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Goodness Gracious that is a wordy title! Maybe we can acronym it up a bit. Hm yeah, nah, that isn't going to work out at all is it. Anyways! I can't figure out the formatting here so it's all one giant paragraph but let's get started, use your super awesome RP powers to imagine appropriate paragraphical breaks! Hey all! Hyperion is about the coolest darn server! We've got us, we've got you, we've got about a dozen other groups too! Without specifying group names, and without even doing my due diligence as to whether or not they even exist I'm going to take a moment to list what we almost definitely have, not because I know it firsthand, but because we're cool enough how could we not?! We have brothels, adventurers hubs, gambling dens in Mor Dhona, we've got maids, tea houses, rowdy bars, lominsan pirate groups, probably a lizard fighting club or two! We've almost definitely got world RP (I know I've seen it at least once!) and the best part is, if it doesn't exist, we can make it! All of us together in on this glorious mob of creativity! Please look forward to it! To make a public statement! I am not pretending or intending to be in charge of anyone, nor am I trying to be more than a rallying flag to plant in the ground of this website to let our voices as a collective known! If anyone else wants to hop on in and take to joining the party by all means! This is about us as a whole, not me! I just put Tepe's Treasures as the starting point because that's who I am! When we start getting other groups in on this we can really start padding and specifying other names.





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Making RP happen! For those who are experts or beginners!


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  2. I like to think so! I'm not on here very often, but I'm still working in the interests of Hyperion and beyond!
  3. Hm, I think we should abstain for now! But you're right we do need a crest of sorts. Hmmm
  4. Figured I'd join the club just to toss a line out here. The biggest thing you can do to promote the RP of the server is advertise. Get a page set up for a calendar of events. Tumblr has a way to show the google calendar as a page widget which can help with some visibility, and people can attach a google calendar to their phones, personal sites, and the like fairly easily. Create somewhere (could be an email address, or a thread on here) for people to submit events to you, and keep a calendar up to date. (Weekly updates work, more than that and you'll go insane after a while.) Then give an update about once a week or so, of what's new. This does two things for you. a.) It attracts attention. b.) It lets people who aren't going to look at the calendar itself have a reference for the week. Just like advertising for an FC sometimes it's worth doing a little in game PR as well. Set up a party finder with "Hyperion RP Event Calendar: (URL). in the description to get people's eyes on it. Poke folks running events to see if they'll share the link with their event members or give it a mention on their sites, etc. If I can be of help, give me a yell. ~ Erah'sae.
  5. want me to make a decal with all the fc crests in it? for the club photo
  6. Aha....I've been around a while, but I'm still pretty new to RPing as well! FFXIV is the first MMO I've ever RPed in, and even then, I was lured into it at the time by friends, so I cheated and had interconnected backstories from the start! That's exactly how it starts! I don't wanna draw too many parallels to other servers since the focus here should be fostering a place for your FC's RP, but disjoint groups coming together and mixing it up is what starts to create that healthy "server RP" environment where groups can come and go without all the RP suddenly dying. Like, when a server hits that sweet spot of enough events to give people lots of options, while also having open-world stuff casually going on so a person can be as involved as they want! You'll find that RPers are pretty much on every server, even if they tend to cluster around a few. (Until SE gives us cross-world zones or something for a RP venue option, it'll prolly kinda stay that way!) While I can't say I've encountered any server-specific user-generated lore, I know it's happened in other games. Yup! Let them know if they're interested in RP and are looking for a place to talk about characters, stories, lore, do forum RP, post their character art, etc, the RPC wants to help out! Our forum sections have mostly stayed the same since I started lurking in 2013 as a regular user. ...a few adjustments have been made, as well as our jump to IPS. (although theme is still a huge work in progress. This is mostly just bits and pieces I ported over from our previous MyBB layout.) This one's gonna be a subjective answer that I can't really provide. I'd say the majority of users tend to register and make a welcome/directory post. Many also make a character wiki, which is where the bulk of our traffic comes from these days! (Login syncs with the forums, although anyone who makes a username with special characters, underscores, or emoji may encounter a login bridge error. This will -hopefully- be getting fixed in a coming update, but I've still got some testing to do!) We've got a few general interest sections made for all servers though, which is where I'd say a lot of people hang out. Places to discuss RP, work on a character, talk about the game or lore, and other off-topic things like music interest, etc!
  7. Oh my goodness, I've gotten the eyes of one of the senior cool people, this is a big day for me. (Definitely not being sarcastic, genuinely cool!) That's actually a really cool way to phrase it. See when I first started my FC, the RP community on Hyperion was basically at exactly zero. There were a few groups, all of them relatively small, and none of them super big on advertising. Just small niche groups of close friends. I never really RP'd before I was just making it up as I went along because it sounded fun, but as the RP community grew and grew and grew there's always talk about the community. I never really considered it until this second (Though the evidence has been right in front of me) that there isn't a way to have a hand in every single one of them. That's pretty cool. So if I want to do my part and help this place grow, it's just as simple as showing everyone who hasn't heard about. That's how I found this place at least. Just googled it, didn't realize that it was so high up on the searches. I would love to offer feedback, but hey I just got here so I don't really know enough about the system to make anything. Thanks for taking the time to respond! Hella appreciate it. I hope to see you again someday! P.S. What do we need to do to get our own Hyperion designation like Balmung and Maetus, instead of being put in a group with "other."
