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  1. Your breath can get bad on Atkins also (I think they're the same diet?) I have a tooth brush and tooth paste and mouthwash at work in my locker, and make it a point to have breath mints in my pocket.
  2. I'll have a look at your pinterest! But you're absolutely right, on the 'induction' phase you are only allowed about 20g of carbs per day. Hubby and I are kinda out of that, but we only eat the 'OWL' (ongoing weight loss) foods every so often like almonds, berries, etc. I think I'm definitely not drinking enough water. That has alllllwaaaays been one of my biggest downfalls - I drink a shit ton of Pepsi Max or other sugar free fizzy drinks. I know I KNOW before you all lecture me...it's not good, sweetners are bad, blah blah blah. It's my ONE vice. I don't drink coffee, I don't drink tea, I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol. Let me have my Pepsi Max But yeah, I definitely need to start making enough effort to drink water. I had a salad with chicken, cheese and bits of bacon in it today at work. But two girls sat across from me with bags of McDonalds and McFlurries. I wanted to cry.
  3. Hey there and welcome! Feel free to hit Merai up in game if you'd like a troublesome Miqo'te, though I play GMT times!
  4. Nick I think you should leave your thread open. It's perfectly valid to ask for a romantic interest, as sometimes the people you rp with may not have that interest at all. Plenty of people don't enjoy romantic/erotic roleplay, and some people enjoy it immensely. No harm in asking for someone who's interested in such things. And some folks don't have the time to commit to a long, drawn out, friendship turned courtship turned relationship. I wish we all did, but sometimes we just don't.
  5. Nick seems like a sweet guy, with good intentions for his rp partners. I enjoyed having a brief chat with him, and wish our time zones were a little closer
  6. I STILL NEED TO ADD YOU ON MAX AS WELL. I keep missing the chance to add you online. Soon Do you have skype? We might be able to time it better if you add me on Skype Send me a PM.
  7. I'm sorry Kage...I thought you were getting ready to ridicule/rant at me about the particular diet. Basically I've lost 16lbs so far (been doing it two months), and my husband has lost around the same. I do feel good about it, but eating the same types of food over and over can be tedious, disappointing, and disheartening. We do have days where we allow ourselves special meals or things we miss, but I'd say that's once every 3 weeks or so. ETA: Hnnnnghhhhhhhhhhhh noodles are so good v_v I'm a sucker for Asian cuisine.
  8. I understand that, but please believe me when I say I spend more time and energy debating/defending the diet than I do actually WANTING to be on it. I'm doing it to support my husband, and while I have had some success with it, I'm only saying I'm getting bored. :frustrated:
  9. Husband and I are on Atkins currently...its been 2 months now. That means: no carbs (bread, rice, pasta, potatoes), no sugars (which actually eliminates some vegetables such as carrots, squash, peas). I'm definitely in a rut. I'm getting tired of bacon and eggs every morning, and some version of a salad every lunch. But...one of my favourite chicken dishes is: Chicken breast stuffed with feta and spinach. Just sautee some spinach (I use a whole bag since it wilts down pretty quickly), with a small diced onion in butter or oil. Once it's cooked through and wilted, let it cool completely. Slice into a breast of chicken to make a pocket (Or if you're feeling fancy, you can pound it out and roll it with the filling inside). Crumble some feta into the spinach mixture, and stuff it into the pocket/chicken and roll it. Wrap in bacon. Because everything is fucking better with bacon. You can pan fry it, but makes sure to finish it in the oven to be sure it's cooked...I just oven roast mine. Soooooo delicious, and easy. Definitely a good one if you want to impress someone.
  10. Wait....Zac......if you're naked...we should hang out more.
  11. Uhh your characters name is awesome. I'm a petty thief (who might fall into more crime, depending on who she meets), miqo'te. Usually play GMT but hit me up in a message if you're interested and we can add one another.
  12. Love hugs are much better than hate
  13. I need to meet this man. He sounds hella fun.
  14. A short intro rp with Nebbs and T'Caska: .....not everyone likes the rain.
  15. Hi there! Welcome! Feel free to add me if you'd like, I play mostly GMT time.
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