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  1. Still looking for something interesting, hoping to get a FC or LS whenever I can find some interesting RP.
  2. I'm looking for some new interesting situations and possibly a Free Company/LS environment to find a bit of RP surrounding my new character. Her name is Opo Khife, an ex-scientist-in-training for the Garlean Empire. She escaped during the civil war and made a rather non-linear journey towards Eorzea. Most of the things I'm looking for surround her history as a Garlean scientist, and what that might entail. She's slightly enhanced, though in rather subtle ways that are difficult to discern unless you directly encounter her in a fight, or if she chooses to show her hand. She's a bit
  3. Bumping, still looking, edited a bit and updated their carrds considerably! Very much looking for an RP linkshell or free company, but I prefer IC invites, when possible.
  4. Hi! I am mainly looking for some regular story-driven RP. I'm a mid-to-heavy RPer (though usually in public I keep it pretty light-hearted and lazy) that is looking for some more interesting interaction and framing for good roleplay. I tend to shy away from events, but I can be convinced... I'd probably have to be semi-cajoled into them, though... But I suppose getting to know people well enough that they'd -want- to cajole me is part of the aim! I tend towards short-to-paragraph style RP, of just about any kind of theme, light to dark. Each of my characters are a bit different in
  5. Decided to add some tags... Maybe it'll help?
  6. Sent a tell, didn't get a response, so I guess I'm still looking for a group to join.
  7. I'd love to see what Teatime's about, if you'd like to get with me next time I'm online?
  8. Been a long time since I last RPed in a relatively structured group or setting. Hell, it's been a while since I last RPed alongside anyone else on the regular. Looking for something consistent, without feeling like I'm being 'penciled in' to RP. What I mean by that is... I'd like a community or a group to join, but I don't want it to be a situation where everyone's so busy or so set to certain times that I'd have to schedule things. Shigi is generally an ex-tribesgirl/woman who decided she wasn't into the Qestir ways, and spent a great deal of time on her own hunting and doing merc
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