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  1. I feel folks should focus less on why someone would pick a Dotharl and not play them as violent/aggressive, and more on actual solutions these players can use to resolve their problem. If people want to play cinnamon roll Dotharl, more power to them. Hell, if someone wanted to make a pacifist Dotharl that is tormented by the fact that they'll never be reborn if they don't actually go out there and fight - they should be entitled to do that. The RP community would be boring as all fuck if everyone played things exactly as we expect. Pumpkin, Ayaka - the two biggest things I want to highlight from this thread are: 1) You shouldn't waste your time with godmoders if your characters tend not to mention at all they are Dotharl. They're already demonstrating right off the bat that they can't keep IC and OOC separate, so you know instantly that they're not going to be any fun for you. RPing your characters having to keep their tribe name on the down-low can be interesting in and of itself, perhaps they only reveal their tribe name to people they trust not to judge them based on where their lineage comes from. 2) Respond to IC problems ICly, but OOC problems OOCly. While "my character gets harassed all the time for her clan-name and it's not fun for me" might seem like a purely IC problem - the "it's not fun for me" part is the exact moment it became an OOC problem. Definitely communicate politely with people, let them know that while you appreciate them trying to engage with you - you're just not in the right mental space for that sort of RP right now. RPing in public doesn't mean you have to put up with and accept every single interaction that comes your way, regardless of whether or not it is enjoyable to you. RP is a hobby played for fun. So long as you are respectful of other folks and not actively being a dick, it's okay to communicate and change things up the moment it stops being fun.
  2. Tiergan Vashir - Adventurer/Mercenary Lurial Vashir - Adventurer/Mercenary || Information Broker Furious Storm - House Staff. House 'guard' in a sense that he will fiercely protect the home if it comes under attack while he is present. Leilani Leilai - House Staff. Self-proclaimed Records Keeper of all Epic and Badass Agency Actions. Self-proclaimed Junior PR Agent
  3. Tiergan: Pacific Time Zone - United States (EST - 3 hours) Typical Online Time: Weekdays: Evenings starting from 6:30-7 PM PST onward. Weekends: Generally free, but may be occupied with out-of-game projects. Will definitely appear if RP scheduled in advance unless there is a conflicting RP event. Special Unavailability: Discord Rp: Yes
  4. I emerge from the darkness once more to slap up some new images! Also to test out the super shiny new forums. (So shiny!) Also sharing a "How the Fuck Does Tiergan Color Shit" Tutorial for the curious.
  5. I use Photoshop CC. I used to use Corel Painter, but there are tools in Photoshop that I use all the time for correcting mistakes, which don’t exist in Painter (at least the 2012 version.) My brushset can be found here. I spend 90% of my time using the square brush. To have it display properly, you’ll need to grab the little bottom right corner triangle and expand the little brush-window until things look like this: I typically start off by blocking in big blobby, noodly shapes in greyscale and start sketching/rendering that up with more and more detail. This is all done with the plan that I will add color later via blending modes. By working in greyscale first, I can roughly figure out my values/shading without also having to worry about color at the same time. The old masters used to do something similar with oil painting by creating a grisaille first and adding washes of color later. To add color my usual choices for blending modes are Multiply layer first right over the greyscale with an Overlay layer on top of that to stop things from getting too dark. I also use Overlay to do a bit of lighting adjustment too if I feel things would look better a bit brighter or darker. I try to also keep warm vs cool colors in mind at this point as well. You’ll notice that Tiergan’s pectorals, face, and the shoulder closest to the light are a bit brighter and warmer - while things get subtly darker and cooler as you get lower down his torso. Things look really funky and weird in this stage, but you just have to trust in the process and know it will gradually get less fugly. Speaking of blending modes - I love the fuck out of them and I feel like they are an extremely powerful tool in your toolkit. Other blending modes I tend to use sometimes are Saturation (to knock things back if I made the colors too over-saturated using Overlay), Color (for color adjustment like the name suggests), Lighten (to affect only lighter values while leaving darker ones alone), Darken (tweak only darker values while leaving the lighter ones alone, Screen (great for glows), Linear Dodge (extremely situational, but can be neat for rim-lights, magic effects, and LIGHT SABERS if you put the blending mode on your brush). Once I am satisfied with the color, I flatten everything and resume painting from there in full color, continuing to render and polish everything up, adding in all the details. I tend to do this by making new layers and painting on top instead of directly on my flattened layer. Sometimes I’ll have two or more extra layers set to Normal to paint different things. The reason I do this is so if I don’t like how I’ve rendered things, I can erase parts of it or just nuke it all back to a clean slate - without destroying the base foundation I’ve created. I use a mix of Normal layers and layers with blending modes to render depending on what I need. Sometimes further along in the painting, I’ll realise I want to make things even brighter/darker and push the values more - so I’ll do something like add n Overlay or Multiply layer to do that, then add a Normal layer on top of all of that to keep painting in color. (And then flatten