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  1. Hello! Saw this and I think Mayumi and either of your characters could have some good times together! We share a lot in common as far as what we're looking for out of RP. Yumi is a bit rough to be around but if you endure her thorns she's a great friend and a great deal of fun! Hit me up sometime in game, (Mayumi Shiro) Or DM me here and maybe we can get together and see what's up!
  2. Hey hey! I'd love to bump into your character sometime and see about shaking that rust off! I'm on quite a bit, typically mid to late evenings Central time. I don't currently have an RPC profile but the short of it is that Yumi (Mayumi) is a cocky, chaos loving, one-time rich heiress girl who's going through life living as loudly as she can. She's a medic as well so there could even be some similarities there! There's a lot more to her too as I'm sure there's a lot more to yours but I'd love to find it all out via RP directly. Hit me up in game (Mayumi Shiro) or poke me here in a DM sometime and let's see what we can see!
  3. I always felt that if you left you weren't exactly welcomed back. Side question though, all Raen aren't from Sui no Sato are they? I never played mine as an under the sea sort. In fact ICly she's made a joke about her grandmother claiming to have been from a magical underwater village where you could breathe the water and live with the fish. She followed up with a declarations of her grandmothers loose grip on reality.
  4. Depends on the mount. Typically I've just figured it was tied up or left to wander a bit nearby but was tamed and knew when to respond to a whistle. Were it a magitek thing I suppose it was just..wear I parked it. Only one time did I have a mount that was minion-ized. I had the hunting hawk who at the flick of a spell would become the Ravana Hawk.
  5. Hi! I've been playing since launch. The original launch..the one we never speak of. However I did take about a 6 month break and am recently returned to re-enjoy all the goodies and fun times! I've been lucky to reconnect with a few friends and find a lovely FC to hang around in but I want to cast my net a bit wider and find some long term RP with folks out and about the server in general. A little about my character Name: Achika Orohime Race: Au-ra, Raen. Achika is a very cheerful and sometimes (a lot of times) over the top adventure enthusiast who fancies herself a bit of a hero. I would liken her to a blend of a power ranger meets magical girl who understands that she probably gets a lot of strange looks for it and does it anyhow. She is very much about protecting the little guy and pushing back the shadows of villainy and is happy to lend her blade and spells to that cause. Usually she lends those things a bit more emphatically than needed and ends up with property damages that she has to pay back. There's definitely a lot of light hearted and good natured silliness to her character but there's a lot of reality and depth there too I just don't like to divulge a lot up front. If you already know where the journey ends then why go on the journey in the first place, right? In short what I've told you about her is what a person could observe in a heartbeat. The depth of who she is requires getting to know her a bit! What I'm looking for I would love to meet some characters who would want to share in her misadventures and discovery of things in Eorzea as a whole. People who enjoy a bit of comedy in their drama and a little drama in their comedy as it were. Not everything can be grimdark all the time nor can it be all bubbles and giggles so I like to mix it up and I want to be with people who do the same. I enjoy role playing with people who have characters that are more than surface deep. I love finding out nuances about a characters history or learning why they have certain perspectives through wonderful RP and find that it creates stories and bonds that surpass ones average RP! Achika could definitely use some action and adventure friends or even a teacher to take her to the next level in her Red Magery (She considers herself a novice expert. Ask her why someday...I dare you.) I think it would be a fun challenge to explore romance for her but would prefer such a thing develop naturally and not over a private message saying hey hey I could be your boyfriend/girlfriend! I do try to favor the lore of the game pretty tightly if I can but understand that sometimes things are okay and in fact maybe better if they're bendy. Please just don't be the son of Cloud Strife, best friend to Nael Van Darnus and the tamer of Bahamut please? More to the point I'm all for creativity but it's got its limits within the world we Rp in right? If you claim to be the warrior of light I await a HELL of an in character story from you! My play times are a bit sporadic but you'll tend to find me around later in the evenings around 10pm CST. Occasionally earlier but well into the mornings as I'm a blatant addict to this game. If you're interested or have questions or just want to see if I can juggle please send me a private message here or in game! I look forward to meeting you! (Again, not looking for an FC, just folks to RP with and build up some fun stories.)
  6. So I've had this mark since forever but I have long since stopped playing the character it came from. All the same I keep eyeing the mark and want to use it, possibly even the echo (without claiming to be the warrior of light because no thanks). The rub is the character couldn't have been at Carteneu unless she was there when she was 10, and she's from Othard. So..ideas as to how the mark could have appeared? Love to hear your ideas and hope to get inspired by one!
  7. Thanks everyone for the replies and support. I have to admit I was a bit nervous Bout this at first. I'm at work right now but will respond in kind to you all later tonight. My outlook has turned very positive suddenly. Thanks again.