  8. Hey there! As one of the site staff (mostly here to do server upkeep), I'd like to welcome you in to the RPC and help address a couple points based on experiences between RP in FFXIV and the RPC! This is a good thing! It happened on Balmung. It happened on Gilgamesh (moreso 2.0-3.0 era), and it happened on Mateus. A "roleplay community" is a mythological standard since no singular person or group can possibly be involved in it all. distinct groups for their concepts or interests are ideal, as long as there's some overlap to help keep people connected. The RPC's goal is to help facilitate this. On the main board, I'd heavily recommend making use of tags and prefixes where possible so all that good search engine optimization can work its magic. (Assuming our server doesn't choke!) Prefixes now show up in our recent threads section to give users on the front page a quick glance of things! Over on the wiki, adding [[Category:Hyperion]] to any character pages should also help! Common templates like the infobox are Hyperion friendly already! This is also normal! (Or has become normal, per the trend of creating a discord for everything). I'd encourage those discord owners to get their group a listing here on the RPC as well. (We're still debating how the club sections will work. These may go back to being little user-created subsections as some feedback has shown that the FC/LS sections were doing better as forums themselves. A formal announcement will be made if/when that happens though!) This is where the calendars (and accompanying bots) come in handy! It does mean that a group of people will want to eventually curate it slightly, like preventing duplicate entries or people editing other people's events. The Balmung and Mateus calendar maintainers @Erah'sae and @Neneso Neso can probably give some tips on this works and pros/cons. (Bots = programming required). In the meantime, I'd recommend using the RPC Community Calendar section for anything you want to be public. If there are internal events or something you only want users in this group to see, the club calendar would then be handy. (This is great for say, using the RPC instead of Enjinn for a FC site). We can technically make ical exports of calendars here, but IPS has a few known limitations with imports and exports. I'd typically recommend moving over to a multi-user managed google calendar for RPC to import if things really kick off. This is exactly why we're here! The RPC should typically be the top result on google and other search engines for FFXIV RP/Roleplay and the like! We're always open to feedback and making adjustments as things change!
  9. Alright listen up everybody. I've already got a pretty significant problem going on with the Hyperion RP Community. Why in the heck are we so scattered? We don't even have our own category on this site, we're ranked in the "Other Category." like rest of the scrubs! (Not that they're bad at RP, just that I'm biased towards Hyperion for obvious reasons, I'm sure they're all delightful people even if they're lower population.) In the past several weeks that I've tried to insert myself into the larger RP community and reach outside my own mansion walls. Whenever I do I see this horrible cacophony of everyone beating to their own tune. We've got like what two groups trying to add a whole roster, some LGBT focused RP groups, different venues, different small time RP groups. We've got leadership shells, RP shells, and discords for every single one of them. Looking at my discord list, I've got no less than 18 different small discords for Hyperion RP. They all have the exact same mission statement. To connect RPers. Well that's a fantastic idea, but shouldn't we have some unity, some solidarity. Everyone is trying to be *the* hub to end all hubs, and it's just confusing. I haven't even talked about the facebook groups! We're scattered, and if you wanna know what's happening say October 12th of this month at 5PM, well heck there might be two events that are going to be hosted but how are we supposed to know about it? Where's the laser like focus, the universally agreed upon standard. Because I bet you if someone is hosting something on October 12th at 5PM they might do some advertisement, but there's no way they can touch this wide plethora of members one scattered discord at a time. So they might host an event alone, with nobody to accompany them. How tragic and heartbreaking is that? Incredibly! Am I the answer? Heck no! I have no idea what the answer is. I barely even have a twitter. This site is super cute, and it's a great start, a great platform, and I love invision power as a platform, if I wanted to make a community it would be this software. Should we stop having a million discords and channels? Absolutely not! Everyone wants a small group to call home. I'm just saying, there needs to be some community standard, some goto place. A solid resource we're all agreed on. So if someone says "Man I've got nothing planned on my day off tomorrow." the response is "Well did you check FFXIV-Roleplayers to see if there's anything going on?" or the alternative. "Man I hope someone shows up to my new teahouse this weekend." the response being "Did you post it on the RPC forums?" like it's the obvious first step. Maybe it's not this site, but I think that this site has some damn fine potential. Also it kind of beats joining another discord channel that I'll absolutely never follow.
  10. You may be asking yourself many questions. First off "Why am I here?" maybe a bit of "What's the point of all this?" maybe not a question, maybe you're thinking "I'm tired of my old life and am ready to shed it and embrace the future." Well I will conveniently ignore the first two questions and let you know right now. You've arrived. This is the future and you my friends are apart of it. Look to your left, look to your right. It's probably just empty space, in the vacuum of your own bedroom. Look straight ahead, it's Madame Tepe baby. Look into your soul, tell yourself earnestly you're not the slightest bit curious what happens next. I'll tell you. We're gonna have a real ball. Invite your friends, come up with some brilliant ideas for spreading RP love in the Hyperion community, make it happen with those very same friends you made here. I believe in you. I always have.