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  1. Dwassyith Swanra

    omega [Omega] Dwassyith Swanra

    Thank you for telling me, though. That's exactly the kind of thing I appreciate, in case "bad things" happen... So once again, thank you for your thoughtfulness
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    omega [Omega] Dwassyith Swanra

    Those ones I created them to save the name. So, name-holders! But the only active one is the Dwassyith on Omega.
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    omega [Omega] Dwassyith Swanra

    Added on the entrance post that this character is actively roleplayed on Omega and nowhere else.
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    So I got my RP identity stolen by this guy...

    Also, a note: Even after this whole ordeal, the guy keeps changing his Discord tag, he keeps turning on and off his Tumbrl page and still actively uses the character he has stolen, uncaring of the discomfort he has caused to the OC's creator, the original Xihsa'li Tayuun. Something worth keeping in mind for whoever will deal with the fake alter-ego on servers that are not Omega.
  5. Dwassyith Swanra

    So I got my RP identity stolen by this guy...

    If you are reading this, Identity Thief, (AND I AM PRETTY SURE YOU ARE), I would just like to ask you... Why. Honestly, just... Why did you do this, why did you think it was a good idea, why did you do such a thing to someone you knew and roleplayed with. It's incredible how you don't understand how shocking it is for Xihsa'li to see that you have stolen his identity, his pictures, his profile data, everything, and re-used it for your own personal usage. How would you feel if someone did that to you? Can't you possibly understand how mind-shattering and shocking can be for a roleplayer to find that someone stole their character and recreated it on several different servers? If there is a part of you that's not completely out of your mind and disrespectful for the work of creativity and feelings of other roleplayers, please, delete all of that. I have no words.
  6. Security Home Security is made of an array of PCs and NPCs. There are currently five active PCs and six NPCs patrolling the Red Hibiscus' premises. The Head of Security is currently Gaubert Robillard (PC), who responds directly to Dwassyith and Xihsa'li. Other members of Security personnel (PC) are: Gaubert Robillard Khadagahn Bairon Crimson Dawn Tobias Hughes Duties and Rights of the House Security Rights: - Gaubert has the master key for every place apart from the offices, the vault and the laboratory. - If any of the aforementioned places (offices, vault, laboratory) are found barged in without authorization, open or ransacked, every member of Home Security has the right to enter and investigate what happened. It would be ideal to find the culprit, capture them or kill them. - For what entails enforcing the House rules, Home Security has the right to respond to violence with violence. - If anyone is found trying to sneak in by the windows, the main door or any other way, Home Security has the right to rely on violence. - If a client or a patron of the brothel bothers the girls, causes a ruckus and doesn't want to leave, Home Security has the right to rely on violence. - If a straggler person is found entering the private areas such as the kitchen, the private corridor, the private bathroom and the living room on the second floor, it's reccommendable to ask them to leave. If they don't oblige, violence can be relied upon. - For what concerns the inhabitants of the house, if Home Security witnesses a brawl between residents, violence can be used in order to sedate it. - If a resident threatens another resident and is about to use violence, Home Security has the right to respond with violence. Duties: - Home Security has the duty to protect and assist Dwassyith, Xihsa'li and Norien with anything that is requested and required. - If someone has to be killed for whatever reason Dwassyith reckons worthy of death, Home Security has the duty to assist in making it happen. - Home Security has the duty to report of every altercation (be it minor or major) to the Head of Security. Alternatively, they can report directly to Dwassyith or Xihsa'li, should the Head of Security be unavailable at that time. - The Head of Security has the duty to report every altercation (be it minor or major) either to Dwassyith or to Xihsa'li. Front Door There are always two Roegadyn males standing outside and in front of the front door. They alternate shifts with two others, between dayshift and nightshift. The Security at the door always collects the weapons of every guest coming in, and they return them once the guest is about to leave. The weapons are being kept in an armoury inside the establishment. Sometimes the guards may search guests with a more thorough body inspection, in cases where there is suspicion of hidden weaponry on their person. Basement - The Red Hibiscus The basement is where the Red Hibiscus brothel is, and it's the only part of the house that is up for free loitering for guests. The basement sees bartenders, waitresses, bouncers and dancers NPCs working in it, so even if they aren't actively played, you can safely assume that they exist in the background. The brothel opens from the evening hours till late at night. It extends to dawnlight during the weekends. Underneath the staircase of the basement there is a locked and reinforced door commonly referred to as 'The Vault'. No information is provided over what the Vault exactly is, and the only one having the keys to open the door is Dwas. First Floor - Living Quarters The first floor is composed of corridor, kitchen, laboratory and private bathroom. Guests aren't allowed to loiter in this part of the house, unless they have to reach the private chambers (either for dancer services or to visit the private room of a resident of the house). Under these circumstances, guests must be escorted by a resident of the house to the entrance of the private chambers. They aren't to be let unattended and free to roam around the first floor. The kitchen is where the residents can find food free for consumption. The food expenses are on the Black Hand, and so is the 'rent' of the residents' lodging. The laboratory is always locked, and the only ones who have keys to access it are Kebbe, Dwas, Xihsa'li and Gaubert. The private bathroom is a bathroom only for the residents of the house. Not for guests. Second Floor - The Offices & Lounge On the second floor there are the offices and the private lounge. This living space can be accessed by guests only under appointment and they still have to be escorted upstairs by one of the residents. The offices are always closed and locked. Nobody has free access to them apart from the person of reference to the office itself. The lounge can be accessed freely by all residents of the house. The Offices Dwassyith (Middle office) - This is the central office, and the place of coordination for what entails every minor business underneath him (brothel and loan-sharking). It also is where Dwassyith coordinates his work on the docks, which is one of the rackets under the dominion of Vincent Aurora. Some of the papers in his office are in drawers, likely the less important ones. Others are locked away in safeboxes or downright hidden. Xihsa'li (Left office) - This office has the placard 'Lifeboat Financing' attached to the side of the door, complete with the name 'Mr. Tayuun'. Here is where Xihsa'li receives appointments with potential clientele for his moneylending business, as well as deals with any other administrative duties he takes part in. Much of his important papers are held in a safe within the room, the door always locked and the key carried only by himself. Norien (Right office) - This is the office of Norien Devanney, the Madame in charge of the Red Hibiscus brothel management. Here is where she conducts her recruitment interviews, private talks and general administration tasks. Additional Chambers The OOC additional chambers in the House are considered to be a separate floor that cannot be OOCly seen, but it exists ICly. They see the presence of "Hibiscus Private Rooms", which are the rooms where the dancers take their customers to - alongside with several residents' private quarters. There is also the House Clinic ran by Teirra (who goes under the name of "Luna"). The advertised services entail general medical checks, minor surgeries and standard treatment. Those who possess the keys of the infirmary are Teirra, Dwassyith, Xihsa'li and Gaubert.
  7. Dwassyith Swanra

