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  1. Songs in the Deep September 2018 - December 2018 Story leader/DM: Khebi Strange sounds, signals, and reports begin to filter in through the Maelstrom airwaves, each from beacons in the far reaches of the sea. The Maelstrom is sent to investigate, but the more they uncover, the stranger things become. Do you believe in ghost ships? If you'd like to participate, join the LS community!
  2. Maelstrom Command RP LinkShell Community AKA <<FLEET>> Grand Company / Military / Law Enforcement / Adventuring We are a LinkShell focused RP community – meaning that while we do have a Free Company, no one is required to join the Free Company to be considered a fully fledged member of the community. You don't have to leave your FC friends to play with us! We're always accepting new members, and we love helping out with events for other RP groups too. For more info on how to join, or how to ask us to help out with you event, read the info below! (Last updated on 10/18/2018) Though we are a military group, our IC flavor is a little bit different than your typical military setup. In a nutshell, the Maelstrom is comprised of former pirate crews, each whom had agreed to serve whichever Admiral might be sitting in Limsa's high seat at the time. When Merlwyb won the most recent Trident competition, declared martial law, and essentially established herself as the permanent leader of the Limsan Navy, many former Knights of the Barracuda made the switch to the newly reestablished Grand Company of Limsa Lominsa (the Maelstrom). Overall, they're an organized military group, with a clear rank and uniform hierarchy, that operates in a slightly more chaotic good/chaotic neutral alignment than similar groups. OOCly, we are a largely community run group, meaning that the members are given as much creative power as they would like in creating events and deciding what direction we would like to go as a group ICly. We are constantly collaborating: planning events together, taking turns DMing, finding ways to tie our character's backstories together, etc.! Our focus as a community is to help each other move the personal stories of our individual characters forward, using the backdrop of Limsan lore and a loose military structure as a force that helps drive it all forward – with Sylb (MoenMoen) acting as the safeguard/protector, and the social main tank, for the community. We value quality over quantity, and real life events over RP pretendy time. Event attendance is never required! Above all else, we are determined to be a safe place to share ideas, grow as creatives, and to have fun, dangit!! We avoid drama like the plague, encourage one another, and have each other's back at all turns. As a bonus, we have cultivated an atmosphere that is a genuine safe place for members of the LGBTQA+ groups to hang out without worry of judgement or bullying. Who we are ICly: Officially commissioned personnel in the Maelstrom Grand Company! Maelstrom Soldiers Knights of the Barracuda Yellowjackets Foreign Levy (Adventurers) Privateers (Trade, War, & Black Sails) Mealvaan's Gate assessors Who we are OOCly: Friendly nerds who love to chatter and hang out and goof around! Human meme generators Housing fanatics Glamour savants Artists & writers Emoji addicts Mighty Punishers Interested in learning more? Check out our RPC Club page for the full deets on how to join:
  3. From early February to early May 2018, we, the Maelstrom Command LinkShell community, are slowly RPing through the entire Stormblood 4.0 MSQ (from the Maelstrom's perspective). If you wish that you had taken more time to RP through the MSQ, or have a Maelstrom alt that you'd love to do this with, join us and come along! We're RPing the MSQ events in a time bubble independent of other RP storylines that people are playing out in their current timelines, so you don't have to worry about missing out on other cool events happening now because you're character is ICly stuck in Gyr Abania (etc.). Scheduled MSQ campaign events: Sunday 2/11 – Rhalgr's Reach (completed) Sunday 2/25 – Seige at Castrum Oriens: Maelstrom vs. Garleans Sunday 3/11 – Stolen Echo: A Kidnapping Sunday 3/25 – Castellum Velodyna Sunday 4/8 – Spectoris Saturday 4/21 – Securing Civillians: Ala Mhigan Quarter Sunday 4/22 – Liberation: Battle at Ala Mhigo Sunday 5/6 – Homecoming: Returning to Limsa Lominsa (promotions, military decorations) In addition to RP campaigns, we have casual RP nights every other Wednesday night. If you'd like to participate, join the LS community! You can find more info on joining at our new RPC Club page~
