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  1. Would also love an invite! Main is Ahya Khilo. c:
  2. Took a long long break from my Balmung alt and recently got back into playing the game with my S/O. I'm looking for some casual FCs with patience for a person whose never roleplayed in a MMO before (but I do know the gist of how it works in FFXIV). Not too picky on themes but I do prefer people over 18 (for personal reasons) and something around medium sized/social. I'm a bit of a night owl so I tend to be up late and hang around online quite a bit. My character is a seeker of the sun Miqote and a wandering bard/adventurer. Thanks for the help beforehand!
  3. Woah I didn't expect so many replies haha! I've seen Pathfinders members running around all the time. You guys seem what I'm looking for too. Again thanks so much for the replies and all the help. ;A;
  4. Basically as my title says; I finally got an alt onto Balmung over the recent maintenance and I'm really excited to start roleplaying again. I didn't want to join any random FCs that I got invited to when I started leveling. I'm not that picky about themes or anything but since I am coming back to rp after a few years break, I don't want to be tossed straight into anything TOO heavy. The alt character is a female Miqote who is currently jobbed as a Bard.. I don't really have much written down for her background or story yet so right now, she's kind of a "write as I go" kind of thing. Any help is appreciated!
  5. So I'm getting back into roleplay after not doing it for a few years and this is my first time roleplaying in a MMO. I have no idea how to get started really or how I could go about making profiles for the Wiki. I won't need the basics of roleplay (by that I mean the guidelines, the dos/donts, etc). I suppose I'm just looking for tips on getting my character's profile written and how to start actually roleplaying here. I know the majority of the lore and whatnot just not like, super small details. Last thing, I'm also just looking for light roleplay (with a small mix of heavy it depends) for now until I get back into the swing of things! Thanks for any help y'all can offer.
  6. Thanks! I actually managed to get a different alt on Gilgamesh this morning. I've noticed; I'm glad there's roleplay outside the game. c:
  7. I joined a little bit before I posted this thread but I was lurking for a little while. Welcome to you as well!
  8. Yo yo! I've recently taken an interest in roleplaying on FFXIV and it will be the first MMO I've ever seriously roleplayed on. So I'll be super new to how roleplaying works in this way (I have experience with it just not on MMOs). Unfortunately my main isn't on any roleplay server but I'm hoping to transfer sometime in the future or manage to get on alt in Balmung eventually. If there are roleplays outside of Balmung and Gilgamesh, please let me know. --MMORPG background I've been playing them since forever but never seriously got into them before. I've played a lot of Nexon ones, TERA, WoW, you name it. FF is the only one I've played until max level and actually enjoyed thoroughly! Mostly because of the story and the npcs. --RP experience Been rping since I was in my early teens but I stopped when I was maybe..17? Haven't done much since but I've been wanting to get back into it again. --Character ideas/info Right now I have Nohki'ra, who is my main and my sweet feline child. He's a happy go lucky dude and super friendly. He's the character I've been really wanting to roleplay with. As for others, I have a character saved for Balumung who is an Eleven woman with a hardy attitude. She isn't as much developed as Nohk though. --How did you learn about the coalition? Browsing around to find roleplay, Tumblr, and Reddit! --What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy? For now, light until I get back in the swing of serious roleplay as it has been a long time. --Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc). I'm an artist! Specifically a furry artist. I do commission work on the side for a small living. Been drawing since I was really little and have been drawing anthros since high school. I do work with humans also but not as often.
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