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Children's Day 2021


Ritsuka Aoki

Event details

○ Children’s Day 2021 ○


Suiren Temple presents a celebration of Children's Day!


When: 6 May, 7pm EDT

Where: Suiren Temple; Coeurl, Ward 23, Plot 37


Children's Day is a holiday to celebrate the wonderful spirit of children and the families that endow them with the freedom to flourish. Suiren Temple will be honoring this event with a variety of mini-games, events, food, and prizes to be shared to the community.


  • Open Raffle
  • Mini-games to include mochi-making, omamori crafting, goldfish scooping and more!
  • Storytelling Stage
  • Hide & Seek


We welcome all to visit, relax, have fun, and possibly walk away with a free prizes. More info here at https://suiren-childrensday.carrd.co/

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