    staff RPC goes Invision Power - Q&A

    When we upload pictures into whichever Album we choose, there's still the problem that makes us choose between an existing album (which doesn't work) and creating a new one. Or going without Album at all. So pictures have to be uploaded album-less and only afterwards, they have to be manually selected and transferred to the desired album. Is it possible to make it so people can upload directly into the right album at the first step of the process?
  8. Dwassyith Swanra

    The Red Hibiscus

    The Red Hibiscus is one of our rackets to gather money for the The Black Hand, our main organization. With this initiative, we aim to provide an 'underworld bar' atmosphere, with softer lights and discrete lascivious tones, some variety from the most commonly cheerful sunlit locales. There will be dancers and performers personified by our FC members, but we do not promote or sell any ERP. This is not our goal, and not our interest, so please do not expect that from us. We usually hop on our alts in order to provide steady presences to the establishment, as we know that NPCs don't do a job "good enough" to breathe a soul into a place. The 'soul' itself is given by people, with a great and unforgettable service. We want The Red Hibiscus to become a point of reference as an underground bar for all RPers on Omega, and we hope that you will enjoy the warm, crimson-hued atmosphere that we will provide. From the 28th of February 2018 onward, the Red Hibiscus will be fully operative and open for whoever wishes to come by, so you are more than welcome to seek RP in our establishment. (Mist Ward 14, Plot 1, Underground Floor.) Here is a link to our UPCOMING EVENT!
  9. Dwassyith Swanra

    Super shy but... Hello!

    Hey Marina, welcome! (You share the same name as my mother... Mom, is that you? <_<) I of course agree with everything Xihsa'li said, and as for "taking the first step", I think that explaining to people your problems (anxiety, fear to fail, etc) is actually some form of first step? This way you already inform other RPers how they should approach you to make you feel better. If I know I'm about to RP with someone anxious and self-conscious about their language/typing skill, I immediately set my mind into gear to accomodate them as much as possible, and to help them out any way I can. ^^ Your English already seems excellent to me, all you need is a friend or two that can accompany you into the world of RP in my opinion. On Omega, with have a super friendly community of people who usually go far and beyond their reach to help newbies out!
  10. Dwassyith Swanra

