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Casino Night!


Ritsuka Aoki

Suiren Temple will be holding...a Casino Night?


Yes, apparently X'sehya managed to write a convincing proposal to the temple quartermaster and got it approved. This will also be a collaboration with our NightRaid allies!


Plans are still in the initial stage but thus far here are some things to look forward to!


Casino Night Takeaways

  • 5,000 gil entry fee (this is to help fund for our new housing)
  • For another 10,000 gil you can choose one of our lovely host/hostesses to accompany you for one hour of event time!
  • A variety of games to win IC prizes
  • Entry raffle with at least two prizes on the books (awaiting further donations)
  • Dress up fancy and have some fun, indoor and outdoor attractions aplenty


Carrd information here! https://suiren-nraid-casino.carrd.co/#



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