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  1. I can definitely see Oliver's mind world being a vast ocean with a single small island in the middle of it. In the distance are other far off land masses, but no matter how long someone swims they never get even a smidge closer. On the island there is some dense lominsian flora and a relatively small castle in the middle made of white stone. It's full of twisting corridors that are very easy to get lost in. A few rooms in it are locked, while others are wide open and usually contain either contain a mess of some sort (furniture and such) or something silly Oliver purposefully put together. Depending on her mood being good or bad, the ocean and surrounding skies range from clear to just cloudy to thunder storming.
  2. Hi! I’ve recently joined this site but have been playing ffxiv for a little over a year now. My hope with joining this site is to make some new friends and get back into RPing regularly ^^ Here’s some info about me. MMORPG background I started playing WoW in 2007 (which is really crazy to think about now) and continued to play on and off up until last year until BFA hit, where i got bored like a lot of other people and decided to give this game a try. Haven’t looked back since honestly. I’ve played a few other MMORPGs in between those years but none enough for me to remember much save for perhaps Rift. RP experience I started RPing pretty close to when I started playing WoW. Most of my RPing throughout my years has been over forums, though I have done RP through WoW and ffxiv as well. Nowadays I do it occasionally over discord, but I’d really like to change that and get back into RPing more frequently in-game and hopefully over these forums. Character ideas/info Oliver Wharf, my xaela au ra and main character, is an orphaned au ra who was raised in Limsa Lominsa and likes to adventure and do mercenary work for cash. Personality-wise she’s a bastard with a regrettably kind heart deep down. She likes meeting new people but new people don’t always like meeting her. I hope to get her friends as well as enemies as I play with her. How did you learn about the coalition? Google! I believe I was looking for some lore information and found some posts from here. What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy) I’m definitely looking to be a medium RPer. I like to do in-game content almost as much as I like RPing. I play on Balmung on the Crystal data center, but I'm definitely open to world visiting if anyone on other servers wants to hang! My timezone is CST and I'm mostly around in the evenings.
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