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  1. EDIT: Moved to the beach of Ward 6, The mists. Starting NOW! The event hosts should have about 20+ potential dates! Come bid, date and stuff... Should you have any questions before attending do direct your questions to Salem Desmarais or C'rhee Rahz.
  2. [align=center] [/align] “Join Equilibrium on a night of fun, excitement and potential to find The One! At their exquisite Date Auction~ [align=right]To be held on October the first, six bells in the evening at the Equilibrium’s illustrious home at The Mists, ward 6, plot 16! Fifty percent will go to those being auctioned! The remaining fifty percent of funds will go to the hosting Free Company to begin work on their very own airship!” [/align] A few notes about our first Date Auction: When: October 1st, 6pm EST Where: EQ FC House, Mists Ward 6, Estate 16 Server: Balmung No cover charge for entry! This event is IC/OOC - As much as you want it to be IC, it is! If you just want a silly OOC adventure, that’s cool too! Winning bidders and their dates should coordinate OOC to ensure everyone has fun. Some folks are cool with full-on ERP dates, while others may just want to make a new friend! Individuals being auctioned are free to bid on other people~ Any other questions can be directed ingame to Salem Desmarais or C’rhee Rahz~ or on Tumblr if you follow any of the two mentioned.
  3. Yes, and now party finder is filled with many people wanting to buy a house.
  4. I have an alt that would be love to join should you have the space! Kydenaux Langelier is the character name. I searched for all the officers mentioned but alas, I could not pinpoint any online at the moment. Feel free to look out for me in game, leave me a message here or whatever. I'll try make myself available as my playtime is quite sporadic between my many characters heh.
  5. Yes, you're not the only one. When it comes to meeting new people to RP with I'm usually the one to send the /tell or just a general walk up. However, If I don't get a reply after the third attempt I feel like a total creep and never bother again because it is in fact embarrassing lol. I let it slide if I'm very frequent with the person though because you never know, people AFK so often as I do.
  6. I'd love to rejoin on behalf of On Windy Meadows Linkshell. I'll poke you whenever I see ya online.
  7. Ayee! Welcome back. I do recall you as you put together a master linkshell for many RP FC leaders at one time. Good to see you make your way back to the game, I attended your Garden Ball you had hosted too early 2.0 and it was a good time.
  8. I actually never did RP my picked up classes when I began the game and never intended to. During my character creation process I had the desire to handle multiple weapons, be a jack of all trades but a master of none. However, I did try keep my characters within their Disciples classes when it comes to wielding. (e.g. Elaris is stuck in the Disciples of War classes and Saeren is stuck in the Disciples of Magic.) Whenever I'm asked if I learned such skills from this guild or that guild; I would tell them no but I do have a story behind their teachings and what not. I could identify with the classes for sure, but I would never identify with any of the jobs though if asked.
  9. Yikes, I agree about the afro not looking so great. I do not not have anything nice to say about it really. I think they could have made it look slightly better, but then again I was never looking forward to the inclusion of an afro to begin with. The only one I like from these new ones would also be the short hair although I was expecting the contest entry winners to be added for 3.1 as well.
  10. Elaris

    On Windy Meadows

    Of course , I'll be on the lookout for you!
  11. Elaris

    On Windy Meadows

    Added your FC to the list, I'll be on the lookout for ya!
  12. Welcome, welcome! glad you gathered the courage to say hello.
  13. Elaris

    On Windy Meadows

    Updated! Free company option is now available however the linkshell is still top priority for recruitment. Have any questions? feel free to send me a private message or leave a reply here! :thumbsup:
  14. Elaris

    Character Faces

    I have two! I find the first one to be awkward and caught it at a weird time. This last one two were taken during the Hildibrand questlines, my MC looked rather adorable while appearing worried followed by annoyed.
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