  4. We've been busy, busy, busy!! Kicked off our Stormblood MSQ series recently! We are now gradually RPing through the MSQ We are now ICly stationed in Gyr Abania (for all who want to be there IC) We ICly destroyed our old small house in the Mist via an All Saint's Wake haunting event in which a murder (a flock? a crew?) of carbuncles exploded the place We moved to a Large plot in the Mist! (W7/P2) ICly & OOCly Sylb is OOCly giving Free Company members 300k for each room that they design as an open RP space in the new house! Kicking off a regular recurring casual RP night this week Opening up recruitment to Freelancers from the Flames & Adders to join up! Main characters only
  5. "2nd Annual Maelstrom Grand March Parade" Sunday, 9/10 @ 4pm EST This is a server-wide one off RP event that we host annually during The Rising in game event. For more info: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=20490
  6. GIL PRIZES for tumblr uploads of the parade that tag @maelstrom-command for the following: ✪ ✪ ✪ 10k gil prize for best photo set ✪ ✪ ✪ 20k gil prize for best animated GIF set ✪ ✪ ✪ 30k gil prize for best video Photo & GIF sets can include 1 to 10 photos/GIFs. You're welcome to enter as many categories as you'd like! One prize will be awarded per the above categories! Winners will be chosen on Wednesday 9/13 @ 5pm EST and will be contacted via their tumblr account, so please be sure to have messages or your ask box enabled! All tagged posts will be reblogged <3 Editing screenies/GIFS/video with you own effects is allowed! :chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo:
  7. ~2nd Annual~ Maelstrom Grand March Parade! Hosted by the Maelstrom Command RP LinkShell​ WHEN: Sunday, September 10th 4pm EST click here for helpful time conversions WHERE: Limsa Lominsa Parade begins at the Astalicia pier (5,14) and ends at the Aftcastle (11,13) with salute demonstrations along the way. All characters with IC ties to the Maelstrom are invited to join us! Put on your Lominsan Soldier’s, or Lominsan Officer’s, uniform set and march along with us. If you’re wearing either of these two Maelstrom uniforms, you’re welcome to hop in and join the march at any point along the way. Simply select the last person in one of the two marching lines, set your character to walk, and activate /follow. Storm Commander Sylbfohc Ostulmsyn will periodically halt the line for group /gcsalute demonstrations. Make sure that you have /yell turned on in your chat window! I recommend putting the following emotes in your action bar if you have them: /rrpb (Red Ranger Pose B) /brpb (Black Ranger Pose B) /gcsalute (Grand Company Salute) And, here’s a handy macro that you can use when Sylb shouts “‘til sea swallows all!” at the final salute point, if you’d like: Not the marching type? No problem! Grab a few friends, find a cozy spot along the parade’s path, and sit back and enjoy the festivities. Light off some fireworks as the soldiers salute! See you there! :chocobo: :chocobo: :chocobo: ~‘Til sea swallows all!~
  8. Always glad to see more Maelstrom RP! 'Til Sea Swallows all!! <3 Maelstrom Command RP LS on Balmung o7
  9. This is the perfect place to let us know – thanks so much! I'll have a look into what's going on with that and see what I can do. :thumbsup:
  10. That's right! After 8+ months of searching, we finally got a large plot in the Mist!! We'll be moving to Mist Ward 7, Plot 2 in Stormblood patch 4.1 (assuming that this is the patch where the FC house moving features are implemented) Maelstrom Command LS NEWS: Interviewed for an IC article for the Crystal Chronicle Maelstrom Command struck a deal with the Realmsward Initiative IC We kicked off our To the Skies RP plot with a briefing event We got a Mist Large!! Stormblood released We're taking a few weeks off of RP to play through the content
  11. "To the Skies!" – A new event! June 2017 - August 2017 This is a LS-wide, multi-event storyline that we’ve created to lead us into Stormblood ICly. We’ll partner with a handful of other RP LinkShells & Free Companies for fun cross group mini events. ICly, the Maelstrom’s 1st Squadron, 9th Levy (AKA Mist 1-9, led by Storm Commander Sylbfohc Ostulmsyn) has been tasked with building the Grand Company’s first war airship. Having an airship outfitted for battle would mean that the Maelstrom could police the skies, following illegal skypirate outfits upward as well as keeping a more effective watch for Garlean approach. It would also greatly improve the Maelstrom’s reaction time to realm-wide threats, and as the keepers of the first airborne war ship, Mist 1-9 will become the Maelstrom’s first responders, able to reach crises that ground and sea Units wouldn’t be able to reach in time. And, with threats rising toward the East, skyward mobility couldn’t come at a better time... In order to achieve this engineering feat, however, Maelstrom’s Mist 1-9 will require aid from the brightest minds and most dependable hands that the realm has to offer. Will you aid the cause?
  12. Yay! New friends! Welcome, welcome! \o/
  13. I'm so glad we got you in! I'll have Sylb bring Dogberry in to contract him for some work soooon! ~
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