    balmung European RP Directory (v2) - All Servers

    Main Character's Name: Dwassyith Swanra Alts: Nobody important. Server: Omega. Path of the Rootless FC Brief descriptions and/or links to any Wiki's: I roleplay my main character Dwassyith as a sociopathic, prone-to-violence, misogynist criminal. He is the kind of character that is very hard to get along with, but once you go past that (extremely thick) wall of unpleasantness, Dwassyith can actually be a valuable ally. I have no Wiki and I'll never have one. I rather to have my RP partner discover my character through IC interaction. There's no point in revealing everything openly and leave no pleasure whatsoever to spontaneous surprises. Usually online between: 4 pm UK time till midnight. (Woohoo, unemployment!) Intensity: Always maximum intensity of RP! This is why I play Final Fantasy after all. That will be always be the focus, there will be a few hints of PvE here and there, but RP and storytelling are what keeps me here. Been RPing since 6 years or so, so I'd say that I've gotten a knack of it, by now!
  11. Dwassyith Swanra

    RP on Omega - The EU Community

    Hey guys, I've been meaning to open this topic to talk about Roleplay on Omega server since a while! It is for all the EU souls that are straying aimlessly in an ocean of information. So, I landed on Omega in June 2017 which was pretty much, more or less, when the server Omega was born and countless roleplayers decided to flock to it to make it their own home. I've been seeing its evolution through the months, and for those who wonder if it's still active and living, my answer is yes! There is RP on Omega, it flourishes and it thrives. What's going on on Omega? There are several player initiatives to create roleplay, some of them are weekly (The "Tavern Roulette" initiative, happening on Monday, Wednesday and Friday plus the Drowning Wench Sundays), others are big one-time events that happen every now and then depending on the theme of the year, and of course there's plenty of people asking for RP to others on a daily basis. Where do RPers keep in touch on Omega? On our Community Discord we receive new people almost daily, but not only from Omega! Also from other EU-timed servers who are interested in meeting other EU roleplayers and that, one way or another, get persuaded to try a new character on Omega. Our community on Omega has been praised to be extremely friendly, helpful, warm and welcoming. Roleplayers tend to give a lot of attention to others, no matter if they are newbies or veterans of RP, it never makes a difference. People are extrovert, easy-going and lovely and in some part of Omega, there is always someone willing to RP and accomodate others' needs. We also have two community Linkshells in game. The first one is often full, so we created a second one to make space for those on a "waiting queue" to get into the first one. Please check this link out to learn more about our Omega Discord and our in-game Linkshells. Where is the RP on Omega? The only "downside", if we want to call it so, is that Omega still doesn't have an open-world RP hub. It's been worked-on since months, and it's still a work-in-progress thing, but we are getting there. In the meantime, RPers often gather in player houses for random encounters and social RP. Often, RP is a matter of asking OOCly on the Community Discord server/Linkshell if anyone wants to RP, or finding a Free Company which organizes RP for its members. Random RP on Omega happens on a daily basis, in several locations of Eorzea, depending on where RPers agree to meet. So, what are you waiting for? If you are in the EU timezone and want to RP with other EU people, Omega is the place for you, and its people make it a unique and special place where to feel welcomed and integrated. Omega is worth giving a try, and it can surprise you in more ways than one! For any questions, feel free to ask anything!
  12. Dwassyith Swanra

    The Black Hand

    Work in Progress page... The Black Hand We are part of "The Black Hand", a major mafia-like organization that rules part of the Underworld of Limsa Lominsa. The Black Hand is an NPC organization that we made up after 7 months of intensive storyline and that we use to enrich our storytelling and the continuous character development we go through. ICly, there is a pyramidal structure of power in the Black Hand, and we are at the bottom of it (with the exception of Dwassyith Swanra who retains a minor position of power as a "Soldier" His superior is the "Captain" Vincent Aurora.) The Black Hand is made of countless people, Associates, hired guns, and we are just a fraction of it. All the FC members are 'Associates'. The Black Hand is material belonging to Path of the Rootless' FC lore. We do not ask people, FCs or organizations outside of us to acknowledge the Black Hand if they don't want to, and it goes without saying that we do not enforce its existence upon anyone. However, if one wants to roleplay with us, they should take into consideration that we are playing by the rules of our own FC and what it entails. The Black Hand.pdf
  13. Dwassyith Swanra

    Auction in Yanxia [PotRP]

    Dwassyith, Xihsa'li and Zumi finally made it to the auction in Yanxia... Now the whole ordeal has to take place, finally!
  14. Dwassyith Swanra

    omega [Omega] Dwassyith Swanra

    I commissioned this picture and it's for MY PERSONAL USAGE ONLY.