an ex-tribesgirl/woman who decided she wasn't into the Qestir ways, and spent a great deal of time on her own hunting and doing mercenary work, anything that required minimal communication. She still has trouble forming sentences properly, but is often at least understandable. The more flustered or excited she gets, the worse her speech tends to get, sometimes even dipping into caveman levels of speech, foregoing anything but a simple subject-action structure to her speech. Concepts are difficult for her to put forth in speech, and she cannot read or write at all, the physical manifestations of words even more confusing to her than the audible transmission of ideas. Past her language barrier, she's a very friendly woman, though she is the very definition of a wallflower. She almost never engages with other people unless they approach her, opting to watch from afar and learn what she can about others through observation. She's a very positive person, often to a fault, very frequently putting those who seem to be having more difficulty than herself in front of her own needs. That said, she is a surprisingly shrewd businesswoman, having made a good enough living on selling the results of her hunting that she owns a small apartment in the Goblet. She's about as reptilian as an Auri can get, much preferring the warm, dry climate of the Thanalan to any other region. She has a keen sense of hearing thanks to her crabclaw-shaped horns, and keen balance thanks to her thick, strong tail. Despite this, she's a runt, even for an Auri female, a small woman that relies more on agility than sheer strength. I'm usually on infrequently, but wouldn't mind being asked to hop on sometime via Discord (Aqua#7896) for some sort of RP. I'm on Central US time, and really tend to be up at random hours, my work being more on-call based than anything else. I'm also a bit difficult to get along with, not because I'm a super antagonistic or argumentative person, but... I'm a bit too aloof for my own good. I thrive when people approach me (it's a wonder I made a character with a similar trait, huh...), though once I get to know people I'll talk to them more often. Also... Balmung, in case you missed the title. EDIT: Also... I do like to actually play the game as well as RP, so an FC that does content AND RP would be amazing~
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