everything again when I start getting antsy about there being too many layers.) You’ll notice above I realised that I forgot Tiergan’s hair and that he was looking super bald the more I rendered, so I just added it in on its own separate ‘hair’ layer. At the same time, I probably had another layer right beneath it that was just for rendering out all the skin details. I always try to work as non-destructively as possible. This is also why I have so many versions of the same file and can show you past snapshots of what I was doing - every time I’m about to make a major decision, I save the file as a whole new copy of itself before continuing. Other ways I try to work non-destructively is to use Layer Masks instead of actually erasing things unless I am POSITIVE I want something gone and never want to bring it back. If my character is on a separate layer from my background (which usually is the case, but not what I did this time around) - I abuse the shit out of Clipping Mask layers to paint only on my character. In fact, I used clipping masks on the ‘Hair’ layer I mentioned earlier to paint only on the hair when I wanted to add lights and shadows to it without risking fucking up the surrounding areas. The shadow cast by the hair onto the skin I did on a different layer just beneath the Hair layer. Note: If you’re reading this and your first question is “What the heck is a Layer Mask/Clipping mask?” - then HOLY SHIT NUGGETS MY FREN, READ THIS AND FEEL YOUR MIND BEING BLOWN. When I feel like I’m finished, I more often than not do a final pass of lighting/color adjustments and some finishing touches that would be tougher to do earlier in the process (like scars!) either with blending modes (to push or dial back lights/shadows, adjust colors/saturation) or slap a gradient map on top of everything as an adjustment layer set to low opacity to kinda help harmonize all the colors. It’s a little easier for me to try and bring everything together once all the information is there on the canvas and I just need to tie stuff together. As for how I blend - almost all my brushes are set to change opacity depending on pen-pressure. Thus when blending values/colors, I just use the eyedropper tool to choose a color/value I want and use light brush-strokes to blend. When I REALLY want something to be soft, I use a big ole fuzzy airbrush-type brush and very, very lightly put down a stroke or two - but I do this very sparingly and try to avoid relying on fuzzy-brushes to blend as it can very quickly lead to your paintings looking like mashed potatoes. Making sure you have a nice mix of hard crisp edges and soft ones will make your work feel nicer. And that’s it! I hope it was helpful!
  6. Rip. Hit some technical difficulties trying to use the images I posted up on twitter, but all fixed now.
  7. Thanks for the kind comments, everyone! ;_; I made an expression set for answering asks on Tumblr and organized it in a way that lets me mix and match eyebrows, eyes, and mouths to make all the different expressions on the fly. I figured I'd show off a few here for fun.
  8. I really like this one! Particularly with the facial scars.
  9. Thank you! Its also really cool to see some of the same familiar faces still around.
  10. Thank you! Alas - I haven't drawn much art of lizards and popotos, all though I should, because I have both as alts. Here's what little I have: I should probably one day draw my little bard Leilani - the smallest and story-hungriest of popotos.
  11. Hello there! I felt the hankering to poke about the RPC a little more again and decided a good way to start was to make a new art thread (the old one looks like a ghost-town of broken links). My name is Tiergan. I draw for fun and these days I mostly draw my grumpy cat man while trying to carve my way out of a very long and exhausting art block. Enjoy!
  12. People have given you the full extent of the lore as we know it now complete with diagrams and in-depth explanations. Anything further honestly just looks like you're trying take your own fabrications of how magic might work in Eorzea and jam them in between the cracks in hope it'll all cement together the way you would like them to. And while that's totally fine if you want to do that and RP it with other people who would find it interesting and worthwhile - it also rapidly stops having a place in a thread devoted to lore.
  13. As someone who has tried both organic and pre-arranged romance RP, I arch my brow at the notion that either is somehow better or worse than the other when any romance RP - regardless of how it originated - boils down to one thing: the people involved. If you mesh with someone and they have the same idea in mind of what is 'fun' romance RP and what isn't - and they're not a gross abusive creep (which can and has happened in both organic and pre-arranged RP) - the romance RP is probably going to be a blast for that person regardless of how it all rolled out. Additionally - I personally would like it if folks would stop repeatedly attempting to organically grow free-range romance RP with my character. At least in these threads they are upfront and clear about what they are hunting for instead of injecting their desires into all the RP we do, hoping the organic romance will 'spontaneously' occur.
  14. I've just kinda been lurk reading - but I think all of this is easily solved by stating that from a OOC, Meta, Narrative-Only, Writers-And-Readers-Looking-At-Story-Objectively perspective - we can probably agree that Garlemald likely has good people living in it, but has an extremely villainous government that allows the practice of things like slavery, brainwashing, etc, which is both illegal and abhorrent in our modern real-world lives as well as the fictional Eorzean world. From an IC-perspective, it makes total sense that a Garlean perspective on Garlemald would see the empire in shades of grey or even a positive light.
  15. I sign up Tiergan for Floating Fortress Firmitas - Assault!
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