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  1. Hi, you can call me prom. I've had a good deal of experience with RP--coming up on some 9 years at present--mostly in text, in long-ish format (averaging about 2k characters/500 words per post), but RPing in MMO servers is news to me. I've been subscribed to FFXIV for quite a while, but I was almost purely a solo player, and I was on about a year and a half's hiatus before coming back just now. The idea of RPing in Eorzea naturally appeals to me, as I feel that the world is rich for that sort of interaction and character development, but fails to follow through with its game mechanics. I have plenty of experience under my belt, I'm capable of playing a wide range of characters, and I'm comfortable with just about any format and subject matter in terms of RP. The only problem is, all of the lingo and technical details when it comes to setting up things for FFXIV RP are greek to me; I don't even really know what a linkshell is. I'd appreciate any advice that could be thrown my way, or directions on where to start. For now, I'm getting my bearings as S'imyn Tia on Midgardsormr.
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