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  1. The Void of Vengeance Campaign has finished and what can we say, it has been a rousing success! The WARK! Magazine even made an article about this initiative organized by the EU Crystal RPC. Check it out! WARK! Magazine Article about VoV RP Campaign Moreover, we have a lot of information and Feedback from the players on our EU Crystal RPC carrd! Check it out! EU Crystal RPC carrd
  2. The Void of Vengeance Campaign has gotten started! With an attendance of 50+ people, the Campaign provided by the EU Crystal RPC has already met a rousing success. With daily open-world RP and weekly missions, the Campaign will span over the course of three weeks or more. Join us on our Discord server and find out more! https://crystal-eu-rpc.carrd.co/
  3. Do you want to be part of the **EUROPEAN ROLEPLAY COMMUNITY** on the Crystal Datacenter? Join our Fellowship entirely dedicated to RPers of the EU timezone! This Fellowship is driven to gather all EU RPers in the Crystal Datacenter, to roleplay together. Meeting up will be easier if we share a similar timezone! (Everyone is welcome to join us, by the way! It doesn't truly matter where you come from!). Look us up in the Fellowship Finder!
  4. Hello everyone ! The Crystal EU RPC Server is proud to present you the Void of Vengeance Roleplay Campaign! Thanks to the efforts of the Admin & Community Project Team of the Crystal EU RPC Server, a compelling Roleplay Campaign is going to get started on November 8th and it will span onward for roughly three weeks. This Roleplay Campaign has been designed to involve the largest number of Roleplayers possible and give all of you an easy reason to participate - while, at the same time, taking care of the notions of quality and structure. Whether your character is a fighter, a healer or an artisan, it doesn't matter! There is space for everyone to contribute to this effort towards the mysterious disorders in the Twelveswood. Below you'll find the dates with the Main Events of the Void of Vengeance Campaign: First Event (Introduction): Friday 8th November. Middle Event (Development): Friday 15th November. Last Event (Grand Finale): Friday 22nd November. There can be minor events during the week that separates each major event from one another. This means, small initiatives can be taken in between, to breathe life into the Campaign. The First Event on November 8th will be a Call To Arms for all adventurers willing to participate! You will be debriefed at Mih Khetto Amphitheatre, then you'll be assigned into the Team that suits your character best. For more information, please have a look at the Crystal EU RPC carrd: https://crystal-eu-rpc.carrd.co/#
  5. Hey guys, there are good news for the EUROPEAN COMMUNITY! It's been a long time since I created a Discord server to gather all EU Roleplayers who play on the Crystal Datacenter (Balmung, Mateus, etc!). This server was created to bring together all the EU folks who chose to spend their time on the NA servers. We have grown quite a bit so far and I would be pleased to let you know that you are welcome to join us any time! Make sure to read the rules upon joining! Here is the Discord link, looking forward to meeting you! https://discord.gg/dqxcnXx
  6. On May 11th at 7 p.m. UK time, European roleplayers on Crystal Datacenter are meeting up on Mateus! It will be a social gathering with the simple goal of mingling and establishing new social ties. The Drowning Wench, Limsa Lominsa, 7 p.m. UK time!
  7. Hello there, guys! First of all, sorry if I have opened this thread in the wrong section. If that is the case, please feel free to move it away. I am planning to create a Youtube video where I will explain (according to my experience), what is a Roleplay Event in MMO settings and I will provide a few general tips on how to make one. During my narration, I plan to have a lot of screenshots being shown in a slideshow. Perhaps even short videos, should I be so lucky to find some! If you want to contribute to this little project of mine and you don't mind your characters being present in my video, I could use some screenshots depicting roleplayers in events settings. To be specific, what I need is: - Group screenshots. - Dynamic poses / dynamic combat scenes. - Weapons drawn / weapons clashing. - Screenshots of rolls. - Screenshots of free form emotes. I will be talking about pre-emptively written events and improvised events, free-form writing and rolls, public events and private events, writing styles and much more. If you have several screenshots to share, it would be very useful to me if you could upload them to an IMGUR FOLDER, so I can save it in my Favourites and then I will handpick the screenshots that are more fitting. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read, this!
