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  1. Event was held at a private estate in the Lavender Beds.
  2. People featured: (from left to right) Pronterus Audacia, Romarique Portelaine, Myuri Nohn, Koh'a Tayuun, Jijidoa Mandragora, Savilien Veraint, Tarkhan Kha, F'lan Purin
  3. When is it? 15th of August, Saturday What time is it? 10:00 PM (GMT 8+) Where is it? World: Tonberry Ul'dah - Steps of Thal ( 12.5 , 10.4 ) Test your mettle at the Elemental Parry Tournament! A grand prize awaits for the victorious winner. All are welcome to test their mettle and might against the strongest competitors Eorzea has ever seen! A test of the new addition to the /random command, being able to cap off the number at whatever you'd like! We will be using /random 20 in particular for DnD-style combat. In case you are unaware, 1 is a failure, with 20 be
  4. When is it? 18th of July, Saturday What time is it? 10:00 PM (GMT 8+) Where is it? World: Tonberry The Azim Steppe ( 10.2 , 21.4 ) Do you like trespassing on sacred Xaela land? Me too! Let's explore The Uyagir Caves. - Myuri Nohn
  5. When is it? 14th of July, Tuesday What time is it? 8:00 PM (GMT 8+) Where is it? World: Tonberry Lavender Beds, Ward 19, Plot 39 Join us for a nice, relaxing day for some tea! Or, come along and spill some tea. Either way, there'll be free tea and treats for those who show. Come dressed in your Sunday's best! - Myuri Nohn
  6. When is it? 10th of July, Friday What time is it? 7:00 PM (GMT 8+) Where is it? World: Tonberry Eastern La Noscea, Costa del Sol ( 36.8 , 25.1 ) Whether it's warm or cold in reality, Eorzea is ready to party! Join us for a fun day(or night) in the sun! There will be games, prizes, and free drinks for all who come. The event will last until everyone leaves. - Myuri Nohn
  7. The Discord link has been broken for 4~ months and I just noticed. It's been fixed.
  8. Name: Elemental Roleplay Link: https://discord.com/invite/95NGMVF Brief Description: The Elemental RP discord server is specifically for role-playing in the Elemental datacenter! While the majority of members in the server are from Tonberry, there are people from each of the datacenters. We host events weekly and members are allowed to add events to the schedule! Additionally to the Discord Server, we have a Linkshell, Fellowship and club on this website. Feel free to join if you want to RP on the Elemental datacenter - all are welcome!
  9. Hello! I run a Discord server specifically for RP in Elemental (Tonberry included). I know there's a few people interested in a RP FC there. Here's a link to it: https://discord.com/invite/95NGMVF Feel free to join if you're interested! I'll be making a forum post about it shortly (and when I figure out where to put it). Edit: The link was broken oops
  10. Elemental RP || Casual RP When is it? 11th of April, Saturday What time is it? 7:00 PM (GMT 8+) Where is it? World: Tonberry La Noscea, Eastern La Noscea, Wineport (x20.7, x20.7) Another casual RP event! Nothing special about this one. If you arrive before 7:00, you don't need to be in character. - Myuri Nohn
  11. Event was held at a private estate in Shirogane.
  12. Event was held in multiple locations.
  13. Event was at The Missing Member, Tonberry.
  14. nonkiru

    Cafe RP

    Elemental RP || Cafe RP When is it? 5th of April, Sunday What time is it? 8:00 PM (GMT 8+) Where is it? World: Kujata Plot 51, 15th Ward, Shirogane Thank you Sora Amariyo for the venue! This event is café - styled, so please show in appropriate attire! You may work as a member of staff - but please let me know beforehand. There will be food and drink! - Myuri Nohn
  15. until
    This event is open only to those in the Elemental RP Discord. Elemental RP || GPOSE Challenge When is it? April 3th, 2020, Friday What time is it? 8:00 to 10:00 PM (GMT+8) Where is it? World: Kujata Location: Carline Canopy (Airship Landing), Gridania (Gathering location only. Actual shot places will only be revealed during the event itself.) As this event is only open to those in the Elemental RP Discord, further details about this event are exclusive to there.
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