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  1. Thank you! * V *b I was considering a usb keyboard regardless, I do have a wireless one but for whatever reason it lags so much and isn't very responsive so I think it'd be good to get one, they're pretty cheap on amazon as you say! That's true although my PS4 set up makes it pretty easy to access my keyboard, unless ff14 rp is incredibly fast paced then I might be very slow in comparison. = V = I did try switching over to a mouse as I have a wireless mouse, which made movement easier (like walking) but I couldn't get used to it in fights after being so used to the controller but I still use my mouse for some things.
  2. Thank you! * U */ And ah okie I see! I only recently joined my FC and it's a pretty nice group but I think it'd be a good idea to make an alt and have a look around Omega first before deciding to transfer, maybe once I make some friendlies via the discord, which I will check out for sure! Hmm okay I think I understand. I'm actually glad that's the case because I think I'd get totally lost if there were emotes everywhere every minute or something. = V = What is the /em channel? I know /s is say but I don't think I know what /em is? If it's super obvious please forgive me > U > I've only really played by myself so I hardly ever did any typing in chats and things. I think a guide would be handy though! I did see some links to some but the links were broken? I was definitely looking into getting a usb keyboard regardless so that's more reason to! Is the rp usually quite fast paced then? Because /baymax voice/ I am not fast > U > I usually have to think about my responses before actually writing anything and if I type too fast I will typo all over the place haha. Thank you so much for your responses btw!
  3. Hello! I usually go by Rose and it’s nice to meet you! I figured since I’m new to this, this was a good place to start. I’m not a stranger to role play at all, but I AM new to rp via MMO so I’m still not entirely sure how it works exactly so I’ll probably have a lot of questions. *O*/ A little bit of info first though! I’ve mostly only role played on tumblr and a little bit on forums, (and Gaia Online waaaay back in the day) and mostly as canon Final Fantasy characters, however I’ve not done so for just over a year now. But when I saw people role played on FF14 my inner writer was intrigued! And I just got back into the game after a very long hiatus of a few years and got very attached to my new character and figured it might be a good thing to look into. FF14 is also my first mmo and tbqh I’m not very good at it haha but I’m almost at 70 on dragoon and 60 on white mage so I’m slowly getting there! I haven’t finished Stormblood yet (Doma Castle is the next dungeon I need to do) and I still get bad dungeon anxiety so I often procrastinate by flying around doing side quests and talking to all the NPCs! (Not to mention taking numerous screenshots). My main character is a Xaela Au Ra called Sen (I plan to change her last name as I originally started as a raen hence the more Japanese name) and my brain has come up with ideas for her but maybe that’s for another thread! She’s currently on Lich but I have no idea if people really rp there? I’ve seen that omega is a good place for people from Europe? As I’m from the UK it’d definitely be nice to find people on similar time zones as me. And a little bit about myself; I’m an illustrator, well that’s what I’m working towards! So I’m usually not on FF14 until the evening but sometimes I pop in throughout the day but I definitely can’t be super duper active all the time. Final Fantasy is a series that’s extremely close to my heart, I will talk forever about it if you let me so be warned! B) But really I adore the series sm! Okay now that I’ve rambled here are a few questions I have! If anyone can answer them I’d be extremely grateful: 1) Being from the UK which server would be best for me? I am currently in a FC (there’s not much if any role playing though) so would I have to leave that fc to move elsewhere? 2) I’ve seen the terms ‘light, medium and heavy’ used in regards to what type of role player someone is, but I’m still not sure what that means exactly? When I role played on tumblr I’d do anything from short paragraphs to multiple chunky paragraphs. Do those terms basically mean how much you write? And if so how do people go about writing longer things within the game? I’ve looked up some info on this but I’m still not 100% clear how interactions actually happen other than through emotes and I think writing in a specific linkshell? 3) Do most people play on PC? I play on PS4 and I’m not sure if this would affect the rp side of things? That’s probably enough (for now) and I’ve rambled on too much I think! Tbh I’d just like to make some new friends, I play by myself as no one I know plays and I think this game would be so much nicer with friends to play it with! (Who would be patient with me fumbling around as a dragoon haha) And if the rp side of things looks as fun as I think it will be then that will be an added bonus to be able to create stories and develop characters! If you read all this bless you! And thank you in advance for any responses to my questions.
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