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  1. Hello there! I'm a long-time player who is trying to find my feet RP-wise again after a fairly long hiatus (miniature humans kill your gaming time. Who'd have thought, eh?) so I'm looking for a few guineapigs who might not mind having my rusty RP inflicted on them while I try to get back up to speed. The character I'm looking to find some ties for is a Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te. Rather resentful of the fact that Keeper society promotes travelling and wanderlust amongst only the males, she has set out to explore every corner and ilm of Eorzea, ostensibly to glean knowledge useful for her clan in the future but in reality she just wants to make memories to last her for those long loooooong years she has to look forward to with little but trees for company. At present she is mostly found in Ul'dah and to a certain extent those areas of Thanalan immediately outside it. As a traditional Shroud healer, she spends much of her time gathering herbs and grinding them for salves so other herbalists who might know more of the flora and fauna of the desert would be particularly welcome. She's a boundless bundle of curiosity, particularly about other cultures and likes exploring. Ruins? Yes please. Dangerous places people have been warned not to enter? Even more yes please. She doesn't really have the funds to -pay- for a mercenary to accompany her on such jaunts but at least she can heal any injuries that are inflicted. Probably. I'm also interested in her making ties with Seekers because she knows little of her Miqo'te cousins and Xaela, because the culture of the Steppes fascinates her. If anybody wants to read a little about her this is her RPC profile https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Nhia_Nahri. It probably bears mentioning that I am an EU player and thus aren't around terribly late by NA standards during the week but I am always more than happy to plot/RP via discord so if that appeals, hit me up for that too.
  2. Scaraphae

    Weaving A Tale: RP Connections (Mateus)

    I'm another recent transferee and would love an invite. Maia Nelhah ingame.
  3. I'm always looking for new moonkeeper connections and Nhia is often to be found in Ul'dah so I'd love to bump into your guy some time:)
  4. Scaraphae

    balmung Nebbs' Free RP! - OPEN

    I'd love to be involved in a l'il rp. Great initiative:) Character Name: Nhia Nahri Time Zone: GMT. Available after 22 Location Preference: Anywhere outside Ul'dah Style: Slice of Life Spirit: Humorous Tone: Light Anything specific you might want: Nope. Surprise me. Please! I like surprises!
  5. Scaraphae

    Male Keeper looking for Connections

    Ooh, my keeper girl is always looking for more of her kin to befriend/torment!
  6. Ohai! I've a l'il Keeper who is always looking for more of her kin to befriend/torment. Nhia can usually be found either in Ul'dah or wandering about aimlessly and on an ooc level I'd looooooove more contacts.
  7. Scaraphae

    balmung Lost and Alone.

    If you don't mind your guy being bugged by an irritatingly curious miqo'te with limited understanding of personal space, I'd love to have Nhia meet with your character sometime. She hasn't really met any male Auri yet so that might be quite amusing. Or terrifying. Or both.
  8. Scaraphae

    Howdy, fresh meat here ;)

    Glad to hear you finally made it. Hope you haffun here. I'm always looking for new rp contacts so feel free to poke anytime. Name's Nhia Nahri ingame.
  9. Scaraphae

    Difficult to fit in.

    I can only really second that being ignored/rejected is part and parcel of trying to find roleplay. I'm another of those who will be around Ishgard icly in the near future so if I see you, prepare to be poked!
  10. Scaraphae

    balmung Non-magical Miqo'te looking for RP

    Hi thar. Nhia would be more than happy to harass ahem...interact with your char!
  11. Scaraphae

    balmung Looking for a partner in crime!

    Saw you last night and I'd love to meet yer guy properly ic. Pickpocketing might work though I think he'd be sorely disappointed or just frankly terrified by the random crap Nhia considers valuable, otherwise she's always available to tend wounds (read: make things much worse)
  12. Scaraphae

    First draft

    Tis a nicely written wiki and it's nice to see another EU Keeper about the place!
  13. Scaraphae

    Chopping onions during RP

    Yes. I've laughed, cried and cackled like a lunatic. Sometimes all at once.
  14. Scaraphae

    [Balmung] The Bi-Weekly Excursion

    *bounces up and down frantically* Memememememememe!
  15. I'd certainly be up for this (Nhia Nahri) although I can't promise that Nhia would be of any use to anybody.