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This is a closed club, meaning only members of the club can see content within it.

About This Club

A group of treasure hunters with a professional passion for drinking!



Who are we?


In legal terms the Drunk Dungeoneers is an established free company allowed to operate under by the permission of the Immortal Flames, Grand Company of Ul'dah, in the service of item recovery. This means that we are a bunch of a treasure hunters that accept contracts to locate and retrieve treasures from history or legends, and perform services such as restorations or analysis; we also accept contracts that have nothing to do with treasure, like monster hunting and assassinations, but make it look like it was a treasure hunt as a cover. We have a tendency to drink heavily in and out of work, along with eating a lot, and help encourage a myriad of activities with employees; there's an emphasis on scholarly work, but the range of study goes from history to martial training as needed.


We're a linkshell group of people from across the Americas that RP, talk about RP ideas, come up with headcanons, do in-game content, and just hang out while we play this game. We have one-off RP events that last one to two days, and we will do storyline RP events that can run for a few months with events held every Friday or Saturday; there's usually a large break between the few month campaigns. Our events involve combat using our own D&D system, dungeon crawl style RP with puzzles and NPC interactions, and also social gatherings; all events can happen either in-game or in our discord's DnD channel.


How to join?

Joining is a pretty simple process, you just have to contact us and set up a date for the IC interview; we'll also answer any OOC questions then too. You can contact us either at our tumblr, which is our main website, or by finding us in-game; L'alor Nunh and Nehxi Nunne are our leaders, but anyone in the company can help get you contacted to them to set up an interview date. Our company office, and FC house, is in the Goblet, Ward 14, Plot 49 if you'd like to drop by there to try and find us as well.

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