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Steel Bear Enterprises is an Ala Mhigan run trading company operating in Ul'dah. The Bear's Den Tavern is located in the basement and serves as a retreat for customers, adventurers, and story telling. The company's mercenary division accepts all manner of jobs provided the price is right.





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Free Company

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Trading Company/Tavern/Mercenaries


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    Berduta wants to make an attempt at transporting the market's own goods to reduce costs for delivery; he also believes his own team of mercenaries will provide better security than any other outfit currently operating. In order to execute on this new venture he has spent the past month putting everything into place. Three chocobo pulled wagons were purchased from an unnamed merchant in Blue Fog. He was able to acquire them for a reasonable cost however, they would need some work in order to be able to handle the trek. He tasked Kota and A'zula with accompanying him to transport the wagons to Northern Thanalan to a tradesman. During the journey the three were attacked by an unnamed mage with two allies. The trio were able to fight them off, dispatching a Roegadyn and a Miqo'te in the process. Unfortunately, the mage escaped unscathed. The wagons were dropped off and Berduta sent the other two on their way before speaking to his contact. A week later he sought the assistance of Aurildis and Xhiala in making the final leg of the journey to Mor Dhona. The three collected the wagons from the shop in Northern Thanalan. It was evident that modifications were completed. Each wagon now had a reinforced chassis. Berduta had Aurildis take the lead on the journey. As they approached the Castrum in Mor Dhona, she provided the papers and the Imperials allowed them to pass through. From there it was a short ride to Revanent's Toll to the warehouse, however, just before entering the main road the three were attacked by the mage once more. This time the mage had brought an Elezen and a Hyur for support. Berduta made short work of the Hyur, and Auri and Xhiala took care of the Elezen, before they turned their sights on the mage. To the newfound enemies dismay, he discovered that there was an aetheric disturbance and he was defenseless. Once he was incapacitated, Xhiala offered her scarf to used to bind him before he was loaded in a wagon and transported to Revanent's Toll. The Caravan: Berduta has called all hands in the company to assist with transporting the wagons, loaded with merchandise from a warehouse in Mor Dhona to the Estate in Ul'dah. The market and tavern staff will accommodate the wagons. The mercenaries have been dispatched to provide security for the shipment. The team must cross through empire territory, and over most of Thanalan to reach their destination. The path could be littered with bandits. And what of the mage? After multiple attacks, did he work for a higher power? Why was he so intent on acquiring empty wagons? Would the team reach their final destination or be lost to the dangers of the road?
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    Our regular Tavern/Marketplace event with Evie in charge.
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    The Big Effort moves onward, extending their hand in friendship. Onward to Stonesthrow, where many of our Ala Mhigan brethren have forged a new life for themselves. Onward where we bring news of the reclaimed lands and offer them a helping hand if they wish to return home or for those that stay, a bit of peace and compassion. Join us as we come together to support family and friends by providing good meals, warm blankets and friendship around the Great Stone. __ Steel Bear Enterprises is hosting the next step in their Big Effort - a relief drive for the people of Stonesthrow. In conjunction with other FCs, we invite you to come join us for a night of RP. We have spots open for: FC sponsors - FC representatives can come and take up a designated spot where they can serve food, hand out items, provide basic medical care, etc. Storytellers / Bards - Come share your stories and songs at the Great Stone as people mingle and take a moment to the meals provided. Greeters - Direct the flow of traffic or point individuals towards certain stalls. Healers - Provide basic medical care and/or check ups. Dispensary - Help pass out items by manning one of the stalls. __ Interested in helping out? Contact @Evie Chalahko or @Berduta Swordhand(edited)
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    The Bear's Den will be open. 7 - 9:30 pm
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    Nothing planned for this Saturday as of yet. (08/28/18)
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