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  1. Mhm! We have both an IC linkshell and an OOC Discord!
  2. Hey thanks for doing this! Before it's my turn I wanna update the gloves for my character! Draw with these awesome gloves!
  3. Name: Nicholas Holt References: http://imgur.com/a/UD0Fo Extra details: Expression should be serious/determined, perhaps with a smile or smirk. His left (teal) eye is artificial and magitek, so it should stand out from his right olive eye not just in color, although on the outside it looks much like a regular eye. P.S: Thanks for doing these, by the way!
  4. I think Azeyma's Oath may fulfill some of those requirements, it's at the Lavender Beds, it's a good-aligned free company, and supports conjury. Not sure about the other requirements like climbable roof and advocating stargazing.
  5. Name: Suiren Mizukawa Race: Raen Au Ra Favourite Colour: Blue Expression: Happy Reference Picture/Description: Here you go! She has red makeup ala those of Japanese courtesans called Oiran.
  6. Request Type: Are you asking for two headshots, or one full-bodied Lalafell sketch? Please request one of these; I will not do two types of requests for one person. ---- Character Name: What's your character's name? Character Reference: Please provide two to three screenshots of your character - preferably a front view, a three-quarter front view, and a three-quarter back view. For headshots, the closer the screenshots could be to the character's face, the better. Any additional references, including drawn ones, would be greatly appreciated! Character Description: Briefly describe your character's personality here in no more than two sentences. Alternatively, use keywords in order to describe them. (For example, Ado Tado - the Lalafell depicted above - is a friendly and enthusiastic adventurer, so he is often seen smiling or excited. Even his neutral expression has a hint of a smile upon it most of the time.) You may use this space to describe what you would like to see for the character's expression(s). Additional details: Is there anything about this character that isn't on the screenshot that you'd like me to take note of? Some examples of what this could be include undepicted scars, beauty marks, alterations to the character's hairstyle or eyes, and so on. Feel free to ask for an additional paper texture here, as well as request a pencil color (as I've used brown for the headshots and black for the rough sketch) or any other specifics you have in mind.
  7. The more compliments Aya dishes out, the more I want to compliment her, because she is just too plain awesome and beautiful!
  8. Noh has such an adorable avatar! And.. has an amazingly cute blonde Au Ra character... Blondes are totally winning this thread right now! :-D They definitely are, and Aya here is the number one blonde! Also Liadan has a great looking character!
  9. 1. Mogstore Credit 2. Wind-up Garuda 3. Bismark Weapon (PLD) 4. Tier 4 Aquarium
  10. 1. Southsea Couch and Chair Set 2. Lesser Panda 3. Company Tabard 4. High Allagan Weapon (PLD or NIN or MCH)
  11. I remember myself with a great big smile whenever I see Aya either in-game or through fan art. She has an amazing character and personality that I'm glad to be friends with her!
  12. 1. Sword of the Round (PLD) 2. Aquarium 3. Wind-Up Ifrit 4. Orchestrion Once again thank you for another giveaway!
  13. Bumping because we're still here, and still working our FC rank up. Slow and steady, we will eventually grow and flourish!
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