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  1. Yay!! \o/ Excited to see this happen again.
  2. Shady, traveling salesman? You should absolutely show up and hock your wares at the Seabreeze Bazaar this Saturday, March 17, 5PM - 8PM Eastern. http://seabreezebazaar.tumblr.com/
  3. The brackets seem super arbitrary. I'd also +1 the fact that having 51+ as the category is crazy, especially when you're dividing most of the other brackets into groups of 5. Where's all the conversation happening that people should retire from RP after 30?
  4. Strong +1 to this. OOC conflicts happen, and the best way to deal with them is OOCly. There’s nothing wrong with retconning story if the relationship has fallen apart out of the game. Trying to solve OOC problems with IC solutions can muddy what the actual problems are.
  5. Welcome! Love seeing a fellow Critter!! Transferring in a character to Balmung is probably the easiest way to get onto the server. If you want to try D&D, there's also some great resources out there for playing D&D on the internet. The Critical Role Fan Club on Facebook or the Critical Role subreddit is a great place to start. You should also show up to events and interact with random people! Best of luck!
  6. Not when I'm standing inside, butt. #hahagotem
  7. Oldest/longest-surviving character would be my original main from WoW. Athil's actually been a character since the launch of ARR, but I only started roleplaying him in the past few months.
  8. You should absolutely check out the Reliquarian's Guild: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=20149
  9. Can confirm these are some of the best RPers I've run across. Great group!
  10. Welcome to the RPC! :chocobo:
  11. I'm always up for random RP! If you see me at the Quicksand, feel free to approach Athil. Otherwise, if you'd rather Athil approach him, send me a PM, and I'd be happy to say hello if I'm not already busy.
  12. A very understandable POV. Have patience for now, though - with the queue issues and the new content to explore, a lot of roleplayers have their focus diverted, and a lot of RP FCs have some shake-up in their stability right now. Things'll get better, though (they already have been, little by little). Within a week or two most of the routine public events will likely be occurring again, and there'll be a resurgence of RP activity. Queues were actually really good last night. I was actually switching between alts.
  13. Hi! Hope you find some awesome RP partners out there. Just a friendly reminder that transgenderism is a real thing, and it does not have to be at all related to someone who is 'primarily ERP'. A woman might have a ---- swinging between her legs because that's who she is--same thing happens out there in the real world as well. Carry on! :chocobo:
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