  8. So this is my first time in a long time I've started to look outside my FC for RP. I've been in the game since launch and RPing about FFXIV since well before via skype. I've been with a good crew of people since then in a wonderful fc, but the past few months RP wise I've felt more or less like I just don't belong. Before 3.0 came out everyone sort of paired off with ideas of who they were going to be with new characters and had great plans between each other. I'm more of a natural flow with the RP sort of person so didn't do that. Though now I find that any RP that happens is basically only about or seems to involve those that paired off and set something up in advance. It's gotten extra bad lately with most of the RP being done in private areas. Don't mistake me, I still love my FC and the people. We're super active and the events are fun. My character is the boss and from that perspective I get plenty of RP. The reporting to the boss, or getting permission or being scolded by the boss kind of RP is about..half of my character but there's not a lot of exploration or growth in that. I've come to realize that in order to feel satisfied with my character and the RP I need to branch out and away from my FC to find more personal connections that I just can't seem to do from within. With that being said...any suggestions? I'm in two linkshells that have been helpful so far, giving me event dates to come and mingle a bit. QUicksand is a bit off putting to me as everytime I poke my head in there it seems to me like it's more or less a red light district gone sour. Still I've tried and even had a few fun RP nights but nothing lasting. Super open to ideas and suggestions or just meeting new friends!! Let me know. Thank you.
  9. The Ruby Carbuncle is a Roleplay Free Company built around a high class hotel and bar. We have a lavishly furnished large house in the Goblet which is always open to the community for roleplay. We have several regulars, and are always looking for more. The inn itself, aside from offering nightly and longer term rooms, also hosts a handful of shops and services. Nearly all of our private rooms are open to the public, so if you ever find one part of the inn too loud there will always be a beautifully furnished quiet free corner available. Our members have very varied characters, most of which have personal stories that are always developing. We also do PvE content, and are happy to help each other when asked. We have a large public linkshell for RP around our inn, to help find other people to roleplay with or just watch for when people are around. As a Free Company, we are and plan to stay relatively small, but we are always open to new members who are quality, active roleplayers. If you would like a linkshell invite, any of our members can send one. Just look for the RC-RP tag, there are usually a number of us hanging around in the Goblet ward 7, between the Goblet West aetherite and our house at plot 13. You can also come check out our Inn in or out of character! For any questions or interest in the Free Company, contact Mikki Viper or apply in game and say you saw this post.
  10. Looking for some active RP types to join up right now. Don't be shy, jump in and enjoy some RP! Active crew needs active RPrs!
  11. Your character sounds like the lost half of my character! Rather the male half. My toon (Don't use the wiki here that char is dead), is a tribal huntress from the L tribe trying to figure out how to function outside of her familiar surroundings. She's a bit of a bitch, fair warning. Though a ton of fun and at her most relaxed and at ease when she's out away from "civilization" Send me a /tell sometime if you wana meet up.
  12. You guys are great so far, thanks a ton! Just in case people were confused, the two songs I put up in there aren't to fit this situation, just help define who she is as well. She's a party girl, full of life and love but she's also always had a nasty temper that's gotten made almost hulk like due to a fire spirit deciding to call her home.
  13. So I'm sure more than a few of us do this, pick a song or series of songs that help us really get into our characters. Although I do have a few there's one in particular that I'm missing. My character is constantly holding in an insane amount of fiery anger that basically threatens to consume her any minute of any day. Naturally she's both afraid of that happening, and at the same time...sometimes looks forwward to the day it does. Someone pointed out a song from Frozen called let it go, and if weren't about ice and cold It'd almost work...almost. Anyhow, I've googled and searched and listened to a bunch of music but have yet to find anythign that fits the bill for that song. To give you an Idea of some of the other songs that help describe her and help me get into character. Out Tonight - Rent the musical Make it Shine - Victoria Justice All in all she's a carefree, think later act first kind of character who just happens to have to deal with a supernatural level of fire and anger on a day to day basis. Any help would be hot.
  14. I disagree here. My character from the begining set out to become a hero. That was and is the driving goal. I maintain that I go thru these events IC and they work for me as a character to do so. Granted some things get tricksy now and again but for the most part it -NEVER- comes up. I never walk around saying I'm the mighty ifrit slayer or I took out Titan yada yada. It happened to my character and I reference it with folks that I was with for those events and even then only if it's relevant to reference at all, which it rarely is. I had a minion out for giggles the other day, the baby behemoth. I was in the middle of a surprise RP (randomly occured and I was most happy) when someone broke character to tell me that the minion wasn't IC and I should put it away. Initially I never regarded it as IC..it was just there. However at being told what was and was not IC for me..I countered. So, now it is an IC thing for me and her name is Violet. Moral of the story here, don't tell someone else what they can or cannot do ever. If you don't like the way they RP than go Rp elsewhere. Thankfully I'm surrounded on a daily basis not only by a great FC full of wonderful Role Players but happen to find RP around every corner as I'm out adventuring. I suspect I'm lucky that way.
  15. I really don't see the point in another "unnoficial RP server" There's already two of them. Why water down your options more?
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