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  1. Reaper's Cabal <CABAL> is recruiting officers and members. We are RP and PVE FC located in Shirogane. We're perfect for those who have not done a piece of content yet want to try without using the duty finder or stress! The RP part of this FC is a “B-Story” to your personal story, acting as a middleman for work, pleasure, and a way to find RP partners and friends. Our motto? "For those I have lost. For those I can yet save." apply: http://www.guilded.gg/r/zzdlO0z9Eq Working for The Cabal Welcome to Reaper’s Cabal! We are a rank 8, RP and PVE FC located in a small house in Shirogane. Affectionately nicknamed simply as ‘The Cabal’ in informal talk, it is a barracks and main hive for chaotic characters, both good and bad. The Cabal is furnished with formal apartment rooms and downstairs cafeteria. The facade of The Cabal is a Private Investigator’s personal office, while the substance of the operation is an affluent and rich way to take advantage of your character’s personal old or new abilities.The RP aspect of this FC is a “B-Story” to your personal story, acting as a middle man for work, pleasure, and a possible way to find RP partners and other friends in a family FC. My character is not chaotic, but likes to do good/bad deeds. Are they a bad fit?: Absolutely not. The Cabal’s diverse needs encapsulate everyone except the most horrible of characters. Each mission can be from delivering homemade supplies to Rhalgr’s Reach, Treasure Hunting, guarding during a black market trade, having “connections” to assassinations. Some missions will be talked about more openly than others.Do I have to RP?: No, RPing is not necessary to be a part of the FC. In the future, it is planned to run through some old content that may have been missed by most of the FC members so we can get the full pleasure of Final Fantasy XIV without being subject to the whims of Party Finder. Do I have to do content?: Yes. There is no set timetable, but everyone should have the mentality to catch up on the Main Scenario at their own pace. Specific content is not necessary. Is there a way to rise up in the ranks in the FC?: Yes! Our ranks are not based off of friends to the Lieutenant. With time put into the FC, trust and good participation, anyone can become at most the Antecedent in the Free Company OOCly and Lieutenant ICly. Administration will still be under L’inwa Tia, but the name can be given under specific in character circumstances. Does the Cabal abide by Lore?: The Cabal abides by lore, but accepts characters whom are represented by hypothesis based on what information is available at the time. Have a character with an allagan tech-leg? Great! Have a character whose aether is out-of-whack? Perfect. Creativity is paramount to Role Play.I’m nervous about being in a toxic situation. Is the FC safe?: While I cannot foresee inside the mind of every new member to keep all toxicity out, toxicity in all of its forms is strictly prohibited and the Lieutenant will take statements from both parties privately before escorting one, or both, out of the community. Contact L’inwa Tia or L’iah Tia in game for any questions! I’ve always wondered about the Unending Coil... The Cabal is perfect for those who have not done a piece of content, yet want to do it without using the duty finder. Unlike hardcore raiding, The Cabal will have a loose schedule and a time limit of three hours per attendance. If you are curious about the Binding Coils of Bahamut, Extreme Primals, or just want to farm for ponies or what-have-you, this is the perfect place.Maps will also be planned, and maps can be gathered and handed out to those who do not want to level a DoH. With each patch and each new Aquapolis, mats will be needed and millions of gil can be made. Who is Who? L’inwa Tia is the current Lieutenant of Reaper’s Cabal, managing the financial and socio-economical influence of the Company in matters of the Black Market and the free market at large. Every mission is to maintain the health of the Cabal, keep everybody fed, clothed and sheltered while working and training abilities that may suit them for advancement in more honest work. The Cabal, for most, is a stepping stone and a place for tutelage, though many members stay if dedicated to the current Lieutenant. The rank of Lieutenant is passed upon death to the Antecedent if no other steps up.Antecedent to the Lieutenant is reserved for the longer staying workers under the Cabal. Maintaining attendance to the Free Company both ICly and OOCly will give you the rank of Antecedent, and there can be more than one. Each Antecedent will be properly welcomed with a party. Reapers are the main workforce of the Cabal, all working under one unanimous name to maintain the person’s anonymity when working in less than legal jobs and opportunities. As a result, any whispers of “The Reaper” have conflicting details, some onlookers sure that they saw a long tail, while others whisper of a tall elezen or a burly roegadyn.
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