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  1. Hello all! I'm posting here because my FC, Nal Jewelry & Trade is looking for contacts to expand our activities and involve other people in our plots while also dipping our toes in other stories. Nal Jewelry & Trade is a criminally themed family business based in Ul'dah. After suffering the loss of their head-of-house and enduring through severe debts, the deeply rooted Dunesfolk family found they had little choice but to turn more heavily toward the Ul'dahn underground to turn a steady profit in these unsteady times. Whispered rumors in the streets tell the tale that, under the flag of a legitimate jewelry business, they run a successful illicit operation which includes the smuggling and distribution of drugs and stolen wares. We're looking for people and FCs to act as competition/opposition, allies to hang out with, and new members! What we offer as antagonists and allies: A mature 18+ community Grounded roleplay (No Mary Sues) An open mind and willingness to participate The willingness to 'lose' for the sake of a story An active group of great writers Regular plots & events that you are free to join in Discord & forum What we offer to members: All of the above plus: Housing; we have 2 estates, 1 large FC estate and 1 small right beside it. Double buffs Access to our IC and OOC in-game channels If you're new to Mateus, new to FFXIV roleplay altogether or are just thinking about making an alt we'd love to hang out with you! Please contact me here on the forums either by replying to this post or PMing me. Alternatively, you can contact me in-game as 'Kukufeni Yuyufeni'. If you can, check out our WIP website for rules and other info: https://nalffxiv.weebly.com/rules.html
  2. Hello. Nal Jewelry & Trade is looking for some more members to participate in our currently active plots. The FC is based around the stories involving a rising Ul'dahn family business recovering from severe debts. The family has had to turn its eyes more closely upon the underground world of Ul'dah and rely much more heavily on crime to turn a steady profit in these unsteady times. We currently have more than 20 active members participating in our weekly jobs and scheduled events. We all hang out in a very lively discord and have a friendly community of great roleplayers. There are many types of characters that could fit in with us, but especially those who are morally grey and/or opportunistic in nature. Our rules are pretty straightforward and standard, basically, don't be a butt. You can read more on our website https://nalffxiv.weebly.com/rules.html Please contact me here, in-game (Kukufeni Yuyufeni), or on Discord (TYLER#7615) if you're interested in learning more.