  8. Update: available on Omega server only, even if there are place-holders on other servers.
  9. Update: Mostly around on Balmung & Mateus!
  10. Re-vamped the profile with the most recent artworks!
  11. Hello everybody! Other friends and I have noticed that the European population on Balmung and Mateus is fairly scattered. It seems quite difficult to find each other, especially for newcomers who don't really know where to look. So, we have decided to create a Discord server structured in a very simple and straightforward way, with the intention to gather all European Roleplayers on the Crystal Datacenter, which includes Balmung, Mateus and any other less populated world on the aforementioned Datacenter. We will all benefit by being able to find each other more easily, literally just one click away. The server was created today, so it's still work-in-progress and it's in need to grow! We need your help and the help of your friends to make this server grow and welcome every European roleplayer who would like to easily find others of the same timezone on the busy Crystal Datacenter. Please pass the word to whoever might be willing to join us! We also need the following roles: Lore-gurus: someone with an extensive knowledge of the lore who can accurately reply to any questions related to it. Moderators: We are small so one more should be fine! But under the circumstances that we will grow further, then we will keep this position open. Expert game players: Especially for newcomers approaching the game for the first time, these are a figure of reference that can be of great help! Chatterboxes: Folks who never grow tired to happily chit-chat with others! ... And just about anyone and everyone! Join up and help us reaching out for every RPer in the Crystal datacenter! EU Crystal RPC
  12. I commissioned this picture and this is FOR MY PERSONAL USAGE ONLY. http://madratbird.tumblr.com/ Character Name: Rajal Akeem Character Age: He looks around mid-twenties, perhaps a tad older. Character Gender: Male. Character Sexuality: Find out! Character Race: Judging by his physical features, Seeker. Character Profession: Officially on paper, a gardener. Unofficially, a mercenary-jobs contractor. Character Residence: He is seen often loitering in and out a building in the outskirts of Ul'dah. [Character Background & General Flavour] Rajal has recently arrived in Ul'dah following a personal tragedy that saw his farmstead in the desert completely wiped out by savage assaulters. [Ask for more information ICly.] Seeing himself lost and faced with the new city reality, he swiftly had to pick up on the hectic pace and now endeavours in making the Desert Jewel his new home. One may say that he is a refugee like many, but even if he sees the Sultanate as a point where to drastically start over his life, he is still a son of the desert and his nature often has him longing for the dunes and the scorching sun. He is the kind of rustic character that can "bend the world around himself under the will of his hands". Basically what he doesn't know in books, he knows in actual practicability. Just like some bookworms don't have any strength in their hands or can't open a pack of chips, but can do equations in their heads within seconds, he's instead the kind of guy who's never clumsy with his hands and possesses a practiced degree of dexterity. In his 'everyday life', he cuts things just right, has a sense of proportion, he knows laws of physic very well by direct experience, he never let things slipping off his hold, always ties knots in the right way, so on and so forth. So there is a lot of rural knowledge into his hands and his eyes, all of his wisdom is comparable to the one of our ancestors -- whom, were far more skilled in "practical life" than our digitalized generation will ever be. Rajal can't tell you the history of Eorzea, but he knows how to fix a leaking plumbing or how to predict incoming rain just by smelling the wind or observing cattle behaviour. I commissioned this picture and this is FOR MY PERSONAL USAGE ONLY. http://madratbird.tumblr.com/ [Character Personality] Qualities ↑ A Loyal Friend and Partner: Rajal has a strict code of honour to himself and values fairness and friendship above many things. He is not the kind to trick you or screw you over first, his disposition is often inclined to the philosophy of 'Let's play fair'. Once he established a relationship with someone, he is the serious kind that sticks around and is actively present in people's lives, always ready to offer help or a word of comfort. Being him strongly independent-minded, it is very hard to sway him about people merely with bad rumours. In a sense, Rajal is a fairly mature man who knows the meaning of commitments all too well and adheres to them as a matter of principles. That, however, does not mean that he is entirely law-abiding. The notion of 'fairness' is often relative in Rajal's world and he tends to 'pay people back with the same coin'. ↑ Stubborn and Determined: Rajal works hard for what he wants and never gives up, unless it's literally a matter of life or death. Whatever he desires, he goes way beyond his capabilities to achieve it. Given his firmness of heart and mind, the man tends to reach his objectives, no matter how long it might take to get there. It is often a bumpy ride, but that never discouraged him. At the same time, every failure in his life at achieving what he wanted still weighs on him greatly and probably will never be fully digested. ↑ Empathic, Brotherly, Good Listener: Lacking the selfishness and egocentrism of many, Rajal is very receptive to other people. Having been a victim of extremely harsh times and deep dejection of heart, he often holds out a helping hand in support to whoever needs it - which often makes him take onto a 'brotherly' or 'best-friendy' role. His support has no subtle second intentions and this leads girls and guys to feel safe around him, knowing that he is not there to get something out of them - especially of intimate nature. In that sense, he is very much a man of honour. ↑ Humouristic and Humble: Rajal loves jokes and to laugh. He is the kind that if he can crack a stupid joke, he will, and often his humour is fairly cheap - but it is for that reason, that it causes hilarity. Furthermore, he is a modest soul at the core: having lived a life of intense devotion to hard work and poor rewards made him a self-forged man of solid values