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  1. Thank you all for the help! @Kaizyr : That's a good perspective to have! I tend to write a lot simpler but that perspective certainly helps ease my anxiety a bit. I think I got too worked up over the details. I'd love to RP sometime! It'd be great to have more Mateus friends @Kieron Lohengrin : Ah, alright. I wouldn't really want to put off RPing until I finish the game, but I guess the detailed backstory can wait. I also really appreciate the spoiler-free examples of what Raen are like in-game. @Sounsyy : Your perspective is also very grounding! You called it right- religion isn't a primary characteristic as yet (honestly, I don't have any primary motivations or personality traits yet). I just picked Halone at the beginning because the game told me it matched the birthday I'd picked. Good to know it doesn't really matter! Thank you also for mentioning the age restriction. I'd definitely like to play an older character for now. This was super helpful, thank you! From Yugiri's introduction I'd assumed that that was the first instance of Raen ever coming to Eorzea, and that I'd have to jump through logical hoops to establish another Raen as a (semi-)native. But knowing that trade has been going on that long makes things so much simpler. And it seems like Raen try to assimilate into wherever they integrate pretty well, so maybe taking on a Gridanian name wouldn't be too weird either? Hell, my real great-grandpa changed his last name when he immigrated to America-- it probably wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say her family did the same, and then gave the kids Gridanian first names so they'd fit in. From how the Au Ra I've interacted with in Ishgard have reacted, I don't think that it would be possible for her to have settled in Coerthas unless she was super young. From what I've heard from Sidurgu and Alaqa, it seems like they were "kill on sight" status until recently.
  2. I really want to get into RP, but I'm intimidated by the idea of writing a character before I've finished the game. There's so much lore I don't have access to. I'm afraid I'll mess up and look like an idiot. And even if I don't, I'm more used to writing characters to suit the RP than the other way around. With no idea of what to RP, I'm lost at both fronts. At the same time, I'd rather not spoil the MSQ for myself by reading the wiki for lore... I've already messed up a bit during character creation-- my main is an Au Ra with an Elezen name who worships Halone. Oops. Should I fanta/name change to make it more consistent, or try to write around it? If I fanta to Elezen, I'd mostly know the lore and it'd be consistent. But I really like how Au Ra look, and what little I've seen of their relations with other races seems like it'd be a fun conflict to write for. Changing to an Auri name would also be consistent, but I'd be mostly in the dark lore-wise and wouldn't really know how to write for it. As for trying to make my current mess make sense... would it be feasible to say she was adopted by Gridanians? The Garleans import their slaves for work in their outposts. Would it be plausible to say that her mother escaped from Castrum Oriens while pregnant, had her, and then gave her up for adoption to go back and help the resistance? That's the only way I can think of that an Au Ra would have an Elezen name and be generally ignorant of Othard/Doma. And searching for her birth mother would make a good motivation for an adventurer. I don't know. I'm just speculating based on limited information. Without too many spoilers, is my idea workable? (If it's not, a blunt "no" without game screenshots is fine. I don't need an explanation, I just don't want to make a fool of myself.) Should I just change my character into something easier to write? Thanks for reading. This game is so much fun, and I'd like to get into the RP scene!
  3. Hi! Nice to meet you. I'm new here too! FF9 and Golden Sun are some of my favorites! They're such beautiful games, and have interesting lore besides. I think you're on the right track for developing a character. A drifter seems like a great background for a jack-of-all-trades jumping between classes. And besides, who wants to limit themselves in a game with so many options? I notice we're on the same server-- if you wanna drop me a tell sometime, I'd love to be friends! Maybe we can talk character creation together.
  4. Hi! My name's Dani, but you can call me Maria (character name), Ish/Columbus (it's a long story), or whatever you feel comfortable with. I enjoy reading, drawing, video games, and of course RP! You can see some of my drawings here. I've done forum/informal chat RPs since I was a kid and jumped in and out of playing D&D until I fell in love with 5e. I dabbled in MMOs a bit in high school, but haven't been engrossed in any as much as FFXIV. It's been a lot of fun! I've seen people RPing here and there (as well as overheard people saying that Mateus is apparently an RP server), but couldn't quite figure out how to jump into it in-game. I figured it was rude to interrupt people in the middle of RP. Not only that, but the further I got in the game, the more I realized that the character I'd made is kind of a hot mess! I just sorta picked what I thought looked cool during character creation. I named her "Maria" as a reference to FF6, with the last name "Laurent" because it was pretty and flowed better than the generated surnames. I chose Au Ra because they're cute, gave her my birthday, and then just picked the deity corresponding to that month... which was Halone. It wasn't until I'd gotten almost through ARR that I realized that I'd made my lizard sound Elezen as hell. She's the Elezen-equivalent of a weeaboo. An Eleboo. Oh lawd. And now I'm in Ishgard and learning the relationship they've had with the Au Ra. OH LAWD. At first I thought I'd have to fanta her to Elezen to get into any serious RP, because nothing about it made sense. But you guys, I think I'm gonna roll with this trash fire. I'm gonna see if I can write my way into a character background that makes some kind of sense. Anyway! I think I've rambled a bit. I just wanna say, I think this community is really cool. I look forward to meeting you all!
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