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The Yokai Feast

Ritsuka Aoki

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With many of Suiren Temple’s residents hailing from Eorzea, it’s been decided to hold an All Saint’s Wake celebration of the Eastern variety. Spooky storytelling, creepy refreshments, and a celebration of creative costumes are to be had on the temple grounds!


With spooky energy comes the potential for spooky visitors but Suiren Temple will do its best to ensure the safety of all guests that join us for this eldritch evening!




WHEN: 22 Oct / 7:00pm Central

WHERE: Suiren Temple, Shirogane – Ward 6, Plot 43 • COEURL • (pending house acquisition on patch drop, we will post updated address!)

WHAT: https://yokai-feast.carrd.co/


7:15-7:30pm: Welcome ceremony, mask issuance

7:30-8:00pm: Ghostly Games

8:00-9:00pm: Costume Contest (yokai/demon/spirit themed) - Prizes to be had!

9:00 until finish: Storytelling Circle with hotpot and sake provided (juices for non-alcoholic beverages)


The priests will not be in attendance for this event, leaving the Temple in the guardianship fully of Tenkogami Hasu and the Nine. Due to this fact, any guests not in costume will be given masks to ward off any evil spirits that may be lured in by the creepy and horrifying stores gathered by the story circle.


Charms and other warding items will be offered for purchase from our NPC-run counter on the main floor. If you wish to consult a priest, please inform the staff.




Please contact Caster_OMEN#4872 or Syn#6707 for further details or if you need to coordinate a friend teleport to visit us!

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