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  1. Menord

    General Lore Questions

    Would/could an Ala Mhigan have been given a Garlean-esque name if they had been born during the Garlean occupation of Ala Mhigo? Fordola's surname definitely sounds Garlean, but it might be just something that was given to her once she earned her rank.
  2. Menord

    The tricky subject of Rp and Spelling

    It's important to consider what kind of person is making the mistakes and how they are likely to react if you correct them. I spent over a decade in school and university studying English, but I still sometimes make mistakes because prepositions are my bane and I tend to mix American English and British English words together, sometimes to the confusion of the people roleplaying with me. I'd wager that few people write badly out of laziness; dyslexia, lacking language skills, tiredness and so forth are more likely explanations. I can understand the annoyance rising from repeated spelling mistakes - been there, done that - but sometimes it can be a sore point for people. I have a friend whose first attempt at roleplaying almost ended up being his last one because someone in our group started correcting his spelling/grammar mistakes. I try to lead by example and write as well as I can: I would ask for clarifications if I didn't understand the other person was saying, but I'd otherwise be careful about correcting others unless I was completely sure that that the person didn't mind advice/criticism. Roleplay should be a fun hobby, after all, and if someone starts constantly worrying about their spelling or grammar, RP tends to stop being fun for them.
  3. Menord

    discussion What or how did rp come to you?

    In a way, I feel like I became a roleplayer through sheer luck. First - when I was around 14 or 15 years old - I got a pen pal who told me that she was a live-action roleplayer and invited me to a game she was organizing even though I hadn't even heard of live-action roleplaying before that. A few years later, I decided to give World of Warcraft a try (thanks to encouragement from my brother), met someone online who introduced me to roleplaying in MMOs and ended up in an actual roleplaying guild. That eventually lead to me dressing up as a Blood Elf and running into another WoW enthusiastic in a convention who then introduced me to tabletop roleplaying. While I nowadays roleplay mostly in MMOs (or FFXIV, more precisely), I enjoy all three forms of RP I listed because all of them give me the chance to create and live through stories and see the world from a different point of view than my own. Escapism can be a wonderful thing in moderate doses.
  4. Menord

    Describe your backstory in the worst way!

    Dumped kid away from the streets with daily grind; still can't decide if he wants to punch and stab things or be a nerd.
  5. Menord

    Your Gender vs. Your Character's

    I mostly play male characters nowadays, though I'm not actually sure why. In some other games, I choose male characters to avoid skimpy clothing, but FFXIV is thankfully more consistent with how gear looks between different genders. When I was younger, some of my character concepts were based on the (probably) silly idea that changing the gender of a stereotype makes it less cliché and more interesting. For example, I had a character who was pretty much the usual "damsel in distress" (insecure, naive, kind, prone to worrying and physically weak) except that the character was male. It feels strange to think in hindsight that I used to claim that characters' gender didn't matter... while still subconsciously believing that insecure and vulnerable men and badass women were more interesting than their other gender counterparts. >.>' I suppose aesthetics play a large part in my character creation. I like the way male Midlanders look, so my main is one, but I feel both his gender and my own gender are largely irrelevant in my interactions online. I've received some flak and questions in the past when people have found out that my gender doesn't correspond to my character's gender, so nowadays I don't tend to mention it unless I am friends with the other person or the person is having gross misconceptions.
  6. Menord

    [Balmung] Taking a census

    I voted for the first option because while that's not how Cain currently earns his living, it's what he aspires to. It might be a bit implausible if he was a full-fledged thaumaturge after approximately a year or two of training, so I imagine that he supports himself by doing odd-jobs until he/I can feel more comfortable with the idea of exploration, adventure and danger. He usually hangs around in Ul'dah or Limsa Lominsa.
  7. Menord

    Your Character and Guilty Pleasures

    Despite being a spell-flinging and book-loving thaumaturge, Cain's guilty pleasure is... brawling. He accidentally stumbled across the Limsa Lominsan fight club on his first trip to the city, and after two visits, he realized that he enjoys not only studying how other people fight but also taking part in the matches himself. He'd deny that to anyone who knows that he is a thaumaturge - and he wouldn't mention at the fight club that he is a thaumaturge. He also takes an interest in cosmetics, but he often can't afford to buy any. He probably owns some better-than-average shampoo, though.
  8. Menord

    New player to FF14, stuck on Moogle!

