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  1. So many nice people! Thank you, all of you! Hope to be seeing a lot more of you guys, and feel free to poke at me if you see me around~ Gonna... lurk here a bit more. Maybe play with the wiki. Maybe get some feedback on character things. Maybe try not to panic because being social
  2. Thanks, you guys! I'm not the, uh, best at poking at people for much of anything - especially RP, but I'm gonna try! Slowly browsing the forums and the wiki and all of the things... and I keep getting sidetracked, heh.
  3. Been playing FFXIV for a couple months now, still greatly enjoying myself, which is a really good sign. My boyfriend and I have our mains and a couple alts on Balmung - though the main is the one I usually RP on. FFXIV is actually the first game I've been trying to RP in, as up until now, I've never had the courage to do so in other games. This is the first time I've also joined an RP board for an MMO... So... yay for new things? A little more background, been RPing on boards on and off, and writing in general, for several years now. Tried quite a few MMOs, mostly free ones because I've always been pretty broke, but dabbled a bit on WoW when I had friends to play with. Far more of a casual player, grinding makes me so sad, so I'll be meandering around looking for RP more and more often. Uh. Yeah. Hi!
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