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Summer Solstice Celebration

Ritsuka Aoki



Suiren Temple is honored to welcome the Crystal DC to our Summer Solstice Celebration!


A celebration of summer and sea and stars, we have partners from across the DC to help us enjoy things to the fullest! It will be held on the beach of Suiren Temple’s housing ward, Shirogane Ward 6 subdivision, on Coeurl!


10 July Schedule (Times in EST!)


8pm: Event begins, social hour

8:15pm: Suiren Temple priests carry out solstice ceremony

8:30pm: Registration opens for the Melee Tournament and Archery Competition; vendors and games open

9pm: Competitions begin

10pm: Live performances begin

More information on event specifics under the cut!




► Melee Tournament Rules


  • Practice weapons will be provided
  • Hand-to-hand, blade, polearm, and other melee weapon styles allowed
  • During registration, participants will choose ONE of FOUR skills to use in the tournament. You cannot change for the duration of the tournament. A skill can be used ONCE per duel to alter rolling outcomes
    • Speed: Execute two strikes upon successful attack, damage are the two rolls combined
    • Power: Staggers opponent on successful attack roll; opponent takes -100 to next def/atk roll
    • Defense: Guaranteed successful defense (declared after opponent’s attack is complete)
    • Iai: Guaranteed first attack is successful; -100 to next defensive roll
  • Participants will announce their name, school, and master upon entering the dueling field if they so wish
  • Battle System
    • Opponents will /random for first attack unless they agree upon otherwise
    • An attacker will narrate their action and then /random
    • Defender will /random; if the defender rolls higher, no damage taken
    • If attacker rolls higher, attacker /random again for damage which is the first number of the /random (ex: 456, you take 4 dmg)
    • First one to deplete their opponent’s 20HP pool wins


► Archery Competition Rules

  • Static target range, all weapons will be inspected for tampering beforehand
  • Each round will have competitors compete for points over five shots
  • Competitors will have 3 x TP (tech points) to reroll a shot. They do not regen over the competition so use them wisely!
  • Scoring System
    • Participant will narrate their set up and then /random. Feel free to narrate in between shots
    • Below 500 is an underdraw, over 600 is an overshoot
      • 0-100 = 0 (underdraw)
      • 101-200 = 1
      • 201-300 = 2
      • 301-400 = 3
      • 401-500 = 4
      • 501-600 = 5
      • 601-700 = 4
      • 701-800 = 3
      • 801-900 =  2
      • 901-999 = 1


► Volunteers!


We are still looking for some more performers, vendors, games, and security to join! Competitors can sign up for entry in advance as well. Please contact Bluebird#2389 for any questions!

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