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  1. Retail section added, updated with additional information for certain venues (specific times, contacts, etc.)
  2. Added Bar Saisei, The Phoenix Parlor, Ryuusei Tea Room, Soul of the Dragon, and Happy Gyuki Healing Clinic
  3. Heya friends, If you're anything like me, I tend not to travel back and forth between continents too often. As I'm getting my boy settled in Kugane, I want to meet more people that hang out over there! So I made a linkshell in-game and a club on these forums called Eastern Exposure. It's a networking linkshell for people that wanna roleplay in the Far East. While it's focused on Kugane and Shirogane, it's open to anyone or any activity going on in the East. I don't know how much I'll be utilizing the club features just yet, but check it out, and contact Alderique Valeriant in-game for a linkshell invite. Also, let me know if you want me to add your Shirogane RP venue to my list in the club. Check out the club here
  4. If you want me to update or remove a listing for a venue you own, let me know. Food & drink Bar Saisei, bar and lounge Ward 9, plot 38, Southwestern Shirogane subdivision Fridays, 6pm–10pm PST Open to the public all other tames, NPC-staffed More info The Phoenix Parlor, entertainment and drinks Ward 13, plot 37, Southwestern Shirogane subdivision Saturdays, 8pm–12am EST Additional times may be available upon request Contact: Lunae Balham Tumblr Ryuusei Tea Room, tea and food Ward 11, plot 43, Southern Shirogane subdivision Every other Sunday of the month, 7pm–10pm EST Additional times or special events may be available upon request More info, tumblr Soul of the Dragon, restaurant Ward 9, plot 37, Southwestern Shirogane subdivision More info Retail Kintora Kusuriya (Golden Tiger Medicine Shop), herbal supplies Ward 7 subdivision, Apartment 21 Open to public RP, NPC-staffed Contact: Orin Kai More info Services Happy Gyuki Healing Clinic, medical services Ward 10, plot 18, Southwestern Shirogane or Akanegumo Bridge First Mondays, 8–10 EST or by appointment Contact: Aegir Hlerson, Aeger#5138 on Discord More info
  5. The premier purveyors of intoxicating beverages in Kugane, Shiokaze Hostelry is known for its sake, particularly junmaishu─a rice wine that is very pure and rich in flavor─obtained through close relations with the finest brewers on the neighboring island of Koshu. Travelers frequent the tavern, and the information given by its tenders is given with the understanding that all foreigners (ijin) will be obliged equally. Open thread for public roleplay.
  6. Only problem that I recall, people don't know their chosen class. Yeah, I can see that being an issue. I'm hoping with the class changes they'll be a bit more streamlined and easier to pick up. At least people tend to be pretty good in FF14 with helping each other out in dungeons and sharing info.
  7. I'm playing an alt now and I'm already pre-triggered because I know I'm gonna have to do that quest where I feed stew to soldiers right after defeating a Garlean legion, like what the actual fuck. When a game is this many expansions in, there's a lot of catch-up to do. It's good people will have the option to boost up, whether you're returning to the game, or joining other people, or just wanna board the hype train into Stormblood. I don't know if anyone mentioned this yet in the thread, but WoW regularly offers level-ups with its expansion, doesn't it? A free boost to the starting level of the expansion. Did that tend to come with any problems?
  8. It's definitely there, as Sounsyy referenced. Just be mindful that everyone has different headcanons, so you'll come across different ideas of what racism should be in the setting. It can even be a little confusing in game, because there are times you will see comments about interracial relationships or attraction, and none of the NPCs will comment on it being taboo. It seems it can be a little inconsistent. Also, a lot of times I think classism and xenophobia are treated as racism by players in this setting. Just try to be attentive to what you come across, but most of all, have fun with it and do what's appropriate for your character and your story. Don't force your headcanons on anyone else, and don't let them force theirs on you.
  9. Balmung has gotten too full. People have been paying transfer fees for too long, and it was inevitably going to reach limits. The Balmung-or-bust attitude has likely prevented people from trying to establish communities elsewhere, and people insist that smaller servers will be terrible. Consider that maybe Balmung isn't for everyone, or even if people like it, it's not a place they have to be. Some people have a mix of RP and non-RP friends they would like to play with, and there's little reason for a non-RPer to shell out cash to come to Balmung. Even unlocked, $18 is a lot for many people. I know several RPers that struggle to save up enough to pay for game time, or transfers, or whatever. Some folks say it's not a lot of money to pay for quality, but for some people it is. Some people have ailments that prevent them from working. Some people have families and other expenses, and FF14 is a bonus. Some people legit want access to game features like housing without having to log in at 5am and pray for internet speeds. Some folks want housing without having to spend tens of millions for something they could pay 3million for elsewhere. It can all be a big investment for someone who's starting right now, or even started a few months ago. I wouldn't tell anyone they should leave Balmung if they like it, but I wouldn't discourage the idea of settling new servers for RP. Balmung isn't the only choice.
  10. If my primary RP partner(s) were going, yeah, I would. I do not think SE would designate an RP server, though. We are a very small portion of their market, so I doubt they'd make a new server, or drop RPers on an existing server. But I can't say! I'm not SE.
  11. I'll let me guys with LS invites to keep an eye out for you! Some stuff came up for me today, so I am not able to actually be on like I was hoping to be. Thanks! No rush of pressure, honestly! Just throwin my name out there for ya.
  12. Feel free to shoot an invite to Kenta Nakano if you see me on! Working on leveling this dude during the lull before Stormblood.
  13. 1. Mogstation (the entire mogstation) 2. Whorchestrion 3. Lesser Pander 4. Chestpiece of Squares
  14. Thanks friend <3 1. T4 Aquarium 2. Mogstore credit
  15. I absolutely love emoting thoughts, and I really don't get the "My character can't read minds!!" attitude that flies around. I think of roleplay as a collaborative story, and part of a story is getting glimpses into what's going on in the character's head. I'd agree, you need more in the most to work with than a thought, but mixing thoughts with actions or dialogue can express the character in ways that speech and action cannot on their own. Adds a bit of different flavor to the RP to mix it up a bit. My approach, like Marcy's, is very "you don't have to play with me", and that's totally fine.
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