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  1. I could be totally just not seeing it (and I'll delete this, if that's so)but-- How much is it? I can't seem to find a price written.
  2. Beexu looks like an awesome character, and it's really apparent that you put a lot of thought into their characterization, which is AMAZING. I also really love the set-up of your character profile, and how much depth you gave each of the family members. Well-done!
  3. My lil Rhysa: Rhozai Verkoh: Kerha'to Orhven:
  4. I thought this one had a really cool, ominous effect to it.
  5. I'd love to join this! I'm levelling an Archer for IC reason, and it's been rough trying to progress the MSQ as a solo DPS. Queue times are bruuutal. Rhysa Verkoh in-game. :3
  6. Thanks for all the replies everyone! I'll be sending some private messages out about some of those connections, for sure! In the meantime, anyone else who would like a connection with my plucky Keeper, feel free to post! >^<
  7. Hello all! As I noted in my player directory post, I recently got my main RP character Rhysa Verkoh all transferred over to Balmung (finally!), and am seeking a number of different connections I think could be really fun! Some of the things I had in mind, ranging from pretty broad to oddly specific: Sun Seekers to encounter, especially males, as she A) has never met a Sun Seeker and B) has had very little contact with male Miqo'te's, due to their low numbers in Moon Keeper tribes. A mentor, someone to reign in her crazier inquisitive tendencies and provide some answers for
  8. I jumped the queue a little bit but I love drawing miqo'te's so-!
  9. Hey all! I'm Spheryn- I play Rhysa Verkoh IG. c: I just recently (finally!) transferred over to Balmung, and I'd love to RP with some you, as way to get started! I main Rhysa, my plucky Moon Keeper, and I'm slowly but surely developing R'ecilia, a much less plucky Miqo'te.. Send me a /tell or friend request game if any of you would like to RP sometime! Cheers <3 (Any tips on where to get started, RP-wise, would be greatly appreciated. o3o)
  10. Sorry if her hair`s not wild enough! >o<
  11. [align=center]This is for female characters/Lalafells[/align] [align=center]because i can't draw dudes. v_v"[/align] Just need some pretty basic information, and we'll see about getting a doodle out for you! Name: Race: Favourite Colour: Expression: (Happy, sad, angry, etc...) Reference Picture/Description: (Screenshot or written description. Or both!) I'll start with 4 slots, and open/close them as needed. [suiren Mizukawa] [Kallera] [Open] [Open] Examples:
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