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  1. Thank you!! You are SO right! I made a complete collection named "Nostalgia", where I've redraw iconic FF character with the FF tactics / III DS style. When people saw this, a few ones asked me to do their FFXIV character in that style. You can see the collection here : https://artofmilee.com/portfolio-type/illustration/
  2. Hi everyone! I'm a freelance artist and wanted to share a few art related to FFXIV I've done. I have another post with old artwork on the forum but I thought it was time for an upgrade! Hope you will like them! You can visit my website for more : https://artofmilee.com/
  3. Emilee Quyrth

    FFXIV Fanart (Art of Milee)

    Hi everyone! I'm a freelance artist and wanted to share a few art related to FFXIV I've done. Hope you will like them! You can visit my website for more : https://artofmilee.com/
  4. Updated the first post with new info, also new FFXIV artwork.
  5. My latest Commission. Don't hesitate to follow me on facebook for updates.
  6. FFXIV Fanart Commission : Happy All Saint's Wake! A new and also themed commission! With a lot of characters ans mobs Émoticône grin Happy Halloween! Have a free wallpaper to celebrate! Free Wallpaper download: http://orig07.deviantart.net/226a/f/2015/301/c/6/ffxiv___happy_all_sain_ts_wake___halloween_by_milee_design-d9epbgv.png Quick step : https://www.behance.net/gallery/30756707/FFXIV-Fanart-Commission-Happy-All-Saints-Wake
  7. Thank you, both of you! I look forward to meet you!
  8. Hi! I'm also totally new in RP, maybe we could start a connection together ? I've put an introduction thread here if you want to see if our character could be compatible. http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=11800
  9. Hi, my name is Milee Quyrth. I'm new to this part of Eorzea. I've left my home, my house, my life in hope to find better here. I have nothing except my casual shyness and some clothes. I'm currently living in a big house in lavenders beds. Living in a free chamber given to me by a the generous home owner, I also work for them to show them my gratitude. People living with me are adventurers, always on the field for new experience. I'm more a calm person, that doesn't like unforeseen event... But since I've moved here, I feel a certain curiosity growing inside me. A desire to meet new people and regain confidence toward other. I will be available for meet up between my chores... Nice to meet you. *Blush* OOC I'm a total new RPer. I always envy and wish to do RP. I'm not a shy person at all in real life, tho when it comes to RP I have a lot of imagination but I become too shy to try it... I though that beginning with my favorite online game could help me get a start. Also english is not my first language as you can see. So I might be slow typer and make mistake.. I'm on Balmung and sitting in Costa Del sol for the next hour before going to bed. If someone up to interact with me I would gladly do. I also look forward to get involve in the events I can attend in the next few day. See you around!
  10. thank you so much for your answers!
  11. Thank you sooo much for that thread!! Was to do one cause I'm really shy in game but I feel like I want to take a step further in FFXIV and role-playing is something I really envy. Found almost all the answer I was looking for here. I have one more question tho... English not my first language and I make mistake in sentence building and in orthography.... does people would find it rude ? I mean when I see people RP, the text is so clean and complete...
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