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Path of the Rootless

How do we RP?
What can you expect of us?
How to contact us?

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The Black Hand
The Red Hibiscus

Blood money

Path of the Rootless is a Heavy RP Free Company on Omega server, with crime, mercenary work and adventuring as the main focus. We often delve into dark, mature themes, with a penchant for the realistically gritty and anything that can pack an emotional punch. Cutthroats, stray souls, broken wanderers, fugitives and all manners of individuals only slightly fitting society (or not at all) can be a part of Path of the Rootless, for it reunites outcasts and those who have nowhere to be.

Our RP focuses mostly in merging criminal mafia-esque activities with visiting several open-world places in order to achieve what according to the Storyline we are running. This choice is due to our belief that Final Fantasy has a lot to offer in terms of environment, and often its potential is neglected or overlooked. Given how huge the world is and how wonderfully structured the landscapes are, we seek to make the best of it by threading beautiful stories across verdant lands, stormy seas and snowy mountains.

Our headquarters are in Limsa Lominsa outskirts ICly (The Mist OOCly) at the seedily crimson 'Red Hibiscus' gentlemen's club. What the Red Hibiscus and its front business may or may not hide, people are welcome to find out ICly - or not find out at all. We are very careful and secretive with the amount of OOC information we hand out to other people, because we appreciate the absence of metagaming and we also value the sense of IC and OOC discovery a player might experience while getting to know us.

It is important to also point out that we are not a FC of isolationists. On the contrary, we from time to time advertise our current location to other Roleplayers (wherever we are, and wherever they are) to see if there is a chance to meet and RP. Being a low-profile group of law-breakers doesn't equal wanting to stay away from people. We do seek interaction with anyone willing to spend some time with us, be it for short-term or long-term plots. We appreciate everything. However, this happens seldomly.

We are a heavily storyline-driven FC, rather than a casual-social FC. This means that while we have extremely strong social bonds between each other, we feel the paramount need to have a concrete storyline in our lives, something that drives our days, establishes our goals and leads us to places continuously.

Please remember that:

We by no means advertise or promote dark themes in real life! We are all perfectly healthy-minded people and everything we write and roleplay is strictly fictional. Thus, we seek to gather adult and mature roleplayers who are comfortable with certain jarring topics.


We have recently purchased a FC house, however, that is going to work as our main Headquarters. It's a good way to accomodate our members without "losing each other on the way" while travelling. After several months of experimental journeys, we have concluded that having a point of reference where to always go back to is a good policy to mantain a solid connection between social interactions. More about what the establishment will be about here.


How do we RP?

We RP both in-game and on Discord. Since we rarely linger in RP hubs, we organize ourselves to meet online at every chance we have, but we also RP a lot in our Discord channel. Sometimes being all online at once is difficult, so in order not to 'miss' on each other, we have text-RP channels on Discord where we can interact and have fun even without the obligation of being necessarily online. It allows everybody to keep up with the others and be always present and on the same page. We know that sometimes Real Life stands in the way of online activities, so our Discord RP channel make sure to never leave our members behind or cut outside the course of events.

We also give an extremely high importance to the values of fairness and realism. As odd as it may be to speak of 'realism' in a game that is called Final Fantasy, such notion can be clarified by saying that we predilect what is sensical, likely, reasonable and based on common sense. 
Thus, nothing going close to powergaming, poweremoting and metagaming is practiced or tolerated.


We've considered developing a rolling system for event use, but in the end we've decided to handle IC combat and fights with a mix of common sense and the occasional /random in-game rolling. We like to keep it simple and to give space to free narrative and storytelling without too many numbers standing in the way.


What can you expect from us?

Crime-related Adventuring

Open World RP

Actiony Events

Lore-abiding Storyline

Rich and Detailed Emoting

We're a group of individuals that has been roleplaying for several years and that believes in a drama-free environment. We are all adults, we have gone through our happy and rough times, and now we just want to have fun. We are open-minded, we laugh, we joke, we do our best to accommodate each other and collaborate. It can be easily said that we are an extremely chill bunch with a very relaxed and friendly attitude.

We strive to RP everyday, either in-game or on Discord, and sometimes there are tiny hints of PvE amidst our activities. However, let it be clear that we are mostly and above all a Roleplay FC. That is the paramount purpose as of why this guild was created in the first place. Nevertheless, rest assured that you will find welcoming people in this FC who will do their damnest to make you feel integrated and part of the whole story. We give understanding, kindness and reasonability but we also expect the same in return. A successful relationship is always a matter of team-work, after all!

If you are considering joining us, however, we ask you to take your joining with a moderate amount of seriousness: since we give plenty of attention to newcomers, we are going to channel a lot of efforts in creating something that will make your introduction important and smooth. So, you are not left on your own to elbow your way into RP, but you actively discuss with the FC Leader about a possible fitting story that will tie you to the rest of us.

Since there is much dedication on our side, and much effort done towards you, we ask you to be thoughtful of it and join us only if you're really sure of your commitment, to make our efforts and time towards you worth it.


How to contact us?

You can contact Dwassyith Swanra or Xihsa'li Tayuun in-game (or on these forums).
Alternatively, you can also as well add Dwassyith Swanra on Discord privately: Alex6thJuly#1988

Since we can be busy with work sometimes during the daily hours, you can simply leave a Private Message to either of us on this website and we will get back to you as soon as possible! In order to join, we believe a talk is in order to understand our needs, expectations and views of things. You may as well consider it some sort of OOC interview, but it has limited importance. The real test comes ICly, where we all get to see if there is the needed chemistry and the right reasons to stick together. OOC communication is important, but IC flow dictates.

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