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  1. There used to be an FC on Balmung that did something like that. Called... NPC, I think? Just a place for people who played support characters and the like that people could hire to fill in for various roles in plots and such. Was pretty neat... dunno if it's still going strong or not, since I haven't seen their tag in a while. ... Though given their purpose, I guess that's not too surprising? :blush: Possibly. I know we had our "Redshirts Inc" FC for quite awhile till my IRL got busy. Man I'm hoping this year isn't quite as busy cause I miss RPing. I'm still hoping to get this of
  2. Hope you guys don't mind if I go back to the OP for a bit. Like Erah'sae said, what it sounds like you want is more of an antagonist rather than just a 'villain'. Really that term is something most who have studied storytelling (writing, acting, etc) try to avoid because, you might have heard this before, "Every 'good' villain is the hero of their own story." First let me explain much of the RP that I've observed (sadly from the sidelines as IRL has kept me away from the community for much the past year) since I started playing. The RP on Balmung seems to fall into a few categories,
  3. Erahsae was going to link this to someone and pointed out to me that the graphics were not working. Should be fixed now.
  4. Yes please! And your events calendar, if you wouldn't mind! <3 Could you fill out this form for the venue? Already put last night's on the calendar, but if it's a regularly scheduled thing that form will let me know and I'll get it updated. Glad to see more places opening up!
  5. Hey, I maintain a Balmung Venue Listing if you want to add your place to it.
  6. Hello hello! Welcome to Balmung! Until you find an FC feel free to peruse the BalmungRPCalendar to find events to start networking at. Some big shindigs, other small tavern nights. All are good! Also check out the Making Connections forum as it's full of other folks looking for just the same thing.
  7. I should be getting more time to log in after this weekend. Nef's been a rogue since I started FFXIV and I just love the whole concept of the Rogues in FFXIV since it's more of a black ops corp than thieves. They might sneak around and steal stuff but it's only in pursuit of those who have broken the Code. That whole "we steal things back to give it to whom it rightfully belongs to" is fun as well and goes along with Nef's personal 'tracking' business.
  8. Might try getting the linkshell a listing in the "linkshells" directory. About to log in since we need to meet up anyway.
  9. /shamless bump since more and more folks are making events again.
  10. Believe it or not most the RP events don't happen in Uldah or the Goblet anymore (I think by far the Mist is the most popular destination these days), but just happens that the word of mouth about the Quicksand is the most prevalent and anyone who doesn't know about the RPC or the Tumblr community might not know about them. One of the reasons why I started the Balmung RP Calendar. There are tons of player run taverns and venues that most RPers go to in order to avoid the trolls. Most Limsa RP is in the Mist, not the city proper, though that's been changing of late. Last sunday there was a
  11. This is tonight folks! Yes, repairs have been made and the courtyard is intact, bridges secure, etc. Look forward to seeing folks tonight!
  12. This weekend I'm a bit busy till after 7pm (GMT -6) But I'll be free during those times on monday. I'll see about hitting you up then.
  13. Sadly I'll be at Dragon Con that weekend, but I'm willing to meet up with folks ingame before Wednesday.. since you know, Nef runs the Fight Club and all.
  14. Thank you to everyone who came out last night! The Maelstrom Command bit after Fight Club went amazing. Feel free to see my screenshots here: http://imgur.com/a/VXebf And I have a post with recap about what happened. Short version is that Fight Club was amazing with at least 26 pairings. Afterwards bombs went off in time with the fireworks making everyone flee from the courtyard and head over the north bridge.
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