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  1. NightRaid Bounty Call! Weekly on Fridays: 9PM - 12AM EST NightRaid once again opens up their doors for business! The jobs we have to offer range from various mobs, criminal activity, or every day / unique odd jobs that may fit your field of work! NightRaid also provides services or we can take requests for jobs from clients! You have the option to opt into the bounty roulette, providing you an extra condition to add the uniqueness of your bounty experience! Be warned! Not all conditions may work to your character's favor, it’s a gamble after all! Good luck hunters! (Bounties typically
  2. Third Eye Sushi is a restaurant open to all, owned by the couple Ryosetsu and L’naya serving customers a taste of doman cuisine. The establishment is meant as a place to get together with friends, see to a few drinks, or perhaps stop by the sushi bar for a platter or a steaming hot bowl of ramen! The upstairs has a fire pit and lounge while the downstairs carries booths for parties of six, smaller tables, and our bar with plenty of seating! Our Menu: https://thirdeyesushi.carrd.co/#menu Playlist: https://cytu.be/r/ThirdEyeSushi Friend Ryo Setsu for teleportation or drop a message to
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