    Hi there, fellow European! Although I am relatively new to the game as well, I can already attest that you have little to fear about Balmung's activity. There are always people online in Ul'dah at least, and I've got the impression that the server has a noteworthy EU population. While most events might take place during US peak hours - meaning late night to myself due to living in the EET/EEST timezone - there are quite a few which are more accessible to EU players. Balmung-EU Tumblr seem to have a nice list of weekly events. The people on these forums are very friendly and helpful, so hopefully you will enjoy your stay and have a good time regardless of which server you end up choosing.
  9. Oh dear. Now I feel like I was worrying a bit too much, especially about my character's name. ^^' I do remember reading some of Sounsyy's lore posts, but somehow I either missed or already forgot about e.g. the Ala Mhigo racial distribution. Thanks a lot for all the answers: I'm glad and relieved to see that the community seems to be both helpful and accepting of silly newbies like me. After some more pondering, I think that I will make Cain a native Ul'dahn (spelling?). Sounsyy's lore compilation mentions that quite a few poor folk come to the Arrzaneth Ossuary to worship Thal, which could explain how Cain ended up becoming a Thaumaturge. His parents might have been worshippers of Nald'thal as well, and after their death/disappearance and some time living on the streets, it wouldn't much of a stretch to say that Cain found his way to the Ossuary. I like this idea a lot, too. It would definitely justify Cain's job of choice, especially combined with the backstory idea above. His birthday also happens to in Fifth Umbral Moon, which makes Nald'thal his patron deity; even more of a reason to say that he was destinied to join the Order of Nald'thal and become a Thaumaturge? Perhaps, heh.
  10. (Apologies for the long post. I should learn to be concise. >_>') While preparing for my move to a RP server, I have been levelling my probable main, Cain Locke, and trying to figure out what he is like. I have quite a clear idea of his personality, but his background is giving me problems. I've spent several hours searching the forums and reading up on the lore, but I still find myself at a loss. As the topic title suggests, Cain is a Midlander Thaumaturge. He is ambitious and (supposedly) observant, but while he enjoys watching people and getting to know those who he finds interesting, he struggles with forming deep relationships or friendship. If he had to choose, he would rather be needed than loved, and this probably shows in his behaviour. He tends to be a bit snarky and is more likely to point out the flaws in something than remain quiet for the sake of politeness. Cain is relatively young, but his parents are gone – whether that means being dead or having abandoned him for reason or another. This is both to explain their absence (if it was ever brought up in RP) and parts of his personality. I imagine that he might not have had a lovely childhood. So, to the actual backstory/origin part. From what I've understood, Midlanders live pretty much everywhere, which... isn't very helpful if you are indecisive like me. I originally planned to make Cain an adventurer who recently arrived to Uldah (as the opening scene suggests) as a way to explain why he/his player might not know much about the history of the area or the local events. However, from what I've understood, his name doesn't fit Othard/Doma naming scheme, Sharlayan wasn't too keen on combat magic and an Ishgardian Hyur wouldn't probably have much reason to venture outside his kingdom. The quests show that Ul'dah has both quite a few refugees and poor folk, which naturally gave me the idea of making Cain either. If he was a refugee, though, I'm not sure where he could be from: Ala Mhigo was mainly a Highlander kingdom, if I've understood correctly, and the other options are mainly the same as with him being a foreign adventurer. That leaves the idea of making him a native citizen of Ul'dah. If, however, I couple that with his lack of parents, how likely he would have managed to become a Thaumaturge? Literacy isn't apparently too widespread in Eorzea, so a child of poor family / orphan isn't probably the most likely candidate for wielding powerful magicks, unless he was very dedicated and stubborn – and willing to somehow teach himself how to read. I'm starting to get a bit worried whether I picked a bad race/class combination: Cain is a Thaumaturge because he sees it as a way to gain power and prove his worth, but I've also OOC taking a liking to the class and can't really see him as anything else (save for Rogue or something similar, perhaps; I haven't yet even tried the class). Any pointers or advice would be much appreciated.
  11. Menord

    From one world to another

    Oh yes, I will definitely make use of the option and transfer at least several character at the same time. I am terrible with alts, though, so a full roster would probably just leave me feeling bad for the character who collect dust. Then again, all the races look so pretty and/or intriguing... Thanks again for all the tips and welcomes, people! Seems like there are a lot of events on the calendar, so once I'm in, I guess I could start by sneaking into one of the open events. I think I might make use of the Character Workshop soon, too, in case I struggle with filling all the blank spaces my character concepts.
  12. Menord

    From one world to another

    Thank you for the tip and the warm welcome! Coming from a small European RP server in WoW (The Sha'tar), I can definitely imagine that things will be quite different here, heh. A thread in the Making Connections forum sounds like a good idea: I'll try to do that once I've given my characters a bit more thought. I also just noticed that there's a Wiki for this site as well, which is neat. I'm already quite excited. ^^
  13. Menord

    From one world to another

    Hi everyone, and apologies for the long-winded introduction. I finally decided to give in to the temptation and see what FFXIV looks like in the eyes of a roleplayer, so hopefully this post will help me to get rid of some of the pre-transfer nervousness. MMORPG background I've tried quite a few MMORPGs during my gaming career, but most of my experience comes from playing World of Warcraft for over ten years. I made my account into Final Fantasy XIV approximately two years ago, but I haven't had the time (or the money) to play it actively until now. I feel very much like a complete newbie in the game. RP experience I've roleplayed more or less actively in WoW for approximately nine years and even lead a small RP guild (though with questionable success). In addition, I have been an on-off LARPer for over one decade and participated in a slowly-progressing D&D campaign for good many years. How did I end up here? Lately, I've been feeling a bit burned out by WoW and tempted to join a few Tumblr friends of mine on Balmung to see what roleplay is like there. I found this website by accident when I was googling some information about FFXIV roleplay, and I've been lurking here ever since. RP style If I had to classify myself, I guess I would fall into the medium roleplayer category. I like in-depth storylines and seeing characters grow, but I also have a soft spot for occasional silliness and even angst. My characters tend to be unstereotypical for their race or class and I've come up with a few "interesting" RP ideas in the past, but I enjoy studying the lore and otherwise immersing myself in the game world. Character ideas The only character I have so far is Cain Locke, a young Midlander who has a pretty face and is determined to prove his worth. I still need to read more about the lore for his backstory (I mean, I don't even know where he comes from), but he will probably be observant and witty and... not as tough as he'd probably like to seem. I'm currently levelling him as Thaumaturge and part of me wants to take Pugilist as his secondary class because a mage who punches things sounds amusing, but, er, we'll see what happens. I will probably also create/transfer one or two alts if I can come up with interesting character concepts for them. I have a weakness for soft-spoken and/or overly serious male characters (my longest-time WoW RP character could be summarized as an insecure idealist), but a spunky female or something completely different could also be nice. Real life information I'm Finnish and work as a freelancer translator, and when I'm not playing games, I like to draw, write, drink tea or coffee and so forth. I also tend to make awkward puns and jokes which are apparently on par with Dad jokes. I'll probably need a week or so to prepare my character(s) for the transfer, but hopefully I'll see you soon enough on Eorzea!