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  1. This new adventure we are embarking on "The Oracles of the Empyrean" is very exciting. I can't wait to share with you all how the first Squad Mission goes! Myself and my squad will be heading into an area more or less barren. Our mission? to seek out life and ascertain if it is edible or not! Of course I mean vegetation and animals. This mission sounds easy enough, but who knows? A roll of the dice and we could be the food! The above is but one of many adventures we plan, and don't plan, to have. One never knows when a spur of the moment RP happens to deepen the story more. We are welcoming those certain people that wish to explore and have a peek at FFXIV from a rare perspective. Click HERE if you would like to apply.
  2. Tomorrow, Monday, November 17 @ 7pm EST, Season 1 Episode 11 begins! Norvalla has received a missive, from the Far East, for assistance! What are we facing here? What will the land be like for many of Norvalla that have never been to the East? Is this missive a call for Humanitarian type aid or will Norvalla be facing one of their nemesis? To be part of Norvalla's on going stories, feel free to stop by, check us out! Care to learn more about Norvalla? Stop on by at: Forums/application -- https://norvalla.enjin.com/ Discord -- https://discord.gg/X67naaB
  3. Congratulations to the Following people: Promoted from Recruit ----> Squire Kaseko Zuma Bastion Grey Kira Vhotaia Meiko These 4 people have been with us over Two Weeks, dedicated and very active. Because of this we welcome them with Full Membership into Norvalla! We would like to invite you to come check us out, perhaps even decide to stay! RECRUITMENT IS OPEN
  4. Here we are, another month closer to the end of the yeah 2019. Have you been able to fulfill the goals you set for yourself this year? I would like to think that Norvalla has done well marching forward our goals. Norvalla steadily grows, becomes more immersive, more role-play, and more camaraderie. Starting this month off we already have two enticing role-play events scheduled this week. Norvalla's main event has us traveling to the East. A call for help has reached our ears one we must answer. A mid-day side event will also take place with further investigation stemming from the spooky happenings in the post above. Interested? Intrigued? Recruitment is open
  5. Tonight Norvalla held its Second Promotion Ceremony! Congratulations to the Following people: Promoted from Squire ----> Knight Naoh'li Lyehga E'tihl Tia Mikh Relana Rozaria Luna Elry Penry Vari Zelenia Promoted from Recruit ----> Squire Svana Farshield Tanix Lannigan RECRUITMENT IS OPEN
  6. Halloween event has begun in game! We hope everyone enjoys their experience with the event! BOOOOOOOOO
  7. As you can see, from all the previous posts, Norvalla is definitely a Heavy Roleplay environment. Tonight, however, we took time to enjoy ourselves doing older content. I think many have forgotten the fun and frustrations of the COIL and ALEXANDER. It was made even more fun by having those that have never done either, enjoying it all with us. Norvalla enjoys its community building both by roleplaying and working together in both old and new content. We are always looking for new friends and family so RECRUITMENT IS OPEN.
  8. Tonight was a great deal of fun. During the research RP that Ryslo hosted, we were able to learn more, not only about our chosen subjects, but about each other. It offers yet more opportunities to expand our personal role plays within our close knit community. Interested? Stop on by at: Forums/application -- https://norvalla.enjin.com/ Discord -- https://discord.gg/X67naaB
  9. I would like to add to Ryslo's above statement of Norvalla's activity level. There is rarely a time, when I log on anyway, that RP cannot be found among those of Norvalla. There are times even at 3am EST there are 2-5 people roleplaying. Yes, we do content as well, but I am proud to say that this group is definitely HEAVY ROLEPLAY. If Heavy RP is what you are looking for come on by. You can find our contact info. above. Come ask questions, chat with anyone of us you see in game. We are friendly people!
  10. Norvalla having done Episode 4 of Season 1, now moves on, on Sunday, October 6th so Episode 5 "First Strike!" With all the items gathered for a ritual, what will happen next!? Stay tuned to find out! Or if you are interested in exploring with us, feel free to: Stop on by at: Forums/application -- https://norvalla.enjin.com/ Discord -- https://discord.gg/X67naaB
  11. Have you ever been in one of those FCs where there are 100 members but over half of them are Alts? Or better yet, when around half have not logged in for at least 2 months or more, some even up and over a year? I don't know about you but I find that discouraging. Here at Norvalla, we don't have that. Our Roster is kept true to our numbers. There are no inflated numbers due to excessive alts or inactive members. What you see is what you get with our numbers. RECRUITMENT IS OPEN
  12. How exciting! Norvalla already has 5 events on the calendar for September 21st through the 28th! As our community grows, we have come to have members from so many places! Places such as Chile, Denmark, Switzerland, Britain, Canada, Japan, just to name some of the countries. We also have members across the United States, representing all time zones from the East Coast all the way to Hawaii! With this growth and time zone differences we are proud to be able to set up events at different times of the day. Currently, out of the 5 events scheduled, we have 3 Morning Events (10am to 12:30pm Eastern time) and 2 Evening Events (8pm to 11:30pm Eastern Time.) Care to learn more about Norvalla? Stop on by at: Forums/application -- https://norvalla.enjin.com/ Discord -- https://discord.gg/X67naaB
  13. Tonight in Norvalla we enjoyed a night of Painting! Yes I know, painting is boooorrringgg. But have you ever tried to paint blindfolded? A number of us participated in trying to decipher not only each others' paintings, but our own! Who needs wine when painting like we did. Canvas was not the only thing painted either! One or two of us enjoyed painting tables, painting on each other. Have You ever seen an Elezen male with bright purple ears? This is just another fun thing we enjoy, social gatherings to bring our family together even more! Why not come join us sometime!? RECRUITMENT IS OPEN
  14. After our encounter with the Man in Black, where will we go next? Tune in to find out! We are still accepting applications for those that wish to assist in aiding others and more! RECRUITMENT IS OPEN
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