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Ala Mhigo Refuge Relief



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The Big Effort moves onward, extending their hand in friendship. Onward to Stonesthrow, where many of our Ala Mhigan brethren have forged a new life for themselves. Onward where we bring news of the reclaimed lands and offer them a helping hand if they wish to return home or for those that stay, a bit of peace and compassion.
Join us as we come together to support family and friends by providing good meals, warm blankets and friendship around the Great Stone. __ Steel Bear Enterprises is hosting the next step in their Big Effort - a relief drive for the people of Stonesthrow. In conjunction with other FCs, we invite you to come join us for a night of RP.
We have spots open for: FC sponsors - FC representatives can come and take up a designated spot where they can serve food, hand out items, provide basic medical care, etc. Storytellers / Bards - Come share your stories and songs at the Great Stone as people mingle and take a moment to the meals provided. Greeters - Direct the flow of traffic or point individuals towards certain stalls.
Healers - Provide basic medical care and/or check ups. Dispensary - Help pass out items by manning one of the stalls. __ Interested in helping out? Contact @Evie Chalahko or @Berduta Swordhand

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