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"PVP" Tournament


Event details

🛡️ When is it? 15th of August, Saturday
🛡️ What time is it? 10:00 PM (GMT 8+)
🛡️ Where is it?
World: Tonberry
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal ( 12.5 , 10.4 )

Test your mettle at the Elemental Parry Tournament! A grand prize awaits for the victorious winner. All are welcome to test their mettle and might against the strongest competitors Eorzea has ever seen!


A test of the new addition to the /random command, being able to cap off the number at whatever you'd like! We will be using /random 20 in particular for DnD-style combat. In case you are unaware, 1 is a failure, with 20 being a critical!


Higher numbers will beat out lower numbers, and both competitors will write out their actions accordingly. In the event that both numbers are identical, please write out both actions as such and both numbers will be re-rolled. Each competitor will have 5 HP, meaning minimum 5 rolls will take place.

- Myuri Nohn ⚔️

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