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Sayonara Summer


Ritsuka Aoki



○ Suiren Temple is honored to welcome the Crystal DC to our celebration of summer’s closing; Sayonara Summer! ○


A celebration of the change of seasons and the oncoming solstice, we invite all to Shirogane’s beaches to engage in revelry, food, drink, firework, and perhaps some mischief here and there.


○ 30 September, Coeurl, Shirogane, W14 Sub Beach ○ (Times in EST)

8pm: Event opens

8:15pm: Miyahara Chuuya,a disciple of Suiren Temple, will bless the ceremony

8:30pm: Scavenger Hunt begins

9:30pm: Watermelon Smash begins

10:30pm: Live performances begin

11:30pm: Closing Fireworks Ceremony


We are looking for performers and vendors to help make this event a success. More information on event specifics under the cut!


○ Scavenger Hunt (POC: A’vani Tia): Teams of two go head to head in a game of puzzle solving and deduction! Be the first team to decipher all five clues and make it back and you’ll win yourself a fabulous prize! (Prizes also included for all runners up, just slightly less fabulous.) Limited to five team slots.


○ Watermelon Smash (POC: An Yeung): Participants will be blindfolded and spun about by a temple member, handed a smashy stick, and do their best to unload their fury on a helpless watermelon for this Eastern tradition! (One will /random and if you land between 500-599, a smashing success!)


○ Performers: (seeking volunteers; five slots) All genres of performances will be accepted. Though summery themes are welcome, we’re open to almost anything (besides twerking away!) on the beach stage.


○ Vendors: (seeking volunteers) Food, drink, souvenirs, wares, all are welcome!

If interested in performing or vendoring, please contact any of the POCs via Discord; Bluebird#2389, Caster_OMEN#4872, or Syn#6707

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