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  1. Thank you, everyone! This helped a lot.
  2. Oh, I now see that jobs != classes. Coming from old FF, that's a surprise. Are the classes free game, in general? Also, thank you for that link, if I go for a job I'll definitely know where to go.
  3. Thank you for the input! Though, I really get that class just equals transmogs, and that what I run in game is OOC. I'm looking for more what Tadir mentioned, where IC black mage is technically illegal in lore. Are there any other roles like that in-universe, where I can't really label my character like that and fit to lore well?
  4. I'm so new to FFXIV I don't even have a character. I probably plan to rp within a day or two, and I've already looked at what servers are good for rp - however, I'm not clear on what jobs are reasonable for an RPer, since a couple threads I read implied only the "warrior of light" is legally allowed to walk around with things like Black Magic. What jobs/classes should I look at while making an rp character? I know there's an IC/Gameplay split, but I just want to develop both from the outset.
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