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  1. For World Visit, You can do this only from the 3 main city Aetherytes. Interact with the Aetheryte, You will be given the option to Visit Another World that are located on your datacenter. So I'm on balmung, if I go to Ul'dah and interact with the Aethryte, It would allow me to go visit Mateus for example. I can do content over there, hang out, and RP. I can log out there and the like.
  2. Welcome back! Yes, Balmung and Mateus seem to be the go to servers mostly for RP. World Visit is a thing so any server could be fine I suppose if getting to one of those servers is not possible. There could also be an EU roleplay server but I know nothing about that because my EU friends stuck to balmung.
  3. No problem! That is a fine thing to do, which is why I check up here from time to time. Keep my info up to date, welcome new or returning players, etc. I'll add ya on discord!
  4. For discord, there is a balmung one that could be joined. It's not as busy as the crystal RP one though so I'll link both of them here should you want to join them if ya had not already. The activity over here is uhm, not so active so finding an FC here probably isn't the best, not knocking this place but it has seen better days lol. I do recommend both discords though, both RP themed and finding contacts there is a good start! Balmung: https://discord.gg/bnBSTeU Crystal RP: https://discord.gg/jVXurfS
  5. Hey there! Welcome back, its always nice to have people return to the game. Feel free to reach out if you if you ever have questions or what not.
  6. Hey there! Welcome to thee community. Should you ever have some questions, feel free to reach out as I still tend to check here often, just not so active in posting. I'm a big fan of Yakuza so its always nice to run into others that appreciate the art that is Yakuza.
  7. Elaris: " Well I can't say I'm scared of most things, I'm a very brave individual. I got to brave it out for the lads that be depend'n on me and the like, it is the way I sees it. I do fear loss of my brother though, family means much to me, as it should for most out there. I do often have the fear of betrayal, I had been let down in the past by few folks so to let it happen again bothers me, some. It can be scary to have these trust issues, but I can not let it continue for much longer. " Thyren: " I fear rejection, I guess. I do not like the idea of somebody turning me down for a nice
  8. Elaris

    Hi there!

    Heya, Welcome! Hope Mateus turns out to be good for yaa, it can be somewhat difficult breaking into the RP scene but find yourself a nice group and eventually you'll meet more people.
  9. EDIT: Moved to the beach of Ward 6, The mists. Starting NOW! The event hosts should have about 20+ potential dates! Come bid, date and stuff... Should you have any questions before attending do direct your questions to Salem Desmarais or C'rhee Rahz.
  10. [align=center] [/align] “Join Equilibrium on a night of fun, excitement and potential to find The One! At their exquisite Date Auction~ [align=right]To be held on October the first, six bells in the evening at the Equilibrium’s illustrious home at The Mists, ward 6, plot 16! Fifty percent will go to those being auctioned! The remaining fifty percent of funds will go to the hosting Free Company to begin work on their very own airship!” [/align] A few notes about our first Date Auction: When: October 1st, 6pm EST Where: EQ FC House, Mists Ward 6, Estate 16 Server:
  11. Yes, and now party finder is filled with many people wanting to buy a house.
  12. I have an alt that would be love to join should you have the space! Kydenaux Langelier is the character name. I searched for all the officers mentioned but alas, I could not pinpoint any online at the moment. Feel free to look out for me in game, leave me a message here or whatever. I'll try make myself available as my playtime is quite sporadic between my many characters heh.
  13. Yes, you're not the only one. When it comes to meeting new people to RP with I'm usually the one to send the /tell or just a general walk up. However, If I don't get a reply after the third attempt I feel like a total creep and never bother again because it is in fact embarrassing lol. I let it slide if I'm very frequent with the person though because you never know, people AFK so often as I do.
  14. I'd love to rejoin on behalf of On Windy Meadows Linkshell. I'll poke you whenever I see ya online.
  15. Ayee! Welcome back. I do recall you as you put together a master linkshell for many RP FC leaders at one time. Good to see you make your way back to the game, I attended your Garden Ball you had hosted too early 2.0 and it was a good time.
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