without any pretense of self-righteous pride. To make him happy, one doesn't have to go further than a good meal and some good company, after having spent the entire day sinking his hands into the earth's soil. ---------------- Flaws ↓ Uncultured and Poor on Knowledge: Having lived most of his life in a secluded community in the desert did not give Rajal a chance to dedicate himself to a lenghty education. He knows how to write and read and he knows his way around Thanalan and the laws on the desert, but you will find his mind to be completely blank on history, general culture, and everything that requires a moderate attendance to school. One could say that he is the classic ignorant farmland yokel. ↓ Prejudiced, Struggles to Stay Open-minded: When Rajal doesn't understand a point of view coming from others, the gates of his acceptances are closed. Well aware of this flaw of his, he has been working on himself to try to see things from other people's points of view, but he is often narrow-minded and sticks to his beliefs, no matter how erroneous they may be. It is difficult to change his mind or make him see reason and that is often a cause of arguments with people. Fortunately, he possesses a smidge of self-insight that makes him take a step back from his density of mind and tries to expande his horizons of opinion. ↓ At Times, Quick To Anger: While this is an entirely situational flaw (meaning that it depends a lot on what's the matter and who is involved), there are certain topics that trigger him into a swift burst of flames. Some subjects are more sensitive than others and when a sore spot is touched, he reacts with great amounts of annoyance that are entirely out of his control. That might cause insults to fly or worse, a physical approach to be taken if the other party doesn't back off or taunts him further. However, this passionate approach to wrath is fairly rare and it regards only specific matters. ↓ Hardly Forgives: Once trust is broken, it is nigh impossible to bring it back to its former state. Disagreements that bring him to a huge disappointment make Rajal carry a grudge forever. Once the 'ancient splendor' of things is gone, there is no mending - unless the apology and 'make-up-to' are of extraordinary impressiveness. But who would go to that extend? Most of his serious deal-breakers end up with him losing the desire to deal with the other party of the disagreement, and fade away into nothingness.The more he cares about someone, the bigger will be the magnitude of his sorrow and the detachment that will follow. Naturally, this applies only to matters of exceedingly dire seriousness. I commissioned this picture and this is FOR MY PERSONAL USAGE ONLY. https://cheche-dotharl.tumblr.com/ [Possible RP Hooks] Alley Lurker: Rajal is often seen loitering in the filthiest and less reccomendable alleys of Ul'dah, talking with a myriad of individuals - albeit what's behind such low-toned conversations, remains unknown. At times, he is seen exchanging money with rags-clad inhabitants, in the most worn down corners of the city. Ever so fleeting, his presence never lingers for too long. [Dark / Mature themes involved] Desert Loiterer: The verdant-eyed Seeker often crosses the threshold of the Ul'dahnian walls to head into the desert - at times for hours, other times for days. The man can be spotted transporting wares in and out of the gates. It is not unusual to catch his fleeting presence in trading outposts built around oasis. Jobs-giver: It is rumoured that Rajal is not a stranger to pay 'volunteers' to do something for him. At times he is seen tagging along, other times, he does not. It happens that sometimes the kind of tasks he gives out, are not the kind one can find pinned on the bulletin board. The black-skinned Seeker does not speak openly about them either. Non-Tribal Miqo'te: It is word of mouth that Rajal doesn't share any roots with his former tribe. Thus, he might not have the common notions of tribal customs, behaviour or religious beliefs. The reasons why he appears to be so detached from his biological family ties is not commonly known and might have to get investigated. --- How To Approach? -- You can approach him freely without asking me for pre-emptive consent, whenever you see him loitering in Ul'dah! Walk-ups are my favourite! You can also contact me on Discord, I'm always up for a chat: Alex6thJuly#1988
  13. Hello everyone! I'm here writing this thread because we're looking for new criminal-inclined contacts, both for FC-recruitment purposes as well as simple RP outside our FC. We would like to find like-minded roleplayers with a taste for the dark and the gritty, in particular people who give a lot of weight to Storytelling rather than just casual/tavern/social RP. By all means, the latter is more than fine and it's a true pleasure from time to time, but we are looking for more story-driven characters. Mind you, your character doesn't necessarily have to be a full-fledged criminal! Even just something along the lines of a "shady trader" or an "unethical mercenary" can be exactly what we're looking for. Excellent OOC attitude is absolutely required, especially when mature/dark themes are handled. We give it such paramount importance, for dealing with adult RPers with a steady emotional maturity and the right amount of detachment tends to be the best course of action. Again, it can be for FC recruitment purposes as well as just outside-contacts, so don't feel forced to apply to our FC even if you feel a tingle of interest towards this. RP can happen even without a FC tag. All that's needed is the will to make it happen, and the interest to keep it going. In case you would like to have a look at the kind of RP we're precisely looking for, you could toss a look at our main page: If you rather just have a chat with me on Discord, feel free to add: Dwassyith#1278
  14. By all means, feel free to sketch Khaji as well, if you feel like making practice on Au Ra males! I posted some screenshots for you here if you'd like to take a look. https://imgur.com/a/pyq8btU Either way, thank you so much for what you do!
  15. If you're looking for masculine models, then here you've got a gallery full of Khaji to get inspired from! https://imgur.com/a/pyq8btU Just a few silly screenshots to better see angles and whatnot. Here you go, and... Thank you so much for doing this! SOOO APPRECIATED!
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