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  1. Honestly, there are a ton of ways to get involved. One of the more common? Walk-up RP! Type /roleplaying whenever you're ready to begin, hit the walk button, and go searching for anything that really piques your interest. Popular scene at the moment for Balmung is Ul'dah's Pearl Lane. Another way is to keep tabs of various RP events that're going on. If you take a look at the party finder on any given night, you'll likely find a number of RP get-togethers being advertised. They're often bars/taverns and restaurants, but it you'll sometimes find more niche gatherings being advertised across the entirety of the data center. You could also throw up an advertisement on this very site for any potential plots/ideas you'd like to explore with like-minded and interested souls. Really, main way of finding RP is persistence and communication with your fellow RPers. Keeping a friendly and open mind will do wonders to help you find your place in things as you experiment and find what, exactly, works for you in MMO RP.
  2. Afraid I can't think of any off the top of my head. Following Stormblood's initial release, the Steppe RP scene sort of died down due to the requisite of needing to level that high through the MSQ for the chance. Turned away a lot of people with newly-made Xaela characters.
  3. Chiming in as someone who plays a Healer-specialized Arcanist on an alt! Yeah, it's totally fine to branch out and start developing your own spells. It's part of how anything grows and evolves to encompass more than the base field--something Arcanima excels at, actually. It's meant to be a fairly adaptable and strategic form of magick. It may lack the raw force and power of other schools that mirror it, but that's because it can theoretically be far more dynamic. So long as you put in the effort, the work, and the research? Your idea sounds very plausible.Just make sure you do avoid the "I have the cure-all!" factor when you're approaching healing. Communicate with your patient OOCly, get the specifics, all that. Don't wanna step on any toes and take away any tension the writer is trying to draw from the injury/sickness, after all!
  4. It's a pretty staple thing in Japenese comedy/drama, but I believe you're right!
  5. Think I know which one you're talking about, and it was more about a guy being attracted to an actor who he at first thought was a woman--but was revealed to be a man who regularly played women. Basically a small homage to the onnagata of Kabuki theater. He did still end up finding the man and his performance incredibly attractive, though, and felt that it didn't matter in the long road--the depth of his passion was enough.
  6. I'd say so, yeah. You're gonna get people who'll disagree, but you'll find that even for people who do RP concepts that're considered "more canon" than others. At the end of the day? Just RP and have fun. You'll find people who'll join in soon enough.
  7. Much as Valence said, there really isn't a lore precedent I can think of that really touches upon anything of that nature. Fantasias are the only thing I can recall that are even remotely similar--and as you said, it's not entirely considered "canon" by some. Otherwise? The only transgender characters I've seen in the setting are other RPers exploring it.
  8. Welcome to the community! Hope you continue to have a great time!
  9. It's from a Kotaku article that went up today. Last question. https://kotaku.com/final-fantasy-xiv-director-talks-class-changes-music-1838148771
  10. Yes and no. Do they grant enhanced strength? In some instances, yes, they do empower artifacts or relics associated with the crystal in question. Do they impart techniques that're likely to use aether? Very much so. Effectively all jobs, including melee, utilize aether to push themselves past normal limitation. It's why magitek became such a threat: it allowed them to match the devastating capabilities of rival nations in a fraction of the time without the need for years and years of training. There's also the stipulation that you have to "match" the nature of the memories within a Soul Crystal, else they generally just act as a pretty stone. And that does mean matching the basic "start point" of many of the former bearers--hence the often-needed aetheric requirement. That's why I question somewhat the ability of a Garlean to even tap into the crystal's knowledge to begin with. Though you may be right on the idea of some more eccentric researchers finding and using them for experimentation. And since memories, themselves, are apparently aetherical to a degree? That clouds things even further on whether or not they could adequately create and use them from the get-go due to the Garleans' inability for magick--something to do with the "weakness" of their aetherical flow. But I'd say it's feasible.
  11. I'd say the reason to question whether or not Garleans employ soul crystals is due to the reason they're used in the first place: to bypass the learning process inherent to aetheric techniques or mitigate the damage associated with them. Both of which aren't exactly a thing for true-blooded Garleans to worry about, considering. While Garlemald owes much of its success and progress to reverse engineering pre-existing Allagan technology, Allag was still incredibly dedicated to aetheric arts and practices for much of its history--a component that is lacking in the Empire of today. Could they use soul crystals with their more loyal conscripts? Maybe. But I doubt it'd be all that common to begin with.
  12. Gerel Kha

    Gender Taboo?

    There's always going to be someone who's a little irked by that sort of thing, but honestly? I'd say a healthy deal of people in the community play a character who doesn't match their gender. I'm a guy who plays a fairly motherly woman, as an example, and I've never really had any issue regarding it. Just play what you like. If someone's got an issue with it OOC and they can't be reasoned with/don't like the idea/are unable to compromise? That's fine. Their prerogative. You can decide to part ways in a polite and respectful manner and find people who don't mind, in kind. The community's a pretty big place. If you find a person or group who doesn't accept what you're doing? You'll still have plenty of options available to you. What's important is being happy with what you're doing and finding compromises with those you enjoy spending your time with in both an OOC and IC fashion, because communication is one of the most valuable skills an RPer has.
  13. Not a waste at all. S'what the workshop is all about. Good luck with your plot! I hope it's a fun time!
  14. I think some points to keep in mind are whether or not a Pureblood would refuse the knowledge of a conscript if it did, in fact, benefit them and the Empire. They wouldn't have to ask--they could simply demand. The nature of power and all that, yeah? It's also important to note that the Echo isn't necessarily a genetic thing, but a soul-related thing. It's completely random. As for Emperor Solus being involved? I feel as if it'd invalidate his entire reasoning for the Garlean Empire to create a Garlean who's capable of wielding aether (which does get into some really lore heavy stuff I won't spoil here). Finally, living to serve the Empire and push forth its "admirable" and "noble" goals by utilizing their abilities would've been drilled into their heads as something worthy of praise, I think. Would they be seen as odd? Perhaps. But if they're still of Pureblood descent while serving the best interests of the Empire, I couldn't hep but think they'd be fast tracked into various positions of power. Which would, of course, afford them more chances to explore the world. Keep in mind that the Empire may have dissension in the ranks, but they've ultimately got one of the world's strongest propaganda machines going. At the end of the day, it may be important to ask yourself why it's so important to play a Pureblooded Garlean with the ability to use aether. Because at the end of the day? That does strip them of an incredibly unique trait within the world. Which isn't bad, and it does present new opportunities--but what are they?
  15. Being a Highlander's equal in terms of physicality is pretty good, and would allow for some fairly high-performance feats. We also have to take in "rule of cool" whenever it comes to the "underdog" trait (no aether use) and the fact that magitek is a varied and adaptable technology that's more than arms and armor. Just look at Thancred. Man's essentially a Garlean, now, and he's still pulling some impressive acts off.
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