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  1. Sure! That would be neat. I'll try and keep that in mind next time I've logged in!
  2. Hello! I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing but I thought I'd give this a shot. Well, to be honest I somewhat know what I am doing. I've been a big fan of MMOs and RPG since I was a kid. Final fantasy 9 and Golden Sun being some of the first to spark imagination, while Runescape and World of Warcraft did the same for me on the MMO front. I still actually play WoW, but mostly for the roleplay, as even though I'm a sucker for war stories its become obvious that only half the staff seems to know what they are trying to tell us. I actually am an officer in a roleplay guild on there as a batch of mercs. Besides just that I do lots of tabletop stuff of many different settings and rule sets. I enjoy making new characters for them, perhaps just a tad bit more then I do playing them sometimes! I love playing characters of all different kinds. Its no fun if you stick to one character type, even less fun if you don't challenge and change up your style every once in awhile. In a way ff14 is just my style given the job system! I've actually played FF14 awhile back, right before Stormblood came out on Siren where I was with an FC that spanned many games. The chapter of that group didn't last and so I was left with little reason to stay sadly even though I was hyped for Stormblood. Without a community to latch onto I have trouble keeping to MMOs. That is half the reason I am here tbh. On the topic of character I honestly have no idea. At first when I came back with the idea to roleplay I thought of a rather simple idea, after all some brilliant characters can come from simple ideas. It came from just the fact the character I played was a monk so obviously the guy might be a brawler type. Then I got into lancer, and then dragoon, and then I realized how it almost fit the character perfectly. New ideas came to mind. So I don't know. Perhaps a bit of a drifter, seems fitting for a duskwight perhaps? Maybe a character who started off in the means streets of Ul'dah only to bring in all what he learned to focus on growing into a lancer. I'm not sure yet. One of the best things about FF14 and roleplay from my newbie perspective is the job systems seems to allow characters to grow out from where they started. For example I kind of want my character's 'next step' to be growing to become a red mage, because I mean- come on look at them! They're cool! Yet even if that is something I want right now I'm the type that goes with whatever happens. The people a character meets, the events that happen around him, all that should influence a character. I set general ideas out but let the situations evolve character, not me forcing situations to happen. I guess that kind of answers that I am a medium to heavy roleplayer if given the chance. Of all things the reason I found this place was just trying to figure out to turn on the roleplay status and add a status to my character to let people know I'm new to Rp , only for my internet to run so slow I couldn't commit to even watching what was going on in Ul'dah much less be apart of anything happening! So here I am killing your eyes with this spewing of these words of mine! Well that was much more a ramble then a quick summery of myself, but like I said I have so idea what I'm doing in game and in here. Though I want to see what the roleplay community of FF14 has to offer! So I hope to find some good folks to Rp with, make some good stories together, and be apart of a good community!
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