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  1. Thunder

    Free Company and Personal Housing Listings

    Bless Unnamed Mercenary Could you update the goblet ward 6 plot 45 space? We've since moved. Thank you for maintaining this!! Balmung Goblet, Ward 15 - Plot 38 Kyojin Borlaaq & Charging Thunder's private residence. Beware of pig. Foundation of house is warded against void magicks, closed-circuit magitek cameras surveil estate 24/7. Door is usually locked.
  2. Thunder

    staff RPC goes Invision Power - Q&A

    Oooo that's not a bad idea, thank you!
  3. Thunder

    staff RPC goes Invision Power - Q&A

    Is it possible to make subforums in the club's topics section? I want a seperate area to stick character sheets. Thanks!
  4. Thunder

    Free Company and Personal Housing Listings

    Balmung Goblet ward 4, plot 42 Club Crescent - The heart of Eorzea's nightlife! A monthly themed nightclub and public rooms available for any party, function, or celebration. Goblet ward 6, plot 45 Charging Thunder and Kyojin Borlaaq's private residence. Beware of pig.
  5. Just wanted to say it was my first time at the black market and absolutely loved it. Thanks for your hard work in putting these on, I can't wait for the next one!
  6. Thunder

    ★ Club Crescent ★ Sagolii Nights

    I can't wait to see all the Thanalan-inspired outfits. It's going to be cool!
  7. Thunder


    Super stoked everyone seemed to have a ton of fun last night ♥ The people at Drunken Moogle are amazing and so nice and although my involvement in the planning was pretty minimal, I love and appreciate just how much work everyone put into making this thing happen. We love you DM! Also, shameless plug- DM just revamped their place! Looks totally amazing, I hope people make a point to spend time at their weekly open bar nights.
  8. Thunder

    [FEEDBACK] Doodle above you!

    Also screaming forever because egg salad Updootered my post with an Oz doodle, as promised. Sorry it took so long!
  9. Thunder

    Doodle above you!

    It's stupid o clock late but I am SO snagging Doc Oz for ritual doodle sacrifice when I wake up. Sorry if this is too soon after my last turn but I have to, it's just not something I have any say in. Gotta draw Oz. THING He's probably staring at a soul in a jar, who knows (I know) (Oz knows)
  10. Thunder

    Doodle above you!

    Saving my spot for Dead. Doodledid BECAUSE CLOTHES ARE FOR LOSERS References for Thunder are here (SFW; just bikini shots at worst): http://imgur.com/a/dQ9ff
  11. Thunder

    Valentione's Singing Telegrams have returned!

    Hugely interested in spending all my money on this, but worried I may not be able to make the meeting on sunday. Sounds awesome, at any rate, and good luck!
  12. Thunder

    balmung Blind Meeting - September 2015

    Did this the last time, it was fun! Thanks for putting up another one :>