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Lantern Festival 2021


Ritsuka Aoki

Lantern Festival 2021.png


Our vendors include;

Shroudrose Teahouse

Red Comet Stables

NightRaid Salvage

Third Eye Sushi

Suiren Temple’s Mooncakes & Lanterns


With performances by;

N’badra Jhiti

X’sehya Tia

A’vani Tia

(We are still accepting both vendors and performers up til 19 Feb)



○ Schedule of Events ○ (Carrd: https://lanternfest.carrd.co/ )


6:00pm CST: Festival begins! Come make your way over and meet up with folks

6:15pm CST: Booths/games open and begin

8:15pm CST: Live performances start (Cytube: https://cytu.be/r/sari-hoots )

9:45pm CST: Lantern Festival blessing and ceremony

10:00pm CST: Official ending but feel free to mingle

Edited by Ritsuka Aoki
Updated schedule and Carrd link

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