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  1. Original Post Here!: https://for-gold-and-glory.tumblr.com/post/613685374287527936/balmung-hanami-festival-april-25th-700-est Suiren Temple will be visiting Balmung to assist with the Hanami Festival! We will be there to vendor our charms and fortunes as well as perform the opening blessings for beautiful blossoms! Will there be positive blessings from Tenkogami Hasu on the omikuji (paper fortunes) this time or will the mischievous Nine shikigami get their paws on them again? …it’s a blessing of some kind, I suppose.
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    Suiren Temple will be holding...a Casino Night? Yes, apparently X'sehya managed to write a convincing proposal to the temple quartermaster and got it approved. This will also be a collaboration with our NightRaid allies! Plans are still in the initial stage but thus far here are some things to look forward to! Casino Night Takeaways 5,000 gil entry fee (this is to help fund for our new housing) For another 10,000 gil you can choose one of our lovely host/hostesses to accompany you for one hour of event time! A variety of games to win IC prizes Entry raffle with at least two prizes on the books (awaiting further donations) Dress up fancy and have some fun, indoor and outdoor attractions aplenty Carrd information here! https://suiren-nraid-casino.carrd.co/#
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    The Hoshi-no-Tama bar and Suiren Temple are collaborating for a night full of fox-themed shenanigans. Hoshi-no-Tama’s drink menu will be on hand with a special cocktail for the occasion. Suiren Temple will be providing food and souvenirs. Doors open at 7:30 CDT and performances open at 8. Come relax for a chill night and watch out for ornery shikigami! We are looking for performers/entertainment! Anything goes but please remember that you are in a temple! Contact Bluebird#2389 if interested!
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    When: 15 March - 6pm CDT Where: Suiren Temple, Coeurl, Shirogane Ward 6/Plot 43 (Coeurl server) What: A gift exchange for the Eastern holiday, White Day! This is a holiday in which those that received gifts or chocolates from a loved one or friend return the favor with gifts of their own. We will have our lower level decorated as a place to meet for the exchange. Additionally we will have last minute candies, crafts, and charms for sale for those that forgot!
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    It has taken much convincing…but the temple’s quartermaster has allowed some of the members and friends of the temple to take over the dining area to host a ‘stress relief’ of a particular purring type. Come visit for drinks and snacks as you get to interact with a wide variety of cats the temple has brought in for adoption. The Nine tails may peek in as well…kami know those shikigami get jealous of attention! Come relax in our lower level with a number of adoptable cats for the evening. Tea and light snacks will be provided. Shed some stress and perhaps bring a new companion home. 10 March, 7pm CDT. Coeurl, Shirogane Ward 6, Plot 43.
  6. A collection of all those that reside within the temple's walls.
  7. A collection for events hosted about the DC and/or ones Suiren helped with.
  8. Ritsuka Aoki

    Artwork Archive

    Lovely work I've commissioned over the years. All artists' information in the credits and I fully support folks contacting them for work!
  9. Shinto-inspired temple roleplay; yokai, spirits, otherworldly presences Welcome to all character types with the exception of pure malevolence FC MSQ catering to combat, infiltration, politics; open to assist/run character arcs Customizable combat system Lore-adherent but willing to flex within bounds Runs mostly on Central time zone; evenings Medium estate located in Shirogane, Ward 6, Plot 43 IC: Suiren Temple is dedicated to the kami, Tenkogami Hasu which embodies fire, water, purification, new beginnings, and teaching. Two head priests cater to the shrine and welcome petitioners while outreaching to other organizations. Wards, disciples, and guards are accepted into the ranks with chances of advancement if proven worthy. Souls from all backgrounds are welcome to seek peace, discipline, and a new beginning. OoC: We are a rather small FC looking to grow! Relationships with the Crystal DC community have given us the chance to be involved with multiple other FCs and large events however our current size limits us from best serving the community. We are currently accepting all types of characters. Evil characters must be searching (or at least convincingly enough) for redemption to change their ways. A weekly schedule is posted in our Discord every Sunday of events within the FC and with our partners. A contract system is used to run character arcs which are overseen by a DM (dungeon master). Plans are to be more active in hosting DC events to include festivals, ceremonies, holiday events, and joint ventures with our community partners. If interested, please complete the Application Process located on our Tumblr. If you do not have a Tumblr or do not wish to complete the application, please contact Bluebird#2389 or Caster_OMEN#4872 for an interview. More information and the application process can be found here: https://suiren-temple.tumblr.com/
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    Suiren Temple's Gridanian-based apothecary and clinic will be open to the public for free medical checkups and medication dispensary. Location: Coeurl, Lavender Beds, Ward 14, Plot 18 Contacts: Mitsue Torioi / Mashuel Fuchesenier Schedule future in-depth appointments, medicinal teas, elixirs, or any other requests that we will try to meet. We are happy to help with character paths/development.
  11. This is an IC event! So please act and dress accordingly. We're not calling for formal wear but please don't show up in your smallclothes as entertaining as that would be. It is also ICly on Heaventurn's night. If you need an invite, boop me. I'll be on 30mins prior to the ceremony on the front steps of the chapel as well.
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