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  1. Oh nice! I wasn’t expecting such rich and quick replies, thanks guys! Will look into that timeline page when I’m back home later today. The timeline question was about what happened in the invasion with Gaius on the A Realm Reborn quests, someone told me that in the current stormblood time it happened 6 years ago. I will check the GamerEscape site and the links you sent later today too. Thank you. I’m not doing a villain don’t worry, but thanks for the advice. My plans was doing him brainwashed by the “beast man & primals - they are the enemy” propaganda, but still trying to help the conquered people if he could. Comparing the empire to Star Wars, he would be like Fynn. I’m on cellphone can’t see the map well, those places by name I would assume they are like Asia right? I know dalmasca from XII. We do have something similar to Europe on the maps? Oh I didn’t know the forehead stone that Nero had meant the third eye pure blood thing, thanks for the info on that all of you too... I can do a half breed and choose any race then. you helped a lot
  2. Hello there! I’m Hakha, How’s everyone doing? Hope to get along with the ones that deserve it ahahahaha. I’m a fairly new Rper in general and extremely new to FFXIV RP, I got some past experiences role playing in Tera, Blade and Soul, DND, Conan exiles, GTA(before it was cool) and even in DayZ. Except for DND, Conan/GTA(same guys) that I’m still in contact with, none took more than one month unfortunately, either I got into a bad group or joined at a bad time. Got some bad experiences with RPing but still I’m always willing to give another shot, RPing is something super fun to do when you find good people to do it with, seeing character growth happening, being it yours or someone else’s, is a kind of happiness only few other things can provide. My knowledge of the lore is little to none, and I wanted to dive into the RP as soon as possible, I don’t have much free time so completing all the MSQ, heavensward, stormblood would take too much time and I would only be able to RP in a couple months from now xD. But for the RP ASAP to happen I would like to make a background first, and that leads to my question (this may be a little long sorry): I’ve researched the interwebs to look for the history behind Garlemald, from what I know the Eorzea invasion near Mor Dhona happened six-years ago, would that be right? I’m thinking of making a cohort member from that invasion, I felt that a background involving “redemption” would be cool. Never done it before and could lead to an interesting conversation/reaction from others. So, what are the know places that were conquered by Garlemald besides Ala Mhigo and Doma (already looked into those two)? Would be ok to create a new empire/city that was also conquered even though it would never show up in the game? I know they use brainwashed conquered natives as conscripts with promises to become full-fledged citizens of Garlemald, sadly I can’t go with I’m from main place Garlemald because it would imply my character can’t use magic right? Having to explain every time something like “oh I’m using ceruleum device” would become tiresome fast, I don’t want to limit my job choices. Now I know I’m hardly the first one that did this “garlean” background, so have you met others? Is this an overused thing? If you are one that did it too... have